Death From Below

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Chapter 10

I walk over to the group of men all talking and one hands me a clipboard “We did a headcount and I got a list of names, ages, allergies, and other stuff that I wrote down for each person in case of an emergency.” he tells me and I smile at him. “That was a really smart idea, thank you so much for doing this,” I tell him and he smiles and his face turns red as he walks over to another person and I walk over to Josh with the board in my hand. “Harper!” Ethan calls walking over to me with Helena crying in his arms “I can’t get her to stop crying, I already fed her and she was changed earlier by Sofia.” he tells me as I take her from his grasp and begin to pat her back while gently bouncing her against my chest. She begins to burp loudly until she no longer cries and soon closes her eyes and falls asleep in my arms as I continue to bounce her and rub her back. “You are good at this already,” he tells me in disbelief and walks away towards Sofia who is holding the other two so I continue to hang out with Josh while holding the baby.

Emily and Alainah soon join us and begin to flirt endlessly with Josh and soon Dante when he joins us, I turn to walk away when Dante tries to stop me which causes the girls to give me dirty looks. “I’m going to go check on the other two girls, see if they need anything.” I tell him as Emily rolls her eyes “What are you their mother now?” she asks with a smirk as Torri walks up holding a folder and reading something. “She is and so is Dante. Annie left the custody of the three girls to the two of you,” she says handing us the paper and we both lean close to read it. “Well if that’s the case then I am going to need to find a baby store and stock up on some stuff that I want for them, also you two are going to stop being disrespectful or stay away from us,” I tell them as I walk away and towards Ethan and Sofia. “Can I talk to you two in the room please?” I ask as I walk up and they both stand up and follow me as we lay the girls in the playpen “I want to try and make a list of things they are going to need so when I find a store I can stock up for them, I am thinking of while we are in the town of that man about finding a house so I am not having them raised in their car seats.” I tell them as I pull out a notebook and a pen.

Later that night Josh walks in and takes a seat across from me “Can I ask you something?” he asks and I look up at him “Sure, what’s up?” I ask as I slowly sit up and face him. “Did you and Dante ever date?” he asks and I look down at my hands “No, before Garret we liked each other and talked about getting together. We have known each other since birth and had always liked one another until I met Garret and then all I cared about was him.” I tell him and he nods. “I was just wondering because everyone has been talking and Dante has some serious feelings for you pregnant or not.” he tells me and I smile up at him, “Thank you for letting me know that everyone is nosey,” I tell him and head out of the room with him calling after me. I head out and begin to walk down the hallways to clear my head as I notice others whispering and watching my every move as I continue to walk by myself. I get to the end of the hall and pull out my cellphone and notice I still have signal and try calling my parents phone, when I hear a slight cough I tense up and wait to hear what happens next.

“Harper, is that you?” my father asks and I sob loudly into the phone “What the heck is going on outside?” I ask in tears “They bit Garret and now I am in a whole new state trying to stay alive.” I tell him as tears fall down my cheeks. I talk to him for about thirty minutes when he says he has to go and I slowly sit down and cry silently wishing Garret was here with me. I’m not sure how long I am sitting there until I am joined by the kid who hit me “Hey Harper, I’m sorry about earlier. I had my eyes closed and thought you were one of them, my name is Tyler by the way.” he says rushing over his words and I put up a hand to stop him. “It’s fine, I probably would have done the same thing in your position,” I tell him as Torri and Victoria walk up to us holding a piece of paper. “Harper, you have got to read this. Annie left this for you and Dante, I think we should rethink about having all these people with us,” she says handing me the paper.

Annie had written out that she was leaving full custody of the three girls to me and Dante and that she was following someone when that person had let them inside and she was bitten. I rushed off to find Dante to find him sitting with Alainah while she flirted with him and he played a game on his phone ignoring her completely. “Dante, read this.” I say handing him the paper as she huffs in anger “Can’t you see me and him are having a personal conversation?” she asks and I look over at her “Can’t you see he isn’t interested?” I ask her back then turn back to him as he slowly stands up. “Let’s talk about this in private,” he says as we walk towards the office I am using as a bedroom, for the time being, I close the door as he turns to face me and holds up the letter. “We have a traitor amongst us,” he says as he reads over the letter again “We are also parents to three newborns,” I tell him as he rubs his hand down his face and lets out a loud sigh.

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