Life in Darkness

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Chapter 1


Harlem, New York, 2014.

Mistress Thana isn’t just a vampire, she is a brothel keeper, a madam.

Vampires and humans alike come to feed on and fuck the Mistresses sluts, and I, Rowaelin Black grew to be one of the Mistresses sluts.

I was abducted seven years ago and since then more girls and boys have been abducted and forced to give their bodies and blood to the human and vampire customers. I have been fed on more times than I can count, I have been cut, raped and beaten into submission.
I used to scream, I used to hope that someone would come and save me, but no one came, so I gave up hope. I did as I was told, stayed quiet and never spoke unless spoke to.

When the sun comes up the others and I clean the brothel and all of its rooms, when that is done we try to sleep as best we can, but between the anxiety and nightmares, sleep is a privilege we don’t often get. When the sun goes down, we dress ourselves up in revealing clothes and do our jobs.

For the children under eighteen, they wait in rooms, waiting to service the customers that pay the highest amount, but for those over eighteen, they work the floors and the poles. Some still hope for salvation, but they are young and foolish, no one is coming to save us.

Today is my eighteenth birthday, but there are no candles or birthday cakes for me.

Just a smaller outfit and the ‘privilege’ of working on the floors, cleaning tables and serving drinks.

“I want you to make me proud,” Mistress says, grabbing me by the face and forcing me to look into her monstrous, red eyes, “Remember who you are.”

“I am nothing,” I say, whimpering as Thana tightens her grip, “I am a whore.”

“That’s right,” Thana smiles, releasing me from her hold, “You are Mystic, you will work the floors for two hours, and then the laps for another two hours and then you will be mine.”

My eyes widen, when the Mistress takes a whore to her room, it never ends well.

“I hope to not displease,” I say, trying to hide my shaking hands as Thana walks me into the changing room.

“You better not, dear,” Thana smiles, she passes me my costume for the night as well as a wig, “Get dressed.”

My costume consists of black stilettos, fishnet stockings, a black thong and a black, leather skirt. I also wear a black bra that pushes my breasts to my eyeballs, to complete my look I put my hair up in a net and then fasten a black wig on top my head.

“Wait,” Mistress says, stopping me before I can walk out of the change room. Thana cups my breasts and runs her thumbs over my nipples until they stand erect and hard against the fabric of my bra, “Now, go.”

Thana slaps me on the ass as I pass her and go into the club area. As soon as I step into the club I am no longer Rowaelin, instead, I am Mystic Blood, or Mystic for short.

I walk over to the bar where a vampire named Amal stands pouring drinks.

“Table five,” he says, handing me a black tray with three rounds of vodka shots on it, “Now.”

I take the tray and plaster a seductive smile onto my lips.

“Hey baby doll,” a man at table five says, looking me up and down as if I am a piece of meat, “What do you got for me?”

“Three rounds of shots,” I smile, making sure to lean down real low so the patrons can look at my ‘goodies’.

One of the man runs his hand up the inside of my thigh, I do my best not to visibly cringe.

“You’re pretty,” The man says, touching the silk of my thong. I smile seductively and lean closer to the man, even though I would rather put my heels through his teeth. I pick up my tray and walk back to the bar.

“You should be more of a tease,” Amal says, smiling and showing off his fangs, “They might even tip you.”

I smile and when Amal shakes his head, signalling that there are no more drinks to be put out, I grab a cloth and my tray. I clear the empty glasses off the tables and make sure to wipe up any spilt alcohol. Then I check on my customers, seeing if they want anything.

“Can I get you anything?” I ask in a perky tone.

“Bloody Mary,” a woman from the table replies, as she smiles I can see the tips of her fangs, my heart races, “Extra bloody.”

I go back to the bar and give the order to Amal, making sure to tap my tooth which signals that the drink is for a fanged customer. Amal smiles and grabs a tall, warmed glass, he then turns to one of the girls working behind the bar and raises his eyebrow.

See the humans that the vampires abduct never actually work the bar, they clean the benches and make sure their veins are ready for the vampire customers. When a vampire order comes in, Amal cuts open their wrists and makes them bleed into a cup.

