Life in Darkness

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Chapter 28


The week passes, Adrian, to his word, allows me to have my space. Not that it matters, I no longer feel the need to leave the apartment much, my fear that I thought I had escaped, is now right back by my side, clinging on my back like black ooze that hisses and whispers in my ear all of the horrible things that could happen to me.

The only peace, the only reprieve I find, is when I’m in the darkness of my room, touching myself and making myself feel good for me.

But the day comes, where I remember what Alec said to me, what he told me was going to happen.

“Do you want to go out for breakfast?” I ask Adrian that morning as we watch the stars start to disappear from the sky.

“Are you sure?” he asks, confused at my change of attitude towards leaving the apartment.

“There’s this nice looking café I saw the other day,” I say confidently, “It looks cozy.”

“Ok then,” Adrian says, with a shrug.

As we approach the café, I see her.

She crosses the street with an empty look on her face, her eyes are hollow and her body is wound tightly. The girl tries to fight the compulsion, she desperately wants to run, to turn the other way away from danger.

I meet the girl as she steps onto the sidewalk, her eyes meet mine and she stares at me abjectly.

“Excuse me,” she says, her voice dull and quiet, “I must pass.”

“No,” I say, taking her arm, “You don’t have to.”

The girl’s eyebrows knit in a moment of confusion, then her eyes water and she begins to quake in fear.

“You don’t understand,” she murmurs, “She’ll kill me.”

“Rowy?” Adrian touches my arm and tries to steer me away.

“She’s been compelled,” I say, not taking my eyes off of the girl, “I do understand.”

Adrian looks around hesitantly and then users the girl and I into the café, huddling us to the back, right to the table where Alec and I sat.

“What’s your name?” Adrian asks.

“Whore,” she answers, tears spilling down her cheeks.

“Your real name?” he reiterates.

The girl cannot remember her real name, she shakes her head and I realise that she has been compelled to forget.

“Do you know who compelled you?” Adrian asks, then he starts bombarding her with questions, one after another, “Where did you come from? Why are you here? Is there a vampire with you?”

“Thana sent her,” I answer, saving the girl from the challenge of fighting her compulsion.

Adrian looks at me in shock.

“She’s Thana’s type,” I say, avoiding Adrian’s question’s being turned on me.

The girl is Thana’s type, she has a young face, framed by blonde hair that ties together the look of innocence.

“Stay here,” Adrian says, “I’m going to get the car and then we’re going to the institute.”

Adrian leaves us alone, he foolishly leaves the café, leaving the girl and me vulnerable.

“You’re like me,” she says, breaking the silence as she notices the way my hands shake.

I nod my head once and then say, “My name is Rowaelin.”

“I know you,” she responds, “she talks about you...”

I don’t need to ask which she the girl speaks about.

“She wants you back,” the girl says.

“Well I’m not going back,” I say strongly, “And neither are you. I promise.”

“Are we safe?” she asks, taking my hand in hers, “Pease, I don’t want to go back.”

“I promise,” I say, my eyes catching movement from out the window.

Out on the pavement stands a man, his back is towards the café and he holds a dark umbrella even though there is no rain.

“I promise,” I repeat, feeling my own anxiety subside.

Adrian’s car pulls up out front, he waits for me and the girl to get in before speeding off towards the institute.

I sit in the back with the girl, she clings to my arm and winces as the compulsion in her mind calls for her to leave.


My eyes flick back to the girl huddled into Rowaelin’s side, she whimpers like a kicked puppy and cries softly as Rowy does her best to console the poor woman.

The girl is young looking, her green eyes glow and I realise that the girl looks alarmingly similar to Rowy, they have the same blonde hair and eyes more green than blue.

“It’s going to be ok,” I promise the girl, but she pays no attention to me.

Once at the institute, I take the girl down to the lobby.

“Stay here,” I tell Rowy, perhaps with a slight bite, “I mean it.”

