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Chapter 2

Blinking at the brightness, she was finally able to focus on him. In the fluorescent light, Andie could clearly see the middle aged man before her. His brow was furrowed in concern as he returned her scrutiny. He wore a blazer over his navy shirt which was neatly tucked into his dark grey trousers.

A woman stepped around him to get a better look at her, and quickly shoved his hand aside as he attempted to stop her from rushing forward. The reproachful look she gave him spoke volumes. "I told you we should have put her under closer observation!" Nurse Jana declared.

Andie fell into her arms sobbing as the woman reached her. Jana patted her back in a soothing manner and tried to calm her. She smoothed the tangled hair out of the girl's eyes and asked if she'd like a drink of water. Andie nodded pitifully and Jana guided her to the chair and stepped into the hall to the waiting cart to retrieve a paper cup of cool water.

Gulping it down gratefully, she glanced furtively around the room. Nurse Jana stood nearby as Dr. Locke moved forward to examine her more closely. "If you wouldn't mind," he said, as he took note of her red, swollen eyes and the numerous scratches and bruises, "could you see to it that Andie gets cleaned up and have her in my office in an hour?"

Though it wasn't really a request, Jana gave him a curt nod. With that, he turned and left.

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