Death From Below

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Chapter 4

I awoke to someone knocking on my bedroom door, and I opened it to see Tristan standing there, I let him into the room and head over to my closet to change into something. “The others were asking about going to their place to gather up some belongings as Annie did, how do you plan to do this since no one here has a car aside from you and Annie?” he asks me as I open the door to exit. “Well, we can go to your house now if you would like?” I tell him as I slip on my boots and walk to the door, and he gets up to follow after me. I take him over to his house and help him bag up some stuff that he will need, and he has me take all the food and load it into the truck to help feed all of us. I notice there is a note on his kitchen counter and give it to him, and he reads it aloud, informing us that his family is safe and was sent with my parents to look for a cure.

I take him back to my house, and we empty everything onto the living room floor, and I take the next person, “I am going to run out of gas before the day is over with.” I sigh as I get into the driver’s seat as Torri and Angel get in. “I can give you some money for gas if you would like?” Angel offers as he pulls out his wallet, and I shake my head no “You don’t need to do that, we are family, and I wouldn’t charge my own family like that.” I tell him as we pull into Torri’s driveway. It seems to be the same routine we load up all the food, and they get their belongings, and we find a note about their family. On the way back from Dante’s house, I notice some kids from our university trying to run away from a horde of about twenty of those things. I am about to pull over and hop out when a bus, with our university’s name on the side, shows up beside me the driver pulls out a megaphone and tells them to run to the bus.

They all stopped to look, which also let the death catch up to them and they attacked a girl from the group, as they snacked on her the rest of them used it as an opportunity to flee to safety. The driver spoke again as he recognized me since he works for the school and said he was going to follow us, “Are you serious? How in the world can I fit a bus full of people into my house?” I ask Dante who is just staring at me in silence. I started up my truck and began to drive back to my house in silence, thinking about how stressful this is going to be with so many people at my place. The bus pulls in next to me and the driver gets out and jogs over to my door as I am getting out “Harper, I am so glad you are okay. I was trying to find you at school so that I could try and keep you kids safe.” he explains as he pulls me into a hug. I smile up at him as other people began exiting the bus and walking over towards me, I had to bite my tongue, when Emily and Alainah along with one of their other friends Kayla walked up.

I let everyone follow me inside and called the others down to let them know what is going on when Annie saw the English Professor Mr. Lee she ran to him and dove in his arms. “Oh Shaun, thank goodness you are alright. I lost Bill and Andrew but the girls are alive thanks to Harper,” she tells him while she continues to hug him. “I am going to need a list of everyone’s names and important information written down like allergies or disabilities,” I tell them as I stand and face them to ask questions. “I have an assortment of weapons my parents left me but the katana is off-limits, that one is mine personally. In a few days I will be leaving and following orders from my parents who work for the government, they left me a letter stating that anyone who works for the government was evacuated to Haiti to look for some type of info regarding this situation.” I explain as everyone sits quietly all over the place in front of me. “Are we all going to go with you?” a girl asks as she looks around the room “That is up to you to decide, if you all want to ban together then yeah we can make our own little family and keep one another alive,” I say as we hear a scream come from outside.

I grabbed up my blade and ran outside with the others close behind and I couldn’t see anything, I looked around the vehicles and found nothing out of the ordinary. I was walking towards the rest of them when we heard the scream again and I spun around looking in the direction it came from which is a house across the street. I ran across and knocked on the door calling out to anyone that could hear me but it was all quiet “Are you sure this is the right house?” I ask turning to look at the others. They all began to head off to the two houses on either side of the one I am at and began to knock while calling out to anyone who could still be inside. “I don’t see or hear anyone!” a guy yelled over to me and another person said the same thing from the other house so I just continued to knock and then went to try and peer through the windows.

“Why do you even care?” Emily asks and I turn towards her “Because unlike you I am not a heartless person and I care if others live.” I say resuming looking through a window. I heard a slight bump close to where I was peering in and then a dead looking person appears in the window and startled I stumble back. I reach for the blade on my back and sneak around to the back door and check if it is unlocked and luckily it is, I slowly open the door when I hear the scream echo from inside. I am pushed roughly to the ground as a girl comes running out holding her arm to her chest when one of those things rushes towards the door but someone pulls it shut and keeps it inside. She is crying over her arm “Are you alright?” I ask slowly walking towards her “I have been bitten about twenty seconds ago.” she said as she began to snarl and growl. She transformed in front of us, and a few people ran back to my house, “What the hell are these things?” a girl asked as I took her head off with a Katana “Those my future friends are death from below.” I said as I headed back to my house.

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