Death From Below

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Chapter 8

I began to get agitated just sitting in the back, doing nothing but watching the clouds roll by “Are we there yet?” I call out, making everyone look at me. “Who knows where the canned food is? I seriously need some pineapple.” I tell them as I begin to search through some of the bags “I think the food is on the bus, let me check.” Angel says, grabbing the walkie talkie and asking the other driver. “Why the heck is all the food on the dang bus? There should be food in all the vehicles for everyone to eat, and then we just find a safe place to restock the food.” I say, as my craving intensifies and I start to become angry. Angel pulls over and soon someone is knocking on the window with an open can “I found this and opened it for her, let’s get some Tupperware for her so she can have on hand snacks for her.” the lady says and smiles down at my stomach as if she knew. “What is with the weird craving Harper?” Torri asks as I moan at the first bite causing everyone to glance around awkwardly, “I’m not sure, Annie had me take some pregnancy tests when we got to the mall.” I tell them not even paying attention to the conversation and not comprehending what I was saying at the moment.

“When was the last time you had your period?” Victoria asks and I check my phone “Seven weeks and two days.” I tell her as I continue to inhale my food, and they all went silent as they watched me eat. “Hey, look you guys, we can stock up on some books that will help us learn about stuff like gardening, kids, medicine, and other things,” Torri says, pointing to a very large library. Angel explains it to the others and slowly turns into the parking lot, we spend hours gathering up all the books and emptying the entire place. Once the place was completely bare due to everyone helping load up all three vehicles I couldn’t believe we had wiped out an entire library of this size down to the last book. I notice some stairs as everyone went out to the vehicles to get ready to leave and crept up them to see no books but dozens of sleeping bags.

I could hear a soft crying coming from somewhere in the room and walked up the last step to look around, over in the corner was a young girl crying and looking out the window. “Hello, are you alright?” I ask as I slowly advance towards her. Josh walks up and motions for me to go to him and when I turn back to the girl she had slowly turned to face me with her black eyes and let out a high pitch scream. I run over to him as a small horde of about twenty flooded the room and blocked the stairs, I picked up a chair and swung it knocking two over and slipping in between to run down the stairs. I pulled the front door open when Josh shoves me outside “Just go, I’ll catch up!” he says as the front door slams shut, I began to scream his name and pound my fists on the door as hard and as loud as I could.

I pushed on the doors but they wouldn’t budge and as I look up blood splatters across the frosted windows, I began to cry as I banged on the doors and could hear the growls coming from the other side until someone scooped me up over their shoulder and forced me into the truck. I crawled up on my knees looking out the window to see if he was able to get out while I was distracted but didn’t see anything, Dante made a sharp left and turned down another road just as a green challenger came roaring down the road and next to us. I couldn’t make out who was behind the wheel due to the dark tint on the windows but they rolled the passenger window down and talked to Dante who began to pull over. I saw the driver door open and Josh steps out while running a hand through his hair pushing it back out of his eyes. I jumped out of the truck and ran and flung myself in his arms while crying in relief “Don’t you ever do that again, I thought you had died!” I yelled at him while he chuckled.

“How did you escape?” I ask him as he looks down at me then over to the car “I was able to kill the two that ran down behind us by tripping the first one which made the second fall onto the first. They had both fell through a table so I snatched up the table leg and bashed in their heads before they could get back up.” he says as we climb into the car. “This car is beautiful,” I tell him with a smile as we slowly drive along behind Dante who is driving my truck. After driving for about an hour we come upon a large building that is surrounded by a chain-link fence that seems to surround the property and is about six feet in height. “Can we check this place out? Might be able to stay here for a couple of nights?” I ask Josh and feel sad thinking back to what happened the last time we stayed somewhere and losing two people due to it.

I get out of the car and walk over to see that it had a large lock that was open and just hanging from the side of the latch, I can hear someone walking up next to me and lookup. Dante and Josh are standing side by side talking about something as Tristan and Ethan soon join with them holding weapons “How about we all check this place out and if it is safe then I will let you all know and we can pull the vehicles in and lock up for the night?” I ask and they all nod. I grab up my two blades and head over to the guys who are all talking “Angel, will you be able to stay with the girls?” I ask and he nods while heading over to the van and climbing into the driver seat. Walking up to the front entrance I pull on the door and it swings right open “Alright everyone, don’t act stupid and split up. Never works well in movies, let’s scope it out and if decent we can stay here for a couple of nights and then head off to the next.” I tell them and they all nod in agreement so I step into the darkness that is surrounding us. I pull out my flashlight from my pocket and turn it on shining it around to see what appears to be a waiting room, there is a large desk and some flipped over chairs laying around.

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