Death From Below

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Chapter 20

“Dante, what all do you remember?” I ask him as we sit in the van. I took over driving while Dante got in the passenger seat, and Josh went with the others telling me to figure out everything he can remember. I feel so awkward as he holds my hand and places a kiss on it now and then. He looks as if he is thinking about what I asked him, so I quietly wait until he wants to say something. Josh begins to talk over the walkie-talkie, and Dante lets out a sigh and reaches over to shut it off.

“Is everything alright, Dante?” I ask him while keeping my eyes on the road, and he shrugs his shoulders and kisses my hand again.
“That guy likes you a little too much, and it is starting to piss me off. Can’t he see that you are already in a relationship?” he asks, and I suck in a large amount of air. “Dante, you have got to tell me exactly what you remember. This way, we can clear a lot of this stuff up.” I tell him as I turn onto another road as the GPS begins to talk. His grip tightens on my hand but not to the point of pain. My stomach began to growl, and he reaches behind my seat for a bag of food. He pulls out some chips and opens them up, letting go of my hand to let me eat, I smile over at him, and he leans over to kiss my cheek.

“Well, how should I explain this?” he asks aloud before continuing, “I asked you out a year after Garret passed away, it was such a hard time for you, and I stayed by your side through all of it. I have tried to be the best, most romantic boyfriend ever to you. I am so in love with you, have been since we were little. I don’t know anything about what Ethan said about death walking the earth, Ethan said that I was attacked by one and lost my memories, so apparently, we aren’t dating, which honestly freaking sucks.” he tells me as he looks out the window. “I was hoping the dating part was true, though I am hoping you can give me a real chance when my amnesia goes away,” he tells me, and my eyes begin to tear up.

“Dante, death began when we were in class. Garret ended up getting turned into one. We have lost a lot of people, including Professor Larson. She made a will and gave me and you full custody of her triplets. You and I have been friends since we were born. I am currently pregnant with Garret’s baby. You and I have never dated before even though we are close.” I begin to rush out and feel my heart drop as his eyes glaze up with unshed tears. “Don’t be upset Dante, we have been through so much together, and maybe we can discuss this more when your memories do come back,” I tell him even though I know I just broke his heart. “You know what, since you remember us as a couple, how about we act like one until you get your memories back? I will continue being your girl since that is all you remember me as.” I tell him, and he gives me a sad smile but nods nonetheless.

I turn the walkie-talkie back on to hear Ethan talking about stopping and handing out food to eat now that it is going on at lunchtime. I answer him agreeing, and we all pull over to the side of the road. I hop out of the van and head to the back to look through the bags to see what food we have. I find a bag full of water bottles and begin to hand them out as people make a line next to me. Dante stands next to me, handing out cans of food after they receive water.

Josh walks up to me. I explain everything to him as we all begin to sit down on the ground and eat. Dante sits near Ethan and Tristan to eat, and I notice Emily head over and wrap her arm around his. He pulls away from her and says something to her making her jaw drop, and she walks away in silence. I eat my food and pull out a bag to use for trash, and head over behind a tree to use the restroom. I am exiting the trees to see that everyone was already in the vehicles when I notice Emily trying to talk to Dante once again, and she heads over to the bus when she sees me.

I climb into the van and start it up. I can feel his eyes on me as I continue down the road and jump at the sound of Sofia’s loud happy screech through the walkie-talkie. “Harper, you know that group of ghost hunters I watch online? The Mase Case is the name of their group. The group does a lot of streams of their channel. They are now live at this very moment, which means my man Mason is still alive.” she cries through the speaker, and I smile, feeling happy for her. “You can recognize him for always carrying a towel with him that he has clipped to his belt.” she laughs as you can hear the video playing in the background. I let her continue to gush over him for the remainder of the drive, as long as she is happy.

I drove for another six hours before having to pull over and get out to stretch. I step out towards the hood when I feel the urge to empty my stomach and run towards a tree to be sick. I clean my mouth with my toothbrush and paste with a water bottle and lean against the hood. Josh walks up and leans next to me while Dante goes to watch the video with Sofia. Dante lifts Luna in his arms and rocks her slowly while smiling down at her and talking with Sofia.

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