Rowaelin glares at me for a moment, she nods her head and then moves back. However, the young girl doesn’t let her go.

“No,” She says stubbornly, “Please don’t leave me.”

Rowaelin looks to me, there is a challenge in her eyes and it’s a defiance I’ve never seen. With a sigh, I drop my head and then gesture for the two to follow me, making sure they keep close as I take them to an interrogation room, one of our more comfortable ones.

I leave the girls to go and get Stella, she will defiantly want to know about a find of this calibre.

When we return to the interrogation room, Rowy is sitting next to the girl on the couch, she speaks softly to her and when she sees me she shifts away and stands in the corner, much to the girl’s disappointment.

“My name is Adrian,” I say, “This is Stella, we just want to ask you a few questions.”

“Here,” the girl says, handing over a multi-coloured paper, “That’s all I know.”

I look down at the paper and find that it’s an invitation, it’s addressed to ‘Mistress Thana’ and calls for her to attend an ‘elegant affair’ hosted by one ‘Jester of the King’s court’, where there will be a ‘diverse feast’ of ‘many flavours’.

The invitation has a location attached as well as a personalised message on the back, practically begging for Thana to attend.

“Is she here?” I ask, looking to the girl as I pass the invitation to Stella.

“She isn’t coming,” the girl says, “She sent me instead, as a gift. Mistress said that it is too dangerous for her here.”

“She knows we’re looking for her,” Stella says, her eyes scanning over the letter again and again, “But this could be our ticket into the king’s court... we have a location as to where it will be.”

“What are you thinking?” I ask, turning to Stella as she purses her lips.

“What if we send one of our own in place of this girl’s,” Stella says, a plan turning over and over in her head, “they’ll go inside and show us the best way to take down the court. We could take down the king.”

A plan is born.


Adrian and Stella begin their plotting, they leave the room, preoccupied in each other as they leave me and Belle alone.

I learnt her name when we were first brought in, she was stronger than I gave credit for, and she overcame her compulsion and told me her name when I asked.

“Why are you still with the hunter?” Belle asks after the door closes behind Adrian.

“He keeps me safe,” I answer, “there is a connection between us.”

“Do you feel safe?” she asks, catching me off guard.

“I’ll never feel safe,” I say, wrapping my arms around my shoulders, “Not while she’s still out there. But Adrian is kind to me, he is a strong hunter, he’s never been bitten during a hunt and he-”

“Is in love with you,” Belle finishes.

My cheeks redden as Adrien re-enters the room, trailing behind him is another hunter, a woman with a kind smile.

“This is Anna,” Adrian introduces, “She will take care of you and, once your compulsion is broken, she will help you find your way home.”

Adrian looks to me and holds his hand out to me, wanting me to go with him, undoubtedly with the intention of taking me out of the ‘dangerous’ institute and back to the apartment.

“How did you know that she’d be there,” Adrian asks as we walk through the apartment door, “it’s like you were waiting for her.”

“I wasn’t,” I lie, knowing that if I tell him that I was, then I’ll have to tell him about Alec, which would undoubtedly spark a hunt.

“How did you know she would be there?” Adrian asks.

“I didn’t,” I say, walking away from him, “It was just a coincidence, she was obviously compelled.”

“I don’t think it is a coincidence,” Adrian says.

I know there is only one thing I can do to stop Adrian from asking his questions.

“Don’t you trust me?” I ask, turning to face him.

Adrian, as expected, continues to close the gap between us, and when he is within arm’s reach, I place my hands on his shoulders and rub down his chest.

“I trust you,” he sighs, relaxing under my touch, “I’m just worried.”

“I know,” I say in a purring voice, “but you are here to protect me, I’m not worried.”

Adrian leans into me, his lips slightly puckered, I know what he wants. He leans in ninety percent of the way, I close the gap and our lips touch; all questions are erased from Adrian’s mind as his arms wrap around me and pull me even closer.

