Life in Darkness

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Chapter 29

*Explicit content warning* (Drug use and references that may be triggering to some)


I sit in our living room, watching as Adrian, Stella and Rose sort through a rack of dresses figuring out which one Rose will wear to the ‘function’.

Rose volunteered to be the one to play the victim, she was eager and now has a murderous look in her eye as she sorts through the glistening fabrics, all of which are way too fancy and long.

“Go try this one,” Stella says, handing a large dress over to Rose.

When Rose comes out of the bathroom, she looks elegant and overdone.

The dress Stella picked out is large, with thick skits, a high neck and long sleeves, her hair hangs loosely over her shoulders and seems to blend in with the black fabric.

“I think this could work,” Stella says, watching Rose as she turns.

“What do you think, Adrian?” Rose asks with a pouty lip and a simpish voice.

“I think it’s beautiful,” Adrian says, gaining a smile from Rose, “It’s alluring and elegant, it will be irresistible to the vamps. We can have body armour sewn into the chest and neck, to give you more protection.”

“Where?” Rose asks innocently, looking down on her body stupidly.

Adrian gestures to where the armour would go, yet Rose still asks, “Where?” with fluttering eyes and pursed lips.

“Here,” Adrian says, putting his hand on Rose’s abdomen, a dark blush covers Rose’s cheeks as his fingers then caress her neck.

“It won’t work,” I say, interjecting the flirtation game Rose and Adrian seem to be playing.

“And why not?” Rose snaps, as all eyes turn to me, “I look good.”

“Sure you do,” I sigh, “You also have a stake attached to your thigh, and a gun attached to your ankle. I’d bet there’s a machete down your back too.”

Rose glares at me, her eyes dark like a storm.

“They won’t be able to tell,” Adrian says, “she needs protection.”

I was able to tell,” I say, standing and looking Rose up and down, “She won’t be able to get through the door looking like that?”

“Why not?” Rose hisses, “Are you saying that I’m ugly?”

I roll my eyes at Rose’s desperate attempt to gain attention from Adrian.

“You look like you’re expecting an attack,” I say, ignoring Rose’s whining, “Do you think a vampire would let you in looking like that?”

“What’s wrong with it?” Rose asks.

“You have long skirts, long sleeves and a high neck, there’s not an inch of skin on you that is uncovered,” I explain, “A vampire will have to struggle and fight to even bite you. They want exposed areas, easily accessible.”

“So what do you suggest?” Stella asks.

“What dress was Belle sent with?” I ask.

Adrian responds by grabbing a deep red dress off the rack; the dress is short, with a low neckline that would have Rose’s breast’s exposed.

“That’s what she should wear,” I say, sitting back down on the couch, “that dress is basically a candy wrapper. It will leave her thighs, neck and wrists exposed; not to mention her arms, ankles and breasts.”

“I cannot wear that,” Rose says, her face blanching, “I’ll be left vulnerable.”

“That exactly what the vampires want,” I counter, “They’ll be expecting Thana’s girl; if you show up in that-” I point to Rose’s dress, “-they’ll never believe that Thana sent you.”

“She’s right,” Stella says, agreeing with me before turning to Rose.

“You can’t expect me to go into a vampire den unarmed?!” Rose gapes, “no way.”

“No one else will agree to it either,” Adrian adds, “no hunter will walk into a vampire den, unarmed and undressed.”

Stella’s eyes find me again, and suddenly everyone is looking at me.

“No,” Adrian says strongly, “She isn’t trained.”

“She’s a hunter,” Stella argues, “It’s in her blood.”

“She has received no training!” Adrian snaps and I realise what they’re talking about.

They want me to go back into the darkness, they want me to be bait.

I feel as if my chest may explode, my hands shake as memories of fangs and blood surface.

What if something goes wrong? What if this is a trap? What if they take me again?

“Well we will just have to send in Belle,” Stella says, snapping me out of my thoughts.

I look to the woman who is supposedly my aunt, she has a hard set face and her eyes are like wildfires. She talks about forcing Bella to do exactly what I stopped her from doing. She will be forced into the dress and sent into a den of monsters, I promised she would be safe, that she would never have to go back.

“I’ll do it,” I say, feeling a swell of boldness surge within me.

