Death From Below

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Chapter 13

I head inside and snatch up the journal and open it to start reading it aloud to Sofia, Torri, and Victoria.

Dear Journal ~ June 6th, 2019

Today has been another stressful one as the rest of them have been working as an IT Technical Support is so frustrating. The chairs are uncomfortable, and the headset hurts my ear. The guy that sits next to me must have never heard of deodorant before since you can smell his strong odor every time you walk by or sit down at my desk. It’s a mix of strong body odor with slim jims and, last night beer. The scent is so strong you can taste it. I couldn’t help glancing over at the guy everyone is in love with and, I honestly have a crush on him as well. He has shoulder-length brownish-black hair with dark brown eyes and a beautiful tan since he is a full-blooded Cherokee. His smile was perfect and always made his eyes sparkle and don’t get me started on his sexy chuckle, even his name sounds sexy, Sequoyah. Everyone seems anxious about something they have been talking about on the news since we have all got here. I have been hearing whispers about it all day.

Not sure what exactly is going on, but hopefully it isn’t too bad to work. Today has been slow and, I’m thinking it has something to do with whatever is going on. I sat alone again at lunch since not many people talk to me except for Sequoyah, but he was talking with one of the upper levels at the moment. After lunch, it was back to the seat with stankasaurus sitting next to me, causing work to suck even more than it already did. I did the same routine after work by heading home and cleaning up then, sitting down to another one of my paranormal romance books, I noticed the news being different while eating my dinner and turned it up to listen to what was going on. I read some more before bed since I love reading so much; I am such a hopeless romantic and hope one day I can have my own love story. Well, I should head to bed just for another day of work and bills.

This is Kimberly saying Goodnight!!

Dear Journal ~ June 7th, 2019

Sequoyah has been flirting with me all day, I have been tossing out flirty remarks right back at him. He was hanging out with me every time we didn’t have calls and even offered some air freshener to our area due to the gosh-awful smell from my neighbor. Don’t get me wrong the guy is a complete sweetheart, but he just always smells like he hasn’t used deodorant after running full speed for four days. I even spent lunch and our two fifteen-minute breaks with him just joking around and stuff after lunch, he asked about us going out to see a movie I happily agreed to.

(Later on)

The date went amazing, we even agreed to go out again tomorrow. I cross my fingers that this goes well for me, and I found out he’s only a few months older than me. He just turned 24, and in a few month’s I will catch up with him. I picked back up on my book after I watched a rom-com while eating, it helped me to relax from the excitement. Now I am in bed writing before heading into a peaceful sleep.

This is Kimberly saying Goodnight!!

I continued reading the journal aloud but paused when the entries became scary, especially the last and most recent one.

Dear Journal ~ July 1st, 2019

Ever since the outbreak of these crazed zombie things, it has been tough on us. We have all been stuck at work, hiding out in a large conference room with forty plus people it feels claustrophobic. I had awoken to screams as someone slammed into the tree in my yard, the front of their car burst into flames. I stand frozen in fear as the smell of burning flesh floated on the wind and into my face through the screen. I can still hear their screams of agony anytime I close my eyes and see their melting flesh falling in chunks off their bodies. I remember I had run out with my fire extinguisher trying to put out the flames but to no avail. I rush back inside to hear my phone ringing, as I answered it I hear the worried voice of Sequoyah whispered through the other line. “Kimmie, meet me at work. Mr. Crowe told us all to come here, they are going to let employees hide out here to keep us all safe,” he said me nodding and already slipping out of my jammies into a tank top and jeans. I grab up my backpack and start filling it up with stuff I think I may need and then slip on my hiking boots and my grab up my leather coat and head to the front door to grab my keys, book, and bike.

(Later that night)

We found out that the virus started with something in the food, a parasite that infects your gums under the teeth like an awful abscess. The parasite carries the disease and infects you through your bloodstream and saliva. I snuck downstairs when I kept hearing a noise near the stairs and heard talking, I tiptoed as quietly as I could without alerting anybody and peeked my head around the doorway. I suck in my breath at the scene before me. So many survivors are down here and, they are getting attacked by zombies. I have to tell the others instead of sitting here writing this all down, so I am going to run back up and let them know to get ready for an ambush.

This is Kimberly saying pray for us!!

I look up to see the looks of horror on the girls’ faces. They all grab the girls and run to the truck as I rush out to let the others know that they need to leave and now.

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