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Chapter Four

The situation over the last few hours has decreased rapidly in anything remotely pleasant. If it’s even possible, Poppy’s health has gotten worse and her mental state, well let’s say it’s just left her. Like ‘it took a cab to the nearest asylum and booked itself in the most isolated room it could find’ kind of left her.

Our reassurance that the whole bar incident was an accident fell on deaf ears, she didn’t want to listen to us, didn’t want to feel any hope that the woman might actually be fine. No one actually went in besides Poppy, so for all, we know that woman could have just passed out and the bartender found her and helped her. Sadly Jamie nor I could get any sort of signal, so we were unable to google if anyone had found a woman’s dead body in a rundown Calgary bar.

Poppy has gone back to being silent and clingy, but more so to Jamie then me. I think she’s a little mad that I snapped at her and basically forced her to tell us what happened. Jamie was still a little pissed that I lost my temper but I know he doesn’t hold it against me, he’s known me long enough to know it’s just how I am.

Glaring down at my phone I try Mason again.

“The number you have called is....”

“Blah, blah, blah! Not available my ass” I growl as I chuck my phone at a pillow.

“Why isn’t he answering? He never turns off his phone cause he knows how much of a worrywart I am! And he’s been gone for hours! Where is he?!” My anxiety flares dangerously as I chew the skin on my thumb, a gross habit I picked up as after adolescence when my anxiety and paranoia really started to act up.

“Calm down Jay, I’m sure he’s fine, Calgary traffic is a bitch,” Jamie says calmly, his arm wrapped around Poppy’s shoulders as he gently rubs her arm.

“Traffic?! You think the traffic just magically turned his phone off too!” I snap, making Jamie sigh and roll his eyes.

“No, I think his phone died and he forgot his charger cord”

All I could muster was a sideways glare.

I waited for a good 15 minutes, pacing back and forth across the room before I decided I’ve had enough of this waiting game.

“Give me your keys, Imma go look for him”

“What! No Jay, you can’t go out” Jamie shakes his head, grabbing my hand which was reaching for his coat pocket.

“Why not!”

“Because there is no point, I bet you any money he’s gonna walk through that door any minute, and when he gets here he’s just gonna go looking for you if you’re not here” Jamie tries to reason. I want to be stubborn and say no, want to deny his reasoning, it’s in my blood to be stubborn. My father is the hardest headed man in the world, his stubbornness like a finely tailored blade which cut any words away he didn’t approve of. Sadly it is hereditary.

“You know I’m right, Stubborn” Damn this man and his ability to read me, like I’m some cheesy movie with the subtitles on.

“Yeah, screw off” I quietly snap back before plopping down on the bed, head resting on his lap while my legs dangle uncomfortably over the edge.

Thunder still continues to roar outside, mixing with the sound of rain violently hitting the window.

I start to close my eyes when a sudden distinct bang has me jumping in surprise. The dull thud of something hitting the window has me looking in its direction, trying to catch a glimpse behind the closed curtains.

“What was that?” Jamie asks.

“Not sure...hail?”

I quickly get up and head to the door, opening it to let the light from our room illuminate the pitch-black night. When did it get so dark? What happened to the street lights?

Looking around I can’t see anything in the dark nor do I spot any evidence of hail.

“Weird..” I voice aloud as I return to the room, making sure to lock the door.

“So?” Jamie inquires, eyes cautious and face wrinkling with frown lines.

“I didn’t see any hail and for some reason, the street lights are off”

“That’s weird...”

“Yeah, and well...it’s just..it’s really quiet Jamie, like eerie quiet” My eyes don’t leave the window as my spine is rigid and an unpleasant prickling travels down my body. My overly imaginative mind has already come up with dozens of terrifying scenarios, all unrealistic yet they still gnaw at my brain like a rodent.

