Death From Below

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Chapter 11

The following morning I am awoken to one of the girls crying, I slowly sit up and notice Dante lifting her up and quietly talking to her, she instantly stops crying, and he smiles down at her. “Go back to sleep, I got her,” he states as he turns to walk out of the room, I get up anyway and pull out a change of clothes then head to the bathroom. Once I am fully dressed I head over to my friends who are all sitting together chatting and laughing like the good old days before we got ambushed by dead people. The day goes by fine aside from Emily and her friends trying to bully me as always, I take a headcount again, and we are topping at just a little over a hundred people. I head over to the girls play with them for a few minutes before heading over to where Ethan is resting and sit down next to him and lay my head on his shoulder.

“How are you holding up?” Ethan questions, I sigh out before answering him,

“I could be so much better, I feel so much stress with going through everything and being pregnant on top of it,” I tell him, he looks down at me.

“Just remember that you still have us with you, and we are going to help you out as much as possible,” he tells me and I turn and pull him into a hug. Josh and Dante walk up and take a seat near me and I smile over at them,

“How are you two holding up?” I ask them and listen to what they say back to me. I call everyone to attention to map out where we were going to head next and to see how far apart the gas stations are before we have to stop to refill the tanks. Once all the plans are written out we all get ready for the night to come, I am making my rounds while holding Luna in my arms when I hear whispering from down a hallway.

I head down to see Torri and Sofia whispering and listening to something that they are holding “What are you two doing here?” I ask and they shriek in fright. They spin around to look at me while holding what appears to be a radio and a journal and rush up to me

“Look what we found, we picked the lock on the door and found this stairwell,” Sofia says pointing over to the stairs behind her.

“Let’s go let the others know about this, maybe we can check it out and see if there are any supplies that we could use up there,” I say as I turn to walk away. I am walking out the door when a thump is heard from down the hall and people start screaming, I take off running down the hall to where the babies are and scoop up all three at the same time. I run over to my room holding them close to me as possible and slip into the room and head over to their car seats, I place two in their little makeshift bed and begin to buckle Luna into her seat.

I get all three girls strapped in and grab up all our belongings that I had brought inside and begin to stack it up when Sofia and Ethan rush into the room out of breath. “They got inside, how I don’t know, but we are going to lose people tonight,” Ethan says as Sofia sets her bag down by mine and walks over to the girls.

“I have to help them!” I yell out as I run from the room with my blade on my back and run out to see the place becoming packed with the dead. I see one about to grab Emily and run up pulling her to me in a tight hug as I swing my blade right into its skull making it drop to the floor “Get behind me!” I yell at her as I pull her behind me and swing my blade at another death. I begin to pull people behind me as I see them running past and soon Dante and Josh along with Tristan and Angel are forming a line to protect everyone.

I keep swinging my blade as they just keep coming and soon we hear someone scream from what seems to be a restroom as the last one falls to the floor with a thud. “Where the hell are they coming from?” I yell out as I take off running towards the screaming to rush in to see Kayla one of Emily’s friends being shoved back into the wall by one of them. I run up to help her when it shoves me across the bathroom with so much strength that I slam into someone behind me, and we crash to the floor. The thing bites into her shoulder and pulls back showing muscle, bone, and tendons and I gag as Josh busts its head in with a sledgehammer. I look down to see I had landed on Dante and the force had hit his head on the floor and knocked him unconscious.

I jump up as they lift Dante off the floor and carry his body out as I rush to help Kayla who is bleeding out and crying begging me not to let her die as she keeps apologizing to me over and over for how she treated me. I follow Josh as he lifts her into his arms and carries her to her sleeping bag on the floor “Someone gets me a medkit!” I scream out with tears spilling down my cheeks as I hold a pillowcase to her shoulder to try to stop the blood from escaping. “Don’t go to sleep Kayla, please don’t leave us.” I cry as I hold the fabric to her as her eyes begin to slowly close. “Where the hell is the kit?” I scream out while putting pressure on her wound as her eyes slowly close and a breath escapes her chest. I sit back on my feet and let the tears pour freely while yelling in frustration as she slowly sits up and snarls at me, I swing my blade and it cuts through her head like a scoop in ice cream, and she falls once again to the floor to never breathe again.

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