Death From Below

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Chapter 15

Dante’s P.O.V
I run towards the door to the stairs to see Ethan and Josh waiting. Once I am through, we hold the door closed using our body weight. I can hear someone’s footsteps heading in our direction and look down to see Harper standing there. Upon seeing her face, a wave of fear swept through my body, and all I wanted was to rush her to safety. No way could I let my dream girl get hurt if I’m around, I will do everything I can to keep her safe.
“Harper, what are you doing here? Get to your truck and leave. This place isn’t safe for you!” I yell down the stairs to her.
“I’m not leaving you behind!” she yells incredulously at me. The door began to inch open as we struggled to keep it closed, and soon we were knocked down the stairs landing in a heap next to her feet.

Harper’s P.O.V
All three of the guys land at my feet when a horde of death pours out of the door and down the stairs behind them; I reach for Dante when Josh jumps up, shoving one to the floor and grabbing my hand. Josh begins dragging me back towards the exit while I am fighting to try and get to Dante, who is lying partially under the stairs.
“You guys, hurry up!” I hear someone yell, and I am pulled out into the blinding light and shoved into my truck.
“We can circle up the road just to get them away from the building, Ethan never came out, and I didn’t see Dante anywhere, and there is no way in hell I am going to leave them behind,” Emily said as she drove us down the road.
She began blaring the horn as she drove, “Stop that, you are going to attract even more of them, and then we won’t be able to go back without them following us.” I tell her as she plows through the debris left from the abandoned cars.

Emily speed’s down the road while the others are taking caution so that the buses don’t flip, and she drifts a corner to turn us around, making us all fall into each other and the doors.
“Will you calm down before you get us all killed?“I snap at her becoming angry.
“You may have your little lover boy with you, but no way in hell am I leaving my man to die.” she spits back, and I swing to smack her when Josh grabs my hand.
“Harper, let’s just all calm down and try to get back to Ethan and Dante, alright?” he asks as the truck screeches to a stop, and she bolts out of it, leaving the door open.
I reach over to close the door when a death grabs me and yanks me from the vehicle throwing me to the concrete. I try to sit up when another jumps down at me and pins me to the ground where I can feel all the little rocks dig into my body, leaving imprints on my skin.

I use all my strength to push it up off of me at an arm’s length while it tries continuously to bite at me. I turn my body and knock it off of me as it sprawls out next to me. All around me, you can hear screaming and loud growls echoing through the lot. The death jumps on me a second time as I try to concentrate on everything at once. I can faintly hear the sound of someone running when the body gets pulled off me, and I inhale as someone lifted me.
“Why didn’t you stay in the truck?” Dante asks me as he, Ethan, and Emily all come running back to us.
“The stupid bitch left the door open, and when I went to close it, one of them grabbed me and yanked me out. Since this is my truck, she is no longer allowed to ride in it. She had the nerve to draw more of them out and say that I have my lover boy when we all saw what happened to my fiance!” I scream at them as tears pour down my face.

I turn to get into the driver’s seat when someone hugs me from behind, “I’m just glad you and our kids are safe.” Dante says, and I turn around and hug him back, holding him tightly to my body.
“I was so scared something happened to you. Josh was an idiot and pulled me out to the truck when I was the only one out of all of us trying to save you guys,” I tell him and see Ethan step forward to join the hug as well.
“Ethan, are you going to let her talk like that about me?” Emily asks, and he turns towards her.
“Honestly, yeah, I am. You didn’t have to throw it in Harper’s face about Garrett dying or leaving the door open, knowing that any of them; could have been bitten. What about the babies?” he asks angrily at her.
“Dante, can we go see if we can find another safe place to sleep for the night?” I ask him, and he nods.

“You can go ride on one of the buses,” Ethan says to Emily, and she gapes at him.
Emily angrily stomps off towards the buses as we all get in the truck and I start it up, we slowly pull out, and Dante gets on the walkie talkie and explains what we are going to do to the others. Sofia pulls out her phone and plugs in the charger, “Since the phone companies are still working, I can google map our location and see what’s around.” she says as we all look at her. I drive for a long while and can’t help thinking how these past few weeks have been. I look over to see a grocery store and alert the others about checking it out. We all park side by side and slowly get out of the vehicles trying to make little to no noise. Sofia, Victoria, and Torri are staying in the truck with the babies while we go in and scope it out.

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