Death From Below

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Chapter 16

I climb out of my truck and walk around to grab Dante by the hand and pull him towards me as six adults get off the bus next to us and walk over to where Josh is standing.
“How about you stay with the babies as well?” I ask him in a whisper, and he looks down at me in shock.
“Why would you want me to stay here?” he asks as he glances around to notice everyone watching us and looking at how close we were to one another.
“I would feel much better if I know that you are safe while I go in and search for some things for the girls,” I tell him as I hug him to me and lay my head on his chest. Josh walks up to us and glances between Dante and me as I glare up at him, still angry for pulling me away from Dante when he had fallen earlier.

I snatch up my blade from the back of my truck and begin to head towards the store. I got close to the entrance when Josh pulls me back towards him. Leaning down, he whispers in my ear while the others continue to head forward and ignore us, “Why are you so upset? I did it to save you, not keep you from saving him. How do you think Garret would feel if I let you die?” he asks me, and I turn to notice someone with blonde hair run behind the building. I lift my blade and begin to silently walk in the direction that I saw the mysterious person head towards, a couple of people come running out of the store, pushing grocery carts towards the busses. I could see the others still looking around. I am almost around the back when Josh walks up to me, “What are you doing?” he asks, pulling me by the hand, “Let’s go grab what we can before more of those things show up.” he tells me as he walks towards the front of the store while I keep looking back over my shoulder.

I head inside, and Josh lets go of my hand and head off towards a couple of guys looking at something in the back. I begin to make my way over to the baby section when I notice a loan cart sitting off to the side. I pull it over to me and start stocking it full of stuff for the girls. “Hey, Harper, need any help?” Dante asked as he walked up next to me with an empty cart and began grabbing some stuff as well. Once there was no more room in the truck or buses and even the van, we begin to leave, and I couldn’t help looking back when I heard Josh telling Dante about the two guys seeing a blonde. I couldn’t help listening in to know what they saw and gulped as I began to notice who it resembled.

“I have an idea, you guys,” I say as Torri takes a turn onto another road, “What if we find us a nice big house in the country and make it a huge safe base for us?” I say as they all begin to look at one another. “We could build some gardens for fruit and vegetables and find one with a big fence to help keep those things out,” I tell them as I can start to picture it. Dante pulls out his phone and starts typing away as he quietly talks with Josh while I lean back onto my passenger seat and close my eyes. I am about to fall fully asleep when one of the babies begins to cry, and I turn to see Dante shaking up a bottle and holding it to her mouth. I look to see Josh holding the other two bottles for the girls, and I look over at Dante once again.

“Do you need me to hold one of the bottles?” I ask Dante, but he shakes his head.
“No, that’s alright. I will need us to pull over so we can get the girls to burp,” Dante says as Torri nods and lifts the walkie talkie to her mouth. Torri pulls over to the side of the road, and Sofia walks up, taking her spot while I get out and let Tristan climb upfront as I get in the back next to Dante. I lift Celestine out of the car seat and begin to pat her back as she lets out a loud burp, and I hold her to me for a few minutes as I smile at her little face. I strap her back into the seat as she closes her eyes and falls back to sleep while Dante and Josh are tending to the other two.

I lay my head on Dante’s shoulder, and he begins to play with my hair as the truck starts to move again. I am drifting off to sleep when I hear someone speak. “You two are so cute together.” I don’t recognize the voice, sleep pulls me in completely, and I go back to my dream world once again. I end up dreaming about Dante, and when I wake up to someone shaking my shoulder softly. I open my eyes and feel the blush wash over my face. “Hey, are you alright? You look a little red in the face.” Dante asks, making me blush deeper, and Victoria and Sofia grin at us before pulling me away from listening ears. “What’s going on with you two? You two have gotten so close, and it looks like Josh is getting jealous.” Sofia explains as we look over to see both of them watching us, causing me to blush once again.

“I had a dream about Dante while I slept for the past.” I look down at my phone screen, “Twelve hours!” I say in astonishment, “You guys let me sleep for twelve hours? Why didn’t anyone wake me up?” I ask, looking around.
“Dante threatened that if anyone woke you up, he was going to cut their hands off, well, I like having mine connected to my arms, so I left you alone,” Victoria said, and all I did was a snicker.
“So, what was the dream about?” Sofia asked with a smug look on her face, which caused me to blush and walk away towards the others while both of them burst out in laughter, causing everyone to look in our direction. “Why did we stop?” I ask, walking between Dante and Josh, causing them both to look at me, making me blush for the third time.
“Lots of people needed to use the restroom. If you have to go, now would be the best time,” Josh said as a couple of people came out of the trees that were lining the side of the road.

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