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Chapter Six

Stepping out of the car and into the mist laden world, we made our way to the front office. No lights are on inside the office, which is strange considering that this place was supposed to be open 24/7. Leaning my face against the glass window to peer inside, all I can see are dark outlines of furniture and the pale glow of a computer screen.

“Isn’t this place supposed to be open?” Jamie asks, leaning against the window beside me, also looking around.

“To my knowledge, yeah”

“Weird” he replies, warm breath fogging the window. Backing away from the window, Jamie walls over to the door, trying the lock. When the door opens he gives me a look before shrugging a shoulder.

“Maybe the guy is just taking a nap, so come on, I’ll leave my card for them to charge later, let’s just grab a key” Jamie holds the door open for me as I step away from the window to join him at the door, gesturing for me to head in first.

I pull out my phone and turn on the flashlight, illuminating the dark office. We quickly head over to the desk and grab a room key, stopping only so Jamie can pull out his wallet and slap his credit card on the desk. Just so the employee knows why there is a random card, I write a note on a sticky pad and place it on the card, letting them know what to do with it.

With a new room key in hand we made our way out of the office, but just as I was about to close the door a sudden thud makes me stop. My eyes are instantly drawn to a closed door behind the desk. No light shone from beneath the door but I clearly heard something fall. My overactive imagination wants to think of something terrible, but I just shook those thoughts away, knowing more than likely that it was probably nothing.

I close the office door and quickly follow after Jamie, whose standing right beside our new room. Which just so happened to be right beside our other room.

“What are the odds that we randomly picked the room right next door?”

Jamie doesn’t reply so much as gesture in a way that clearly says ‘I know right?!’.

I couldn’t help but shake my head at our shitty luck. It felt like a big old f**k you from whatever deity that had decided they hated us.

With a quiet click, the flimsy wood door squeaks open, revealing a room encased in darkness. Jamie walks in first, flicking the lights on, only for us to see a practically identical room. Of course that is excluding the pile of luggage and rumbled bloody bed sheets with a fresh corpse on it.

“Well...this is not helping my depression whatsoever” Jamie’s voice quivers, the sound fragile and hoarse from overuse. The shift in his voice signals the on coming tears, which instantly grates on my over sensitive nerves. The last 48 hours have been absolute hell but I’m becoming fed up with the crying, with my emotions going haywire and my temper flaring in what I can only believe is me entering the second stage of grief, my violent urge to act out is steadily increasing.

After locking the door Jamie takes a seat on one of the beds, placing his head in his hands. Clothes and hair ruffled, skin paper white and lean frame trembling like a leaf, Jamie looks just as bad as I feel. I want to say something, anything to try and help him but no words form on my tongue, my brain blank. Instead words of anger burn to be released, anything to lessen the impulsive urge break everything within arm shot. Sadly my bank account wouldn’t be able to afford my impending breakdown.

A sob breaks the silence that filled the room.

“Jamie...just...stop” I growl softly, flashing a green eyed glare towards his curled up form. Seeing his body stiffen instantly shoots regret into my heart, making it ache with guilt.

‘Sh*t...why am I so stupid!?’

I’m such an idiot, letting my anger get the best of me again. I curse myself under my breath before mumbling an apology to Jamie, who I can’t get myself to face. I decide to escape to the bathroom. Feeling disgusted with myself I decided to take a shower, even though I have nothing to wash myself with. I start the water before stripping down than take a seat on the cold porcelain toilet, waiting for the water to heat up. My toes and fingers are numb from the chill, only starting to gain feeling again when steam starts clouding the room. I jump into the shower, the water burning my skin pink, but I revel in the feeling as the days worth of sweat and tears is washed away.

Standing under the shower until the water goes cold I repeatedly scrub at my skin with my hands, only deciding the leave when the cold starts to make me numb again. Turning off the water with shivering fingers I then grab the one towel off the wall rack, wrapping the tiny towel tightly around myself. It doesn’t fully wrap around me so I instead rub myself down and dry my blonde hair. I opened the door a tiny bit to let some of the steam out then wrap my hair with the towel before moving to the mirror, wiping at it with my hand before looking at myself in the fogged reflection.

Sad dark green eyes peer back at me, skin pink from the cold water and dark purple circles under my eyes. I turned on the water and use my finger to scrub at my teeth, trying to make my teeth less ‘furry’, before gurgling some water. Then using my hands I scoop up some water and drink until my throat no longer feels dry. Taking another look at the mirror I feel unsatisfied but cleaner, so with a grimace I put my old dirty clothes back on and exit the bathroom.

“Any hot water left?” Jamie’s gruff voice asks the moment I enter the room.

