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EARLIER IN THE day, while Samantha Prince and Agatha Tronnel were speaking with the doctors and making necessary arrangements for Alan to be moved from the hospital, a daredevil three-man heist was underway at a local bank a few blocks away at that same time.

The gang had military-type assault rifles and held the bank staff and customers hostage, secured a hefty loot from the vault in three bulging cash bags and proceeded to make their escape in a white, unmarked van.

Once outside, the getaway van backed up into the sidewalk in front of the building on precise timing and the robbers jumped inside without losing a second. The van lurched forward into the main street, almost running into a car that was coming from the other direction.

It was at that moment that one of the robbers by the window in the front seat looked up and noticed the car as it drove down the road. He stared hard after the car with a dark, hypnotic gaze in his eyes that seemed unnatural – they were black and hollow and frightening. He grimaced darkly at the woman sitting in the front seat of the small car beside the driver, because incidentally, she was also looking at him then.

Frowning like a vexed bulldog baring its fangs, the robber turned and glared at his comrades in crime. Suddenly, they all had that same menacing look in their eyes. And they were all staring after Detective Lee Davies’ car now as it drove down the street.

Agatha Tronnel saw the look in their eyes, and she felt her blood freezing over, her heartbeat palpitating. Familiar with the workings and manifestations of dark spirits through the possessed, the Sister knew then that something diabolically evil was stirring. She could feel the pulse of it in her bones.

The men had been possessed!


No longer were they a band of young robbers whose initial concern had been to flee from the scene of their perpetrated crime before the police got there, to get to their hideout and celebrate their loot. Now they had been transformed into a small army of zombies. Blood thirsty freaks with no minds of their own, except the Voice in their heads urging them to go after the car, to stop them, to kill the people in the car…

And take the boy alive!

Stop them! Stop them now!

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