Death From Below

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Chapter 9

I notice two restrooms on either side of the desk and there is a long hallway that leads off from behind the desk, I head over to the desk and peer behind it to make sure none were hiding there. I nod that it is clear and we head over to the first restroom and make sure nothing is still lurking inside, and once it is signaled as clear we head to the other one to do the same. I stand still dreading heading down the hallway until Dante lays his hand on my shoulder and nods so I let out my breath slowly and take a step into the unending darkness. I notice on both sides of the hall is a bunch of doors so I slowly open the first one to see it is an office or maybe a meeting room, I step inside and squat down to check under the large circular table. I turn and step out since there is nowhere they could hide except for under the table and head over to the door across from this one and head inside quietly.

I make my way down the hallway as quietly as I can while the guys help me, scout, out the rooms. I get to the end of the hall and freeze mid-step while the others smack into my back, my hand is shaking in fear as the flashlight shines around on the horde in front of me. Their eyes are reflecting eerily in the light and they start to sniff the air as we take a step back. I hear a soft click then a loud voice echo down the hall “Hey guys, this place is huge!” the male voice calls out and I spin to run as the horde begins to charge in our direction. Everyone runs to the doors that line the hallway to try and find a place to hide, I run into a small closet with Josh and Dante and pray for the safety of everyone.

I sigh in relief due to the silence until I start to hear the same guy from before start screaming for help, I run out of the closet and to the window to see him running with the horde on his heels. The guy looks about fifteen years old and running towards the buses I run out holding my blade and make a path of their heads to where he is banging on the doors to the bus begging to be let inside. “Hey, it’s alright!” I yell out to him as he spins around with his eyes closed and swings punching me in the face and knocking me to the ground. I hear yelling then a loud thud hits the ground beside me as someone pulls me up, my vision is blurry and I can see black spots. “You are already bruising, after me hitting him he should sleep for a while and have a nice bruise himself,” Dante says as he helps me towards the others.

“Why the hell didn’t anyone let him on the bus?” I ask angrily as Torri hands me a water bottle, “We didn’t want to let any of them getting on as well.” a guy said as Dante walks up and takes the keys from his hand. “You won’t be driving anymore, I need someone who is going to be responsible and keep our people alive.” He says as he walks over to me and takes a seat next to me. “The rest of the building is clear on the bottom floor, we didn’t see any stairs so let’s just stay on the bottom floor and we can leave once we have all got decent sleep,” Josh says walking up to us and helping me stand up. Everyone takes a sleeping bag and some pillows along with some personal belongings and head inside, I head into a small room and set up the playpen while Ethan and Sofia bring the girls in and lay them down. “I’m going to head to the bathroom to try and clean off, be back in a while,” I tell them and they nod as they sit down near the babies.

I head to the restroom with my bag and lock the door, I head over to the sink and turn on the water letting it get warm and slowly discard my clothing. I grab out a washrag and some soap and begin washing myself off as best as I can and put on some clean clothes, once finished I wash my hair in the sink and bag up my dirty clothes. I am heading towards the room I claimed with the girls when I meet up with Dante and Josh “How are you feeling?” Josh asks and I smile at both of them “I am doing a little better, going to look for some Tylenol for my head since it hurts like crazy.” I tell him as I head inside my room. I look through my bag for some medicine and take some before laying down, I wake up a few hours later feeling nauseous and rush to the bathroom. I am throwing up when someone rushes in and holds my hair back while rubbing my back, I head to the sink and begin to brush my teeth and look up to see Josh watching me quietly.

“Are you feeling alright?” he asks and I nod as I rinse out my mouth “Yeah, I just felt a little sick when I woke up,” I tell him as he walks up next to me and leans against the counter. “How long has this been happening to you?” he asks and I blush feeling uncomfortable telling him all of this “About three weeks after I slept with your brother for our first time,” I tell him and he looks up at me in shock. “When was that? Is that what you meant about the seven weeks and two days?” he asks and I nod “If Garret was here I know he would be excited, we always talked about having a baby together and getting married.” I tell him as tears start to form in my eyes. “Don’t worry, I will be here for you throughout all of this. Still can’t believe I am going to be an uncle in a few months,” he says pulling me into a hug. Once we head out to the others Dante walks up and wraps his arms around my waist while smiling down at me “You feeling better now that you got some sleep?” he asks and I smile up at him “Yeah, woke up with morning sickness but I feel a lot better now and kind of hungry.” I tell him as I lay my head on his chest and stand there hugging him.

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