“Umm...define hot” I replied sheepishly, once again feeling like shit for only thinking about myself. Jamie sighs, shakes his head and passes me before closing the bathroom door. I plop down onto the bed, grab the TV remote and switch on the news.

“Good Morning Calgarian’s, as of early this morning the death toll has risen into the thousands, all hospitals in the surrounding areas are not taking anymore patients and all pharmacies are closed as per government orders. This mutated case of pneumonia is extremely contagious, so please try to keep minimal contact with any of the sick. The Canadian government has informed everyone to stay indoors and to use the medical masks being passed out at all checkpoints...”

Watching the news brings me very little satisfaction, because while most of my questions might now be answered it still doesn’t stop the feeling of unease bubbling in my stomach. The sound of the bathroom door opening alerts me to Jamie’s presences. He sits down beside me and watches the brunette news woman as she drones on repeatedly.

“So what do you want to do?”

I can’t answer his question because I have no clue what to do. We needed to go eat something because I’m starving, but we also needed to grab our suitcases and that means having to venture into our room. One thing at a time though and I’d rather lose my hunger than possibly throw up.

“I think we need to go grab our stuff”

Jamie chokes and starts coughing, most likely surprised by my suggestion, but I don’t blame him. I feel gross just mentioning going into that room. But we need our luggage and we needed to do something about Poppy, I don’t want Nora to see her the way we left her.

“I don’t want Nora to see her like that, we need to move our things and clean Poppy up. She deserves to be treated with care”

I wait for him to take in what I said before standing up and move towards the door, than open it and hold it for him, waiting for Jamie to follow me. It takes him a while but he finally stands and follows. We both step out into the quiet world, a light drizzle of rain wetting my skin as we take the few steps towards our old room. I pause for a moment as I see the door slightly ajar. We must have not closed the door completely when we rushed out. Stepping inside, I immediately noticed the coppery scent of blood mixed with vomit, the putrid smell making my eyes water as I enter the room. Jamie gags behind me and I rush to open the window and turn the ceiling fan on. I pull my shirt over my nose and quickly move to gather all our luggage, pushing them towards the door so Jamie can grab them. I keep Poppy’s luggage in the room and lift into onto the unoccupied bed, which I haven’t gathered the strength to look at yet.

I stand there for who knows how long before finally glancing over at Poppy. Yet my heart stops and my lungs seize up as my eyes take in the bed.

The empty bed.

“JAMIE!” I scream in panic. Jamie instantly appears and takes in my panic stricken form before looking to the empty bed. He doesn’t say anything, wide eyes glancing between me and the bed, a question clearly on his tongue yet unable to be voiced.

“She’s gone...how the hell is a dead body gone!" I ask, but I don't expect an answer. How was this possible? Unless...

Poppy wasn't dead.

"Holy shit Jamie, what if Poppy is alive!? What if we left her here all alone and now she's wondering around sick and confused? What are we going to do, we have to go look for her!"

My screaming at him doesn't affect him, since he's still in a quiet state of shock. I growl his name until he finally comes too, eyes blinking rapidly and mouth moving as he tries to form words.

"How..." he tries to ask but stops short. I hiss at him before rushing out of the room, no longer concerning myself with him as I start wildly looking around the empty parking lot.

"POPPY!" I shout, pleading silently for a reply. No one answers but that doesn't stop me as I start running towards the sidewalk, shouting her name. I hear my name being shouted behind me and almost think for a moment that its her, until I turn around only to spot Jamie running after me. Ignoring him, I turn back around and run into the street, no cars in sight.

A tugging on my arm stops me, a warm hand wrapping around my arm and pulling me towards a warm chest. Jamie wraps his arms around my shoulders as I struggle against him, yearning freedom.

"We need to find her! Let me go!" I growl, raking my fingernails over his arm, digging into the flesh. Jamie hisses in pain and lets me go, only for me to swiftly turn towards him and push at his chest. He falls back onto his ass and grunts in discomfort as he makes contact with the concrete.

"What are you doing?! We need to find her!"

"Jasper, you need to calm down. we will find out what happened but you need to calm down first" Jamie tries to reason.


"Calm down, we will find her, but not by running around the streets screaming like a maniac" Jamie sighs as he stands back up, keeping his distance yet staying close enough to act quickly. I wipe at my eyes, only realizing now that I'm crying again, and the goddamn tears won't stop.

"I'm sorry" I whimper. Jamie moves closer and hugs me, rubbing his hand down my back in comfort.

"It's okay, don't worry Jasper, we will find her"


Hello everyone :)

I know its a very late update and I'm sorry for taking so long. But here it is, in all of its unedited glory. I hope you all enjoy it.

Happy reading and have an awesome day.

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