“Rowy, no,” Adrian says, his face pales and his eyes shine in fear.

“It’s not up to you,” I say, folding my arms over my chest, “This is my choice.”

“I promised to keep you safe,” he says, crossing over to me and taking my hands as he kneels in front of me, “I can’t do that while you’re in there.”

“I’ll be fine,” I say, not quite believing my own lie but needing Adrian to.

“No,” he says defiantly, “no Row, I can’t lose you.”

“You won’t,” I promise, “Once I’ve done what it is you need, you get me out, you.”

Adrian squeezes my hands in his, his eyes shining with tears as he begs me not to go.

“She is the daughter of two great hunters,” Stella says, putting her hand on Adrian’s shoulder, “She will be fine.”

“If anything happens to her, I will never forgive you,” he says, throwing a glare over his shoulder.

Adrian leaves my side, needing a second to calm himself out on the balcony.

“Are you sure?” Stella asks, looking to me with softer eyes.

I nod my head once and that is all the confirmation that she needs.

“Come then,” she says, extending her hand to me, “Let’s get you ready.”

Stella takes me to the institute, showing me around with fewer reservations than what Adrian once had.

She takes me to a room filled with the humming of electricity.

“You will be wearing an earpiece the whole time,” Stella says, holding up the device, “And we will sew a small camera to your chest to we can keep an eye on you the whole time.”

Her words are not a comfort, it just makes me fear that Adrian will watch me die.

“I still don’t think this is a good idea,” Adrian says, from where he broods by the door.

“It will be fine,” Stella says, “her father should be flying in at any moment and will be here for the hunt. We will have all available hunters on this mission, there will be no mistakes, I promise you.”


I don’t like this plan, Rowy will be put directly in the way of danger, no matter what Stella says, Rowaelin has no training, and should something happen, she could be seriously injured or killed.

I watch her carefully, looking for any sign that she is unsure or scared about what is to come.

“Now go home,” Stella says, after walking Rowaelin through the plan, “Rest, it’s going to be a big night.”

I take Rowy home, the whole way my hand holds onto her’s, frightened for her life.

“Are you sure about this?” I ask for the thousandth time as we walk into the apartment, “You’ll be all alone.”

“I’ll be fine,” she says, her voice distant and her mind far off the conversation.

“It’s ok to be scared,” I say, putting my hand on her shoulder.

Rowy looks up to me, her eyes shining with the threat of tears.

But instead of crying, instead of being scared and trembling, she kisses me, she goes up on her toes and her lips meet mine.

“Don’t let them take me,” She says, cupping my face in her hands, “Promise me.”

Her eyes are haunted, dark and full of fear, her hands tremble and I can see how deeply she wishes to stay.

“I promise,” I say, taking her hands in mine, “I will lay down my life to keep you safe.”

Rowaelin’s hands still tremble, her eyes well with tears and she presses her forehead into my chest, I cannot tell if she is relieved by my words.


Thunder rumbles ominously overhead, as I walk down the dimly lit street, my heels tapping as I close my coat tighter around my chest.

The mansion comes into view, there’s a long walk up a gravel driveway and then I stand at the large oak doors.

I don’t have to knock, the door opens and a man stands in the light coming from inside.

“Mistress Thana sent me,” I say holding out the invitation, “As a gift and apology for her absence.”

“You’re a pretty thing,” The man says, “You will be popular. Come.”

I follow the man, taking off my coat and giving it to another, the mansion is cold, and my skin is covered in goosebumps as I step deeper into the home of the king’s jester.

“The feast will begin soon,” The man announces as we enter a great big dining hall.

The hall is filled with people, men and women dressed elegantly, they stand around talking to each other in hushed tones, I’m not sure if they know why they’re here or not.

“Wait here,” the man says, letting me into the hall.

I do as he says, I walk further into the hall and then stand with the others, the food.

“Here,” a girl says, standing by me with a small pouch in her hand,” Some of them want extra flavour.”

Within the pouch is a fine white powder, drugs the vampires mean to ingest through human blood.

I take the pouch, and when the girl turns away, I hide it away in my bra.

“Try this one then,” a man says, noticing my movements.

“They don’t want me to,” I lie.

