Death From Below

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Chapter 12

“How in the world did they get in here?” I ask as we are cleaning up the place by dragging the bodies outside, I had done a headcount and we have lost a total of ten people from the attack. I head over to where people are forming a cleaning group and ask them if they have seen anything suspicious, and a lady in the back looks around nervously before nodding her head yes.
“I had heard some commotion in the office room and the door slam, right before the attack,” she whispers to me so that no one else can hear and I thank her before walking over to the door. I am reaching for the knob when Dante and Tristan run up to me and go with me into the room to see what was going on in there. Upon entering the room I notice two windows that are wide open with chairs pushed to the side of the room.

“This was a planned attack, I’m thinking it is the same person Annie followed when she was bitten back at the mall,” I tell them as we leave the room and plan on keeping it just between us so that the group isn’t turning on one another. I head over to the scared group and stand in front of them “I’m thinking that the windows were accidentally overlooked and that is how they got inside if anyone sees or hears anything suspicious please let me know and we can try to prevent something like this from happening again in the future.” I tell them to calm them all down and head over to the room where the babies are located. Later on, that night as we all get ready to lay down I call my parents to see if any news has come up and if they are any closer to solving any of this. I lay down as Helina starts to cry so I slowly sit up and head over to make her a bottle before she could wake up the other two, as I lay her down I head over to the sleeping bag and pull out my phone. I lay there with tears running down my face as I look through all the photos I have of me and Garret together, I start watching the videos of us being silly and stuff when I hear a light tap on the door and look up to see Josh peek in at me.

“Are you alright?” he asks with worry on his face and rushes over to me as I slowly sit up and nod,
“Yeah, just looking at photos and videos I have of Garret,” I tell him as he looks down at my phone and I see him slouch in relief then pull me into a hug. “How do you think he would take knowing that I am pregnant?” I ask him and he just looks down at my belly,
“I think he would be excited knowing that he was going to have a baby with the one woman he loved more than anything in the world,” he tells me and I smile up at him. “I want you and the girls to start staying away from the others as much as you can, at least until we figure out who keeps letting them inside,” he tells me as I run a hand through my hair and nod.
“Yeah I know, has me really on edge due to this and I don’t want the person to stay in our group much longer,” I tell him as we both lie back side by side. I end up falling asleep while discussing the plans we were coming up with about catching whoever it was that was causing this mess, I am awoken the next morning by Dante slowly shaking me and asking if I could help since all three girls were screaming.

I get up and grab Helena, while Josh grabs Celestine, and Dante is already holding Luna, we each feed the girls and change them before laying them back down. I walk out to see everyone gathered together and Sofia and Torri were in the middle holding a crank radio, I notice a book is under Sofia’s arm and nod my head to it. She walks over to hand it to me when we hear a loud thump come from above our heads, we all fall silent as Torri turns down the radio and we all wait to try and hear it again. “Where is my phone?” Victoria asks as she runs over to a door where once opened you it reveals a set of stairs going up towards a door. She runs back over with her phone in hand as she points “We found the door unlocked and cracked open so we decided to look and found a notebook and radio.” she explains to us.

“Alright guys, grab a weapon and group up,” Josh calls out as everyone begins to grab their stuff,
“What about him?” Ethan asks looking over at man trembling in fear “Nope, you are on your own. I’ll be fine right here don’t you worry, I wish you all the best!” he says as he begins to cower behind some of the women.
“Don’t worry mister, you are scared and you have every right to be. Why don’t you just stay here and keep the women and kids safe?” Angel asks him as he nods vigorously and mutters a thank you.” I help the women gather up their things and move them towards the door.
“If we have a horde on our hands grab your stuff and run towards the bus, do not leave anyone behind!” I shout out for them all to hear and head to my room to pack up my stuff along with the girls’ stuff. I load everything into my truck with the help from Tristan and Dante while Sofia and Victoria stay with the girls “Please be careful when you go up there, I can’t lose you too. I don’t think I could make it without you.” I tell Dante as I hug him tightly to me. He pulls back and just stares at me
“Don’t worry baby girl, I’m not ever going to leave you,” he says as he kisses my forehead and pulls me into another hug before heading towards the rest of the guys who are waiting near the stairs.

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