Death From Below

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Chapter 6

I walk out and take a seat next to the others and I eat in silence while I notice Emily keeps looking over at me while talking to Josh, when she saw me look up she rubbed her hand up and down his arm while grinning at me. I sigh while rolling my eyes and stand up “Maybe she thinks it’s him?” Sophia asks and I look down at her “Doesn’t matter, it’s not him.” I say as I walk away and head towards a pharmacy. I am browsing the shelves when Annie walks in and looks over at the shelf in front of me “I am so sorry Harper, I know this has to be the worst timing for you but just know that you have people around you that love you and care.” she tells me as I let out a sob I was holding. She wraps me in a tight hug “I know for a fact Dante is going to do everything in his power to keep you and this little miracle alive. I knew from the start that you two were going to do great things together, this is why I have always trusted the two of you with so much you are like my kids and I love you both like my own.” she tells me as she wipes my tears. She helps me chose a test and walks me through how to use it and it comes back positive so we try a few more all with the same results so we confirmed I am pregnant and went off my last period which would make me six weeks and three days.

Four days later and we are planning out a map for all drivers on how to make it to the next checkpoint for gasoline and potty breaks, we all call it a night afterward and place our bags by the door so we can just grab a bag and go. The following morning we are awoken to an animalistic growl that echoed throughout the mall and the sound of the girls screaming at the tops of their lungs. I quietly pulled on my boots and zipped them up while grabbing my blade and sneaking to the door that leads out to the main area we all sit in during the day. I notice the girls all laying on a makeshift bed of blankets but Annie was nowhere to be seen so I sneak over to see Torri and Victoria walking out rubbing their eyes. “What is going on?” Torri asks but I shush her and moved to the twins “Get them in the car seats and get their stuff out to the van and get them ready to go, also grab some bags to stuff in there too in case we need to run.” I whisper and they both nod and begin to gather them up into the seats and strap them in while grabbing up their bedding and bags.

Dante and Ethan soon joined me with their weapons “Ethan go get Josh and Tristan, tell Angel to take the bags to the vehicles with Sophia.” I say and he nods and jogs off to where the others were all laying side by side. I hear a soft crying and a growl and turn slowly walking over to the counters near us and peer behind them to find nothing, we all stand back to back to cover all corners. I pull out a small flashlight and hold it up to try and help find where it is coming from when we hear it again slightly louder, Josh, Ethan, and Tristan jog up to us and Dante fills them in on what is going on. Josh walks in front of us taking the lead and grabs my hand holding me behind him while Dante glares at our entwined hands, I stay silent and just follow after him as he goes forward and squats down next to a wall and pulls out a small mirror. He sticks it out a little bit and uses it to look around the corner and signals us with his hand “I am military.” he says when he notices us all staring at him.

Upon entering a shoe store we stand near the entrance and he shines his light slowly around the store right as he was turning to leave I noticed movement and turned his hand to shine the light at it. In the corner was a petite framed woman with waist-length dirty white hair crying softly and rocking back and forth facing the wall. I saw movement come from her right and look to see a small boy around five years of age slowly reaching out towards her, I remember seeing him come off the bus with his mom and slowly make my way towards him trying not to catch her attention. I was just within arms reach when something extremely tall and thin jumped out from behind a shoe rack and grabbed him. I ran forward reaching for him as he screamed but the thing bit into his throat silencing him on the first chomp, it severed the jugular spraying blood all over the walls and covering me in it.

I cried out and the woman stood to let out a demonic scream then took off running with what looked like a newborn wrapped in a blanket being held tightly in her grasp. I spun on my heel and ran towards the guys “They are freaking strong!” I yelled shoving right through them going as fast as I could to get my stuff and head to my truck. I ran grabbing my backpack and swinging it on as Sophia exited with the last of the bags, a woman stayed back “Have you seen Kyle?” she asks running up to me while holding a tiny blue stuffed bunny. I started crying and shook my head no as she realized what I meant, she burst into tears and ran out of the mall towards the bus while hugging the bunny to her chest. The guys caught up all running towards the doors as I went after them, I almost made it to the door when I was hit from the side and thrown across the floor about six feet from where Josh was holding the door open for me.

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