Life in Darkness

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Chapter 21


I call Rowaelin every afternoon, which is closer to the evening for Rowaelin, I assume that it helps her sleep better when I call at night.

Rowaelin and I talk for hours, sometimes talking about nothing important, she likes to talk about her day and the things she saw. She talks about the television shows that she watches and the songs she listens to.

I make a playlist of all of her favourite songs that she listens to, feeling that it brings us closer.

She listens to me talk as she falls asleep, I hear her voice soften as she struggles to stay awake. Once Rowy falls asleep, I hang up and then return to my life without her.

In order for me to leave Max behind in America, Stella told me that I had to bring an American hunter back to Romania to be my full-time partner. My first choice was to take John, unfortunately he did not share my excitement, he had plans to return to Australia and I respected him for that but I was a little hurt, how could he not want to come to the best institute in the world and hunt with the best hunter?

Stella called me later that day and informed me that there was a hunter excited to partner with me, I immediately regretted agreeing to this deal as soon as the name passed Stella’s lips, Rose.

The huntress was overexcited to follow me back to Romania. She talked the whole flight about how ‘honoured’ she was to be learning with me and fighting beside me as my partner. When we got to the Romanian institute she was wide-eyed with wonder as we walked through the halls.

“This is amazing!” she squealed with delight, which earned some looks from the other hunters. I took her straight to Stella and her excitement only grew.

Rose and I now hunt together and I hate to admit it but she is a good huntress in the field, however when it comes to paperwork and nights without hunting she becomes irritable and jumpy; ready to fight at a moment’s notice.

“She is much like you,” Stella comments one night as she and I stand in her kitchen cooking dinner together.

Stella and I often do dinners together at least once a week, the other hunters envy me for it, but Stella is the closest thing to a mother I have. Stella raised me, she would never let me call her mum, but she saw me as a son, it was an unspoken bond between us.

“I don’t see it,” I scowl as I mix the sauce for the lasagne.

“You both hate paperwork and would rather cut off heads without asking questions first,” Stella points out, I roll my eyes at her and still deny Rose and my similarities.

“Have there been any more sightings of Thana?” I ask, Stella shakes her head and I growl in anger.

“What if it was all a trick?” I ask, “What if she isn’t here and Rowy is still in danger?”

“Rowy?” Stella asks.

“Rowaelin,” I clarify, "The American girl."

“She is a civilian Adrian,” Stella sighs pushing me out of the way to get to the sauce, “The American hunters can decide whether to keep eyes on her or not, she is no longer our concern.”

Stella and I assemble the lasagne and place it in the oven.

“But what if she is a bigger part of this?” I ask as she steps back and grabs a glass of wine, “We still don’t know who her father is but it seems like he may be tangled with vampires, Thana had her mother killed and no one else’s, she is important to Thana and is the only person that we know who survived Rakin’s fangs.”

“Enough Adrian,” Stella says as she sets the table, “Forget about the girl, she is not our concern. If the American hunters wish to investigate further, they can. But right now she is out of our jurisdiction.”

I drop the argument, knowing how dangerous it is to ague with Stella. We sit down for dinner, enjoying wine and talking about hunts and other pleasant things.

After dinner, I return to my apartment and fall into bed. Without thinking, I pick up my phone and call Rowaelin.

"Hello," she answers immediately, her voice sends a flood of warmth through me.

"Hey," I respond as a smile comes to my face, "Just wanted to see how you are doing."

There is a crash in the background and Rowy laughs and speaks to someone else.

"Everything ok?" I ask.

"Yeah we're just moving things around," she says talking to me again.

"We?" I ask.

Rowy informs me that she is having an old friend, Cynthia, move into the house with her, she is also having the police officer, Thomas move in too.

The thought of Thomas getting to live with Rowy while I'm stuck halfway around the world makes me feel a flurry of emotions, from jealousy, to pure rage.

But then Rowaelin tells me of her day, how she is adjusting to her freedom and how easier it is to adjust with Thomas and Cynthia in the house. I know that having the police officer in the house will be safer for Rowy than nothing, and undoubtedly she prefers having people she trusts around her rather than living alone with Max.

I miss her, I don’t know if she misses me, I hope she does.

After we hang up, I touch myself, her voice is still in my head and I can see her face in my mind. I run my hand over my chest, imagining that it's hers, I close my eyes and breathe deeply as I feel myself twitch and harden at the thought of her.

When I climax, it's her that I'm thinking of, of her hand wrapped around me, stroking me with eager determination.

After I climax I lay naked on my sheets, my body alight with fire and minor disgust as I am both horrified and pleased by my own imagination.

One day Rowaelin doesn't answer my call, and then she doesn't answer any of my calls and my heart breaks; the connection we had has been broken and it leaves me confused.

At first, I thought nothing of it, but then I begin to worry as all my calls are left unanswered.

Why hasn’t she answered my calls?

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