I can never bring myself to watch the process.

“Here,” Amal says as the lights dim even further, “hurry, the shows about to start.”

I take the drink back to the vampire and she smiles widely.

“Is it yours?” she asks, taking the glass from me.

I shake my head and the vampiress pouts.

“Awe,” She whimpers, “You seem so tasty.”

I nod my head in respect as I walk away from the table.

The music becomes even louder and a spotlight lights up the stage, in the middle of the stage is a tall metal pole and in front of the pole, is a girl wearing a large trench coat.

The girl dances to the music and touches herself seductively, making the audience throw money at her and cheer for her to take off her clothes, the girl complies as I make my way around the club. I take orders and put up with the sexual harassment as the music blares in my ears.

“Mystic!” one of the stripper girls calls, running towards me.

“What are you doing?!” I hiss, putting down my tray on the bar.

“Candy is sick,” she whimpers, “She’s on next and we have no one to replace her.”

“Keep serving,” I say, handing the girl my tray. I then run backstage and slips into Candy’s outfit; a red and white striped bra and underwear as well as red and white striped knee-high socks and red high heels. I take my wig off and replaces it with platinum white one, I clip the wig into place as the song ends and the other girl walks off stage wearing nothing.

“And now, it is my pleasure to introduce the sweetest girl of all,” the vampire in the sound booth says over the mic, “Candy!”

The song starts as I step onto the stage holding a giant fake lollypop.

I skip around the stage with a little girl smile on my face, then I walk forward and run my hand up the cool metal pole, Mistress has taught me the basics of working the pole, but before now, I have never danced in front of paying customers. I take a deep breath and then twirl around the pole as I drop my lollypop. The crowd starts throwing money at me and cheering for me to ‘take it off’.

I flick off my heels and turn to the pole, I dance for my customers and when I finally unwrap my skirt and lift myself onto the pole they start to throw even more money at me.
I go down to my hands and knees and crawl over to the crowd gathered at the edge of the stage, they shove money into my bra. I roll over to another part of the stage and more men and women whistle at me as they shove money onto my underwear.
Feeling cheap and well groped I walk back over to the pole and grab it in one hand as I spin around it, the money pours once more until the stage is almost entirely green with bills.
I kick off the ground and spin quickly while I kick my legs up, I then hold onto the pole with nothing but my thighs, I stretch my hands upwards to the ceiling and when the music stops, I let go.

I slide down the pole and right before I hit the ground, I stop myself by spinning and landing on my feet. The crowd goes wild, the money falls like rain as a man walks on stage to collect it. I suck in a final deep breath as I unclasp my bra and throw it into the audience. The cheer at the sight of my breasts.

I milk the audience by bowing and blowing kisses to them before walking backstage as the curtain drops.

Amal is waiting for me, his eyes redden with rage as he looks at me with disgust and anger.

“What the hell was that, Mystic?” he growls, my heart leaps into my throat as my hands start to shake.

“Candy is sick,” I whimper, looking away from Amal’s face as I bow my head in submission, “Someone needed to replace her.”

“I know Candy is sick,” Amal spits, I flinch as his voice becomes louder to talk over the music, “I’ve dealt with her, but you were told to work the floors, not the poles, you’ve never even done pole work before and now you pull this… this stunt!”

If it wasn’t for the loud techno music, the whole club would have heard Amal roar in anger as he launches himself at me, I know that if I try to run the punishment will be worse. So I stand still as Amal cracks the back of his hand across my face, my lip splits as the force of the hit throws me against the wall. Amal moves forward again and lifts me up by the neck, he growls and raises his hand again, I close my eyes and wait for the strike.

“Thana,” he stutters, I open my eyes and see the Mistress holding onto Amal’s arm, her eyes the colour of blood.

“Let her go,” she growls, Amal releases his hold on my neck and I fall to the floor, gasping for air, “What do you think you are doing?”

“She… she didn’t do her job,” he gapes as Mistress digs her nails into Amal’s flesh, “Her job was to work the floor. She… she disobeyed.”

I know what her job was!” Mistress Thana growls, “Do you think me a fool?”