“Jay, honey you need to calm down and stop chewing at your thumb it’s gross” Jamie tries to calm me down, his snide remark about my habit is laced with concern. He wants me to take the obvious bait, to help get my mind off of my concerns. I can’t take the bait though, because to be perfectly honest I can’t give two shits right now if my habit bugged him. That’s not actually a main concern right now.

“Jamie, I...” I’m cut off by Poppy’s sudden hacking, her slack body becoming rigid as she bends over and pukes. The hairs on my arms and the back of my neck stand straight up at the sight.



Poppy just puked up blood.

“Shit!” Jamie cusses as he leaps out of bed, just in time to catch Poppy as she falls over. I stood there stunned for a moment too long, but Jamie quickly snaps me out of it as he growls my name.

“Lay her down on her side! Don’t let her choke!” I instruct as he places her head on the pillow, her dark hair fanning the sweat-stained pillow as she continues to hack up blood.

“What do we do! She’s...she’s puking blood!” Jamie asks panicking, tears running down his pale cheeks as all we can do is watch and help Poppy not drown in her own blood.

“She’ll be okay, we..we’ll take her to the hospital after she’s done” I try to reassure him but it’s like God just wanted to spite me as Poppy’s body starts shaking uncontrollably. Red foam starts bubbling out from her mouth and her eyes roll back. Her skin holds no more color and her seizures last only for a moment before her body goes slack.

Silence fills the room as I look down at her in horror, my fingers shaking as I put two fingers to the pulse in her neck. We stand for I don’t know how long, fingers to her throat, the only heartbeat I’m feeling is my own thundering in my chest. The silence is broken by a crack of thunder, the noise breaking Jamie’s shock as his knees buckle and he sobs into the mattress.

I didn’t have to say it aloud for him to know, he could read it on my face.

Tears blur my vision, her pale body becoming nothing more than a cloudy pale mass. My own knees buckle under the weight of reality.

I never got to tell her how much I loved her, and Nora...oh my god, Nora is going to break.

Because Poppy was dead.

I don’t know how long we stayed there, just whimpering and crying, kneeling beside her. With a last-ditch attempt Jamie had tried to revive her with mouth to mouth, but the end result still left us with a dead Poppy and a puking Jamie. So now we just sit side by side, Jamie’s head in my lap as he cries loudly. My own tears haven’t stopped, my eyes hurt from the nonstop leaking and my head’s pounding. My chest burns and my trembling fingers are holding the hand of a lifeless girl who didn’t deserve this.

It surprises me how fast her body went cold. The ever-present warmth I once felt around my best friend now vanished with her life.

There are so many things we never got to do together. My maid of honor is dead, the very one who was going to keep me calm during the wedding and hold my dress when I needed to pee. I would never get to see her face glow with happiness as she fell in love and had a family. She didn’t even get to finish college! Her family is going to be heartbroken when I break the news to them.


Why did...

Why did this have to happen to her!!

F*ck you universe! F*ck you fate! F*ck all of it! How dare some force of nature take her away!

F*ck that woman for ever laying a finger on her! I hope that b*tch is dead!

I can feel myself start to shake in anger. My emotions swirling around in the pit of my stomach, uncertain of how I should be feeling as a sickening mixture of grief, rage and overwhelming sadness bubbles inside of me. How were you supposed to feel when your best friend ever just faded away right in front of you! How are you supposed to cope with that shit!

Another body quaking sob rips from my sore throat, my head falling back onto the bed as I scream and cry. I feel Jamie shift beside me, only to wrap his arms tightly around me and rest my head on his shoulder.

I feel broken. I want my mom. I want my family.

I need Mason.

“I..I...I ne..need to c..call...” I start to stutter but Jamie shushes me.

“Just wait until we leave the room, we will go sit in the car then you can make a call” his voice is hoarse and quiet, just like mine. I nod in response and Jamie helps me to my feet, leads me towards the door then opens it.

We basically sprint out of the room and to his car. I could use the rain as an excuse but if I’m being honest with myself I just need to get away from that room.

I need to get away from her.


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