The man leaves me alone, I look around the room and bite my lip, and there isn’t a single vampire in the room, only humans.

“What do you see?” a voice asks in my ears, “Talk to us.”

“There aren’t any vampires,” I say, speaking softly, barely moving my lips, “there is only one door to the room, no windows.”

I can hear Adrian and Stella talking back and forth, they are clicking things in the background, I’d assume they’re trying to get a layout of the mansion.

“Are you ok?” Adrian asks, his voice calm in my ear.

“I’m ok,” I say, reassuring myself.

“Can you get out of the room?” Adrian asks.

I move away from the humans, I walk to the doors, but when I open them there is a guard outside.

“What do you want?” he asks, looking at me with a raised eyebrow.

“I need the bathroom,” I say, keeping my face clear of all fear.

The guard sighs, he then points me to the bathroom, telling me to hurry back.

As I walk to the bathrooms, I make sure to take my time and look around, letting those behind the camera see everything they need.

As I turn a corner, I come face to face with a man I recognise, when he sees me, he stalks towards me, his face pale and his eyes dark.

“What are you doing here?” he asks, in a hurried moment, I press my hand over the camera that is hidden in the jewels on my chest.

“Who was that?” Adrian asks, my hand covers the camera on my chest as I take a step back, “Rowaelin, the camera. It’s gone dark.”

“Oh,” is all I say, feigning surprise.

The vampire takes my arm and leads me into an alcove.

“What are you doing here?” Alec asks me, his face set hard in a scowl, “Why did they send you?”

Alec’s voice is low and deep, not picked up by the microphone.

“I had to,” I say, keeping my voice low, “No hunter wanted to step foot in without a weapon and they wanted to send Belle in, I couldn’t let that happen.”

Alec frowns at me, but before he can say a word, another vampire appears by his side.

“You know the rules, Elias,” the vampire says, “no snacking before the party.” The vampire sniffs at me then adds, “she smells clean.”

Alec looks at the vampire as he pulls a pouch of pills out of his coat pocket.

“She’s fine,” Alec says, his eyes flaring dark red, “They want her clean.”

“The jester doesn’t want anyone clean,” the vampire says, holding out a cute pink pill with a heart stamped on it, “You know that. Now open up princess.”

“What is going on?” Adrian asks, his voice hissing in my ear, “What are they giving you?”

The vampire steps close, he puts the pill to my lip and tells me to say ‘ahh’, I have no choice, I cannot hide this one. I have to open my mouth, and when I do, the vampire places the pill on the tip of my tongue and closes my mouth.

“There’s a good girl,” he says with a purr as he caresses my cheek.

Alec watches me, I can see the fear in his eyes, but when the vampire looks to him a new face is there, one that is hard and uncaring.

“Will your master be with us tonight?” the vampire asks as he walks away with Alec.

“No,” Alec says, “he is not fond of this function you know that.”

My body tingles, my blood feels warm and cold at the same time, my hand drops away from the camera and although Adrian starts talking to me I don’t pay much attention, instead, I drift through the sea of people and they drift around me too.

I don’t know how much time passes, but more people start to fill the room, my skin feels tingly, like it’s electrified, I don’t even care when a vampire approaches.

When the vampire touches me, all of my nerves are lit, he smells like lemongrass and pine, he seems to like my smell as well, he sniffs at my neck and licks my skin. His hand is gripped to the front of my dress, his fingers holding the fabric, his palm covering the jewels on my chest.

“Aren’t you going to bite me?” I ask in a daze as the vampire kisses my neck, sucking gently.

“It’s ok,” he says, his voice like honey, “I’ll keep you safe.”

I turn to look at the vampire, and to my surprise, it's Alec at my neck, leaving no marks. Meanwhile, the others in the room are being bitten; I can smell their blood, they moan softly as they are devoured, some dying from the loss of blood.

Suddenly, the door is breached, something is thrown into the room and a bright flash blinds me.

The room descends into chaos, screams call out as an army of hunters flood into the room, firing weapons and charging towards the vampires who scream and scatter, trying to flee the hunters.

I am pressed into the corner of the room, hidden behind Alec’s body as bullets fly.

He winces as a bullet hits him in the shoulder, he glares over at the wound and then back to me.

“It’s going to be ok,” he says, “look at me, it’s going to be ok.”

His face is blurring, his skin on mine feels like ice, he takes my arm and then leads me out towards the door, taking several shots to protect me.

“Rowy!” Adrian calls in my head, “Where are you?!”

“Adrian!” I call out, breaking out of Alec’s hold.

Adrian finds me and Alec escapes, Adrian takes me into his arms, looking me over carefully as chaos rages around us.

“There’s a limo outside,” he says, “Go wait for me there.”

Adrian is so handsome dressed in black tactical clothes, he has his sword in his hand and it’s already dripping in blood.

I stumble out of the room, finding the limousine outside, waiting by the front steps.

As I sit, my head clouds and my body feels as if it is floating, my blood is buzzing and I have an urge to run, to move and be doing something.

Just before I reach for the limo door, it opens and Adrian slides in, he takes my face in his and kisses me deeply, clearly full of adrenaline from the fight.

“You were wonderful,” he praises as he closes the door and the car starts to move.

I giggle at Adrian as he kisses me again, his lips plant soft love on my cheeks and trail down my neck.

“So hot,” I hear myself moan.

Adrian’s kisses hasten, his lips find themselves on my chest, licking me, his saliva cooling my burning skin.

As I lean back in my seat, my legs unfold and open, the next thing I know, Adrian’s lips are there, under my skirt and kissing my thighs.


She’s so hot, she moans and giggles as I kiss her, her legs open and she begs for my touch.

Since the first time, Rowaelin has been experimenting with me, gaining her confidence back in the bedroom, she is always in charge, and for the most time, I sit and I watch, listening to her orders.

Once she finishes with herself, she usually finds her way to me, taking me in her hands or in her mouth.

Tonight I want more.

So when Rowy’s legs open, I go to my knees and my mouth is on her thighs.

She’s so hot.

I pull the lace panties off of her hips, my mouth then attaches to the soft and sensitive area at her center.

My tongue swirls around her clit as her legs go over my shoulders, she moans softly as I taste her, she is so sweet.

I’ve wanted to do this for a long time now, I want to make her feel good, I want her to feel me.

My finger makes its way up to her core, and while my tongue flicks and swirls against her clit, my finger caresses against her wet centre. As I touch her, she moans louder and her hips grind.

Rowy’s hands go to my hair, her nails claw against my scalp and hold me closer.

The driver coughs, making his presence known.

“We’re home,” Rowy moans when I look up, my lips are shining with her wetness.

I hurry Rowaelin back to the apartment and once we’re there, I take her to her room, where she moans and strips out of her dress.

“So hot,” She pants, once she is naked.

I take her back into my arms, kissing her skin. I take her breast in my hand, feeling no need to reserve myself as I close my mouth around her erect nipple.

“You’re so hot,” I moan as I suck and bite at her nipple.

Rowaelin’s legs turn to jelly at my touch, her head rolls back and her eyes flutter. She’s so close.

I pick her up when she wavers, and when I lay her down, her green eyes shine in the moonlight that floods through the open curtains.

“I want you,” I pant against her skin, “I want you.”

My erection is so hard, I press it against her thigh, letting her know exactly what I want.

But when I lean back, sitting on my knees, the moonlight reflects on Rowy’s face and for a moment my heart turns cold as I take her neck in my hand.

Rowaelin’s eyes widen in shock and the illusion of fangs disappears.

“What?” She asks, her face paling.

I kiss her, running my tongue over her teeth, just to be sure.

Rowaelin’s hands caress up my arm, she’s ok, she wants more. Her legs spread and she moans softly.

“Don’t...” She pants her hands bracing against my chest, “Stop.”

I don’t.

I have my clothes off faster than she can blink, I take a moment to rub myself against her, wetting my cock with her before thrusting slowly into her.

Rowy moans, the sounds she makes is erotic and almost makes me explode inside of her right then and there.

“Please don’t,” she moans, unable to form the rest of her sentence as my mouth returns to her breast, kissing and licking it as my hips grind against her.

“I’m going to cum,” I moan, I can feel myself twitch inside her and her walls clench around me.

After our climax, Rowaelin falls asleep quickly, snuggled into my side, our legs tangled together and our hearts beating as one.

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