Death From Below

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Chapter 3

Annie cried in relief as she began to check them for bites, and luckily they were perfectly fine, so I head to the door of her house when we could hear shuffling and a noise like knocking over a lamp. I stand to the side of the door as Ethan picks up a crowbar and stands out in the middle of the yard, I open the door and stand out of view to wait for whatever made that noise to let themselves be known. A young boy of five or six years of age appears at the door and lets out a loud yell and rushed at Ethan who was like a deer in headlights with Annie’s quick thinking she ran over and snatched the weapon out of his hand and swung. A sickening crack echoed throughout the yard, “Andrew? Oh, gosh baby, what have I done?” she cries as another person appears right beside me in the doorway. “Bill?” she asks just as he lets out a roar of what sounded like agony and ran to where their son lay, he snarls at her and lunges as she swings the crowbar and cracks him in the head-splitting the side open for all to see.

Annie was bawling her eyes out as she walked into her house and began to gather up stuff for her, and the girls, Ethan and Tristan buried the bodies, and I sat with the girls and waited patiently. I am playing with the girls when I see movement, from the doorway, I look up to see Annie struggling to carry her bags and the bags for the girls. Ethan runs over to her and begins to gather up her stuff and head towards the van while she follows after him. Tristan and I gather up the rest of her stuff, and when I go to shut the door, I see a family photo of them all together and snatch it up to give to her later. Ethan rode with Annie while Tristan tagged along with me back to the house, we make plans to stop at everyone’s house to gather up their stuff, so they have extra clothing.

I walk into the house carrying two of the car seats and set them down on the floor near the couch, as I head out to get the third little one. Ethan and Tristan help her with all the luggage they take it up to a spare room down the hall from mine, Dante walks out of the kitchen to examine what we were doing. He walks over to me as I am closing the door “Are you alright?” he asks as I turn to face him “Yeah, just had a stressful event happen that’s all.” I tell him as I walk over to the girls and smile down at them. Two of them begin to get fussy while the third is still asleep, so we sit down and take them out to hold, Dante is sitting close to me when Annie walks back into the room and smiles at us. “You two look like a little family how you are sitting,” she says as she walks over to us “They are so beautiful, what are their names?” I ask as I smile up at her.

“They turned two months old today, Celestine is in the red, Helina is in the purple, and Luna is wearing blue,” she explains while we gush over how adorable they are. I remember I have the photo in my jacket pocket and pull it out, “I know you are still hurting, but I thought you would love to have this.” I tell her as I hand her the picture. She smiles really big and leans over wrapping me in a hug “Thank you so much, I was so upset I forgot to grab a photo for memories. This is why I always say you and Dante are my favorite students.” she cries as I remember her telling us that at school. The others soon join us, and all ask for turns to hold the girls, I hand Celestine to Sofia and head to the kitchen to look for something to make everyone for supper. I pull out some pasta, along with some cream of chicken soup and some cans of shredded chicken to make.

Torri walks into the kitchen to see what I am doing and begins to help me cook and pulls out enough bowls and forks for everyone. “Do you know what we are going to do?” she asks me as we set the table, and I shake my head. “I honestly have no idea, they seem to act like zombies from all the movies and books I have read,” I tell her as I place the food in the center of the table, so I don’t put too much in their bowls. I let the others know that dinner is ready and they all join me around the table we say grace before beginning to fill our bowls. Everyone makes small talk as we eat, and it is pretty nice aside from all that has happened, about thirty minutes into eating I begin to feel nauseous and excuse myself before running out of the room.

I lay down in my room after getting sick and wait until I feel better before I head back down to join the others who are probably already finished. I sit back down at my bowl and slowly finish the rest of my food while everyone else just sits quietly, afraid to ask me what was wrong. “I’m alright you guys, nothing to worry about,” I tell them as I finish my food and take my bowl to the sink to wash. Everyone washed their dish, and I cleaned up what I used to cook with and then they all began to head off to call it a night, I stayed up later than usual and cried while looking through photos of me and Garrett. We were talking about moving in together since we were going to attend the same college and were talking about marriage and having a baby once we both completed our major.

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