Death From Below

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Chapter 25

“When did you guys get down here? I thought you all went outside?” I ask as I turn to face Torri and Angel while still hugging Dante. I barely came to his chest and can hear how fast his heart is beating. I hear footsteps on the stairs and see Garret and Josh, along with Sofia and a new face with a towel hooked to his belt. I turn to look around to notice the rest of my friends slowly walking down the stairs with a couple of more new faces. I sigh out loud and bury my face into Dante’s chest once more before pulling away and turning to look around at everyone.

“We ran back in with the girls to find a safe space to hide in; I had Dante help us get down here while everyone was screaming and fighting,” Torri explains, and I nod. “When Josh left to find you, we found this place due to Sofia being on her phone. She was watching them live while trying to stay alive,” Torri says, pointing towards the guys that I have yet to meet. I turn and head back upstairs to see that people were already hard at work cleaning up the gore. I rush out the front door and begin to empty my stomach in the grass as I picture what just happened.

I wipe off my mouth and head to the truck for my toothpaste and brush to clean my mouth. I used a bottle of water to help and cleaned myself up. I walk over to where our group is at and begin to explain what all had happened. I explain how Garret took me out of jealousy and understand why Dante was acting the way he was. I lean back against my truck and look over at them all standing across from me. “We have a problem, and I intend to solve it before I head out to go meet up with that man.” I begin, and Garret walks over to me, taking my hand and giving me a small smile.

“Garret is like me. He ended up getting the dead abilities like I have got mine. Garret was bitten on the arm when we were still on campus when he was on his way to get me from class. He was shoved on the ground and had a dead one thrown on top of him, making it bite him.” I explain and hear a bunch of people gasp and start murmuring. I take a deep breath and begin to continue when one of the babies starts to cry, so I pick her up and begin to console her. Garret smiles at me, and my eyes tear up at his beautiful face as I stand beside him once again.

“I have learned that the people responsible for his death are still here in our group, and these people are more than likely responsible for the rest of the people we have lost,” I say, and they all begin to look around and separate away from one another. “Don’t worry, everyone, the two responsible are still in the house hiding somewhere,” I tell them, and they sigh in relief, but Ethan is starting to shake in anger. Victoria walks up and places her hands on his face. She whispers something in his ear, causing him to calm down almost instantly.

“I am going to have to leave soon to make it to the guy who may know more about what is going on. I am wondering if we should keep this house and fortify it?” I ask them, receiving a lot of nods and agreements. “I will have to take a boat through a swamp and bayou to get to his place. He has a cabin on a small patch of land in the middle.” I explain as I turn to Torri and Angel. “I am going to need you two to keep my girls with you until I get back,” I say, looking at them and then down to the girls.

“You know for a fact that we will keep them safe for you, but what about the people who are a danger?” Torri asks, and I nod, then turn to the group to continue. “I will be taking them with me. That way, they are no threat to any of you,” I tell them as I turn to look at Garret. “Will you be going with me or staying to protect the group?” I ask him, and he lets out a sigh. “I think it would be best for me to stay with them since they have no strong abilities as we do. I honestly don’t want you to leave, but I understand that you are doing this for everyone.” Garret explains.

“I want Dante and Josh to go with you instead. They both have kept you alive this long. I know that I can trust them with you both,” he says as he leans down and places his face on my growing baby bump. I smile down at him as Dante walks over and pulls him into a tight hug. Garret walks over with Josh and Dante to make out a plan. I’m assuming as they talk low amongst themselves. I head into the house to see that people had been cleaning the whole time and getting the place looking a lot better than it had before.

I head upstairs to notice there were quite a few bedrooms and a walk-in one, glancing around to see if it will be big enough for the girls and me. Sofia and the four new guys in the group walk in, and she looks over at me, “Remember how I am always watching the ghost hunting group on my phone?” she asks, and I nod. “Well, I found them!” she says happily. “I saved them from a horde and almost died myself if Ethan and Tristan didn’t help me. Meet Mason and his twin brother Carter Johnson, their cousin Zander and his brother Mike Johnson. Guys, meet Harper Adkins, my best friend leader of our group.” she introduces us to each other.

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