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Death From Below

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Chapter 2

I keep checking my surroundings as we make our way to the entrance “Has anyone seen Garrett?” I asked as I search the faces of people that were running past us in fear. I thought I saw him near my truck so I headed in that direction when I was knocked to the ground by a female student as she was standing up saying sorry one of those things lunged on her back slamming both of their weight down on top of me. It bit into the side of her neck, squirting blood on the pavement right above my head, I heard shouting, and then Angel kicked the bodies off of me. I heard two loud gunshots while Sofia helped me up while I gasped for air, “How in the world did you get a gun into the school?” Ethan asked Professor Larson, “All staff are allowed to carry in case of an emergency.” she explained as I unlocked the doors to my vehicle and they all piled in. I pulled out my phone to call Garrett, when I could faintly hear the ringtone he had set for me, I drove slowly following the sound to see him slowly walking down the sidewalk heading away from the school.

“Garrett?” I called him, but he didn’t respond “Garrett, baby it’s me!” I say again trying to get his attention, he slowly turns to look at me, and I can’t help the heart-wrenching sob that bursts from my lips. His baby blue eyes, were now a solid black and his blonde hair was bloody and matted to his head. He had what looked like a small bite and torn skin from shoving it off on his upper arm, his tank top was stained with blood and you could see his veins shining through his pale complexion. He slowly raised his hand in my direction as he took a step towards my window, I drove away in tears as I was forced to leave him behind. I drove straight to my house and headed inside as the others took their time exiting the vehicle and soon to join me in the house while I was yelling for my dad as I searched for them. I head to the kitchen to see a note on the fridge;

Me and your mother along with anyone else that is a government official is being forced to evacuate to Haiti to research a voodoo cult that seems to know a little too much about what is going on. Let the other kids know that their families are safe but we weren’t allowed to get you guys from school due to safety precautions, please make your way down to Louisiana there will be a man waiting for your arrival. You will have to take boats down a swamp to get to his place and it will be a struggle but I believe in you.
Love you with all my heart, dad

I can feel the tears form as I yell in frustration, “Dante, can you please read this to the others?” I ask him as I make my way to my room. I plop down on my bed and let my tears out freely laying in a ball in the center of the bed while cocooning myself in my giant thick comforter. I cried myself to sleep and when I woke up it was dark outside and the whole house was silent so I quietly made my way downstairs to see them passed out on the couch side by side. I head to the kitchen and begin looking for something to eat while trying to not wake up the others, I find a bag of chips and a soda and sit down at the island and begin to slowly eat them while getting lost in my thoughts. I hear someone walk up behind me before Dante spoke up alerting me that it was him “How you holding up?” he asked as he takes a seat next to me and pulls me into a side hug. I lay my head on his shoulder and wrap an arm around his waist just enjoying his company, “I am so glad you are alright through all of this, I just wish Garrett was too.” I tell him as we sit hugging each other at the counter.

We head up to my room and I am thankful that the electric is still running and turn on the tv, we turn to the news channel and there is nothing but a warning to stay indoors. “How about a movie?” I ask as I pull out my collection of DVDs from the bookcase and lay them on my bed “Sure” he says as we look through them. I notice he was looking at a comedy so I smiled at him “How about we watch this one?” I ask as I nod at his hand holding the movie and he nods smiling in agreement. I lay down next to him snuggling up to him like I always have and halfway through the second movie I pass out next to him. I wake up alone the next day to hear arguing coming from the living room, I hurriedly make my way to the noise to see Victoria on the phone and Mrs. Larson crying and shouting.

“What the heck is going on in here?” I ask as I make myself known and everyone turns to look at me “They are saying they didn’t evacuate my family, they left my husband Bill and our four kids alone and I need to go home and find them.” she tells me as she gathers her stuff and tries to leave but Sofia tries talking to her to get her to calm down. “I will take you if it was me I would want to know if they are safe or not,” I tell her, and she smiles at me in relief. “You can call me Annie,” she tells me as we hop in my vehicle along with Ethan and Tristan, she explains how to get to her house which luckily isn’t too far from my place. I pull up to the front of the house to see a van sitting out front and you could hear screaming coming from inside it, she runs over to it and calls out in relief as she pulls a key from her purse and unlocks the door. She slides the van door aside to show three beautiful girls, couldn’t be more than a few months and appeared to be triplets.
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