His tongue flicks against my lips, it pries my mouth to open and then his tongue is in my mouth, flicking against the roof of my mouth and my tongue.

“You know,” Adrian starts, breaking the kiss, breathless and hard, “I can hear you.”

Adrian kisses my cheek, his lips soft against my skin as he whispers, “In your room, late at night.”

My cheeks redden as Adrian’s fingers trace lines down my arm.


Through our shared wall, I could hear her, at first I thought she may be having a nightmare, like so many nights before.

But her soft panting was something different, it was gentle and erotic. I shouldn’t have, but I toned out all other sounds and focused on the soft gasps that came from the room next door.

Rowy’s voice was enough to cover my skin in goosebumps as I wondered if it was me she was thinking of.


“I want to watch you,” I say before she could apologise.

Rowy’s cheeks turn a deep shade of red, her eyes avoid mine for a moment, embarrassed by my request.

“If you’d like that,” I add, taking her hands in mine, “I promise not to touch you unless you say.”

Rowy squeezes my hand, the next thing I know, she’s leading me to her room.

She kisses me against her door and then I watch as she undresses herself, slowly and tantalisingly.

Rowaelin stands in front of me, fully naked with her blush covering her neck and chest; she’s self-conscious about her body, she hides her breasts behind her arms and crosses her legs.

“You’re beautiful,” I compliment, my breath stolen by the work of art in front of me, “Are you ok?”

Rowaelin nods her head, she lowers her arms and then steps towards me.

“Do you want to touch me?” she asks, her voice sultry and low.

“I do,” I answer, my hands aching, “do you want me to?”

Rowy’s eyes shine, but she shakes her head, just one shake has my hands fisting at my side as I watch her retreat to her bed.

From the little box by her bed, she grabs what looks like a small tube of lipstick, only when it starts to vibrate do I realise that it isn’t.

When did she get that? I wonder, but my question is irrelevant and quickly pushed aside as I watch Rowy lie in bed.

She spreads her legs and I am glued to the spot by the door. I watch as she runs the vibrator over her erect nipple and then down to her rolling hips, when it makes contact she gasps softly, that sound is echoed through my own mouth at my erection strains against my jeans.

Using one hand, she manoeuvres the vibrator, whilst the other gently pinches and paws at her breasts. Rowaelin’s head tips back, she closes her eyes and she breathes roughly as the hand at her breast goes to join the other, her slender fingers slipping inside.

My hand lowers and grabs at my cock, so hard that I fear it may cause back problems. I squeeze my erection, hoping for some relief as I lean back against the door, desperate to cum.

Rowy’s breath hitches, my attention snaps immediately back on her as her toes curl and her hips lift slightly.

She orgasms, it’s beautiful and echoes through my mind as she rolls to her side, moaning and panting as she curls in on herself.

I don’t say anything, I cannot think of a single thing to say. My hand remains squeezing at my cock.

“Come here,” she pants, her eyes suddenly on me as she sits herself up.

I do as she commands, she stands in front of me and then reaches for my belt.

“Rowy, you don’t have to.”

I am pushed onto the bed before I can object, my pants now around my ankles.

“Do you want me to?” she asks, kneeling at my feet.

“Yes,” I choke as her lips press to my thigh, “Fuck yes.”

Next thing I know, she has her hand wrapped around my cock and slowly caresses it, teasing me until I fear that I may burst.

Her tongue licks up the shaft and I lean back, my eyes rolling as she takes me in her mouth.

Just like the first time, it’s a shock sensation, it’s wet and warm and when she twists her tongue around, my back twinges as I ache to thrust.

I look down and watch as Rowaelin’s head bobs slowly up and down, sucking softly, moaning in the back of her throat.

“Fuck, Rowy,” I pant, feeling my balls tighten, “I’m going to cum.”

She doesn’t stop, she moans and then her pace quickens, when I cum, I’m planted deep in her mouth and not even a drop spills.

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