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Chapter 5

The door flew open and slammed into the wall behind it. The moment it was open, light returned to the room. Jana and Dr. Locke rushed in only to find Andie lying in the floor, her blank eyes staring up at the room where her attendant had been.

Jana checked for a pulse and started to do CPR, but the doctor stopped her. "It's no use. It looks like her neck is broken," he numbly stated.

Jana shook her head, "That's not possible. It's not like she broke it herself, and there's nothing in here but a mattress."

"I don't know either, but we'll have to have the coroner do an autopsy and find out for sure. Just go and make all of the necessary calls," he instructed.

He returned to his office and began to write in his notebook. Glancing up, trying to find the right word, he gasped in shock and horror.

Andie sat in the chair across from him. A sad smile was on her face and a livid bruise around her neck, her head moving in an eerily unnatural manner.

"Th-th-this isn't real! You're n-n0t really here!" he stammered.

"You should have listened to me," she whispered. "I tried to tell you that they were going to kill me."

"There's no such thing as ghosts. The bus driver fell asleep. It wasn't your fault that your classmates died. You were lucky, but you just couldn't handle the survivor's guilt. I'm sorry! I'm sorry I couldn't help you, Andie!" he rambled.

"We all need your help, Dr. Locke. You have to come and help us," she rasped, pinning him in place with a piercing gaze.

Jerking with fright, he woke from his nightmare and lifted his head from his desk rubbing his eyes. "What a terrible dream," he thought as he picked up his glasses, noticing the uncommon chill in his office.

As Dr. Locke got up to adjust the thermostat, he was suddenly plunged into darkness. "I told you...we need you, Doctor," Andie's disembodied voice whispered.

The room got colder, and he could hear the whispers of others besides Andie in the dark.

None of the other employees remember hearing his desperate screams for help that night.

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