“N-no, mistress,” he winces as she digs her nails deeper into his skin.

“What would have happened if Candy went onto the stage?” Thana growls releasing Amal from her hold.

“I-I don’t know, mistress,” he says, bowing his head in shame.

“How much has she earnt?” Thana asks, turning to the man who counts the money.

“Over five thousand,” he replies, not stopping his counting to watch the tension between the vampires.

“That is more money than any girl has ever gained on the pole,” Thana says, Amal looks to the ground in shame as Thana looks to my bleeding lip, “You’ve damaged the goods.”

Thana backhands Amal and he is thrown across the room and crashes into the wall.

“Go to my room, Mystic,” Thana says, turning to me as I cower before her, “I will take care of everything else.”

“Yes, mistress,” I say, bowing to Thana before turning and walking out of the club area and into the back rooms.

I walk over to the stairs that lead to the vampire area of the brothel, deep in the basement. I walk down and then go all the way to the end room. I enter and wait for my Mistress.
I wait near the door, I listen as the Mistress arranges for another girl to take my place on the floors, ten minutes later she enters the room. My heart hammers in my chest as my face pales, Thana walks over to me and places her hand on my cheek. I flinch out of habit and Thana’s eyes soften and turn from blood red to deep brown.

“Candy is pregnant,” Mistress says, moving closer to me and placing her hands on my shoulders.

“What will happen to her?” I ask, speaking softly.

“I’ve let her go,” Thana smiles, which means she’s dead, “Don’t worry about her, dear.”

Thana moves closer and then places a soft kiss on my lips. My heart races as she begins to suck on my cut lip, draining as much blood as she can. Never before has the Mistress acted this way to another girl. My heart races as she finally pulls back from my lips. Her eyes red with a lust for blood.

“You will spend the night with me,” she orders, pulling me towards her large bed.

“What do you want me to do?” I ask quietly, my lip still throbbing from the ‘kiss’.

“Everything,” the Mistress says, her eyes flaring as she pushes me onto the bed.

I wake the next morning with pain in my neck and thighs. The Mistress had fed from me for most of the night, and for the other part of the night, The Mistress fucked me till I screamed.

The Mistress rolls over in her sleep and I flinch, expecting her to wake up.

But the Mistress is fast asleep, I slowly crawl out of bed and as I grab my discarded underwear, I realise that I do not have a bra. I cover my breasts with my hands and then go downstairs. My legs are sore and my head is fuzzy as I walk into the living area. The room is set up with an old worn down leather couch and two beaten up beds, there is a bathroom area in the corner and a wardrobe next to the door. The others in the room stare at me and I avoid eye contact with them as I grab a shower robe.

“Were you with the Mistress all night?” Ben asks.

Ben has been working for the Mistress longer than I have and he has never seen the Mistress have a girl, or a boy, with her for a whole night. I unclip my blond wig and let my dark blond hair fall down to my waist. I run my fingers through my hair and then move to the bathroom, I step into the shower cubicle and turn on the water. The water is cold as usual and I shiver as I rinse out my wounds. Once I am finished I dry myself off and wrap the robe around me.

I sit down on the couch and Ben kneels in front of me.

“Dr Jacobs will be here soon,” Ben informs me. Dr Jacobs is the doctor that comes once a week to make sure that no one has come down with any type of sickness. The Mistress pays him off to make sure that he never talks about what is going on.

When Dr Jacobs arrives Ben sends him to me straight away. The doctor cleans up the bite marks and takes several samples of blood, urine and saliva, Dr Jacobs does the same for all the others he takes the samples back to his office and makes sure that none of the Mistresses whores don’t have any infections or illnesses.

Dr Jacobs takes his time with me, he touches me unnecessarily and it makes me uncomfortable, but it is part of the agreement. The Doctor can do whatever he wants to whoever he wants. Today he chooses me.

The doctor leaves around twelve o’clock and by that time I am ready to pass out from exhaustion. But I can’t, I still have to help clean the club area and the private rooms as prep for tonight.

Halfway through cleaning the club area I get dizzy and stumble.

I fall and hit my head on the corner of the bar, pain radiates through my skull and then everything goes dark.

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