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THE CAR WAS bullet ridden but the damage wasn’t substantial enough to ground movement presently, and it kept tearing down the road in spite of its sorry state. The windscreen, windows and side mirrors were shattered, the tail lights were busted, the body had been severely dented and the bumper was being dragged along.

Shot wheezed past them, some missing them and cutting down a number of innocent people out on the road. A couple of the victims were in other cars nearby and were caught in the line of fire. Lee Davies floored the gas pedal, his fist firmly gripping the steering wheel as he maneuvered the car through the streets, skidding off the sidewalk, brushing past parked vehicles and then steadying the car again while desperately trying to avoid being shot at the same time.

The women remained safely hidden in the car, shrieking with apprehension and clutching their hearts in mouths as the deadly event unfolded. Just then, the loud blaring of police sirens drowned the sound of people running and car tires screeching, and Lee Davies sighed thankfully.

“About time,” he said, glancing about. “The good guys are here.”

The scene took a dramatic turn with the arrival of the SWATT team from Tempest PD; the sounds of gunshot got louder and more sporadic.

That was the break that Davies needed, and he turned onto a side street out of the immediate environment of the gun battle, while the police formed a road block around the bank robbers and effectively cut off their escape.

Davies would later gather that the battle had climaxed in the ultimate apprehension of the bank robbers by the SWATT team, after their van skidded off the edge of the road, lost traction and flipped over like a matchbox and landed on its side.

Two of the robbers had died of gunshot wounds before the accident. The driver, a burly high school dropout, was pulled alive from the wreck and swiftly taken into custody.

He’d seemed dazed and disorientated immediately after his arrest, staring about wide-eyed and wondering what had transpired. “I didn’t do anything!” he kept saying as they took him away.

He would later confess to being one of the men that pulled the heist that afternoon.

But concerning anything else that happened afterwards, including the gun battles and car chase, he insisted that he remembered nothing at all!

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