Life in Darkness

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Chapter 3


Brothel, Harlem.

The new children will not stop screaming and crying. They are afraid, but unlike the ones before them, they don’t stop screaming when the Mistress roars at them, instead they scream louder.

“Kill them,” The Mistress orders after the second day of screaming, “I cannot take their noises any longer.”

“No!” I gape, the mistress looks at me with raised eyebrows, “Please, no more killing.”

The Mistress growls deep in her chest and my heart skips a beat. The kids scream louder and the Mistress looks at Amal and he snaps the children’s necks with a flick of his wrist. I flinch and look away as their small bodies hit the ground. The Mistress grabs my face in her hand and forces me to look at the dead bodies.

“Remember that I run this place,” The Mistress hisses in my ear, “You are just a whore, what are you?”

“A whore,” I whimper, my heart racing. Thana throws me to the ground and then walks away, instructing Amal to get rid of the bodies.

When Amal returns his face is painted with shock. I press myself close to the wall, out of sight as he and Thana talk in hushed whispers.

“What?” Thana demands.

“Hunters,” Amal explains, I press against the wall behind them, and listen to the conversation, “The AHS have called in more hunters from around the world.”

“We will deal with them as we have dealt with the others,” Thana says without a care.

“But Thana, they have called in Mr Sylvanus, I saw him myself,” Amal says, his voice filled with fear.

“No more kids,” Thana says, her voice becomes tainted with fear as well, “We work with what we have got for now, kill the mother. I am going to speak to him. Keep the club in order, kill any hunters that you find.”

“Yes, Thana,” Amal says obediently.

I hurry away as they walk out of the room.

The last time hunters were in the club, there was a blood bath. Thana tortured the woman, demanding to know where the base is. She never told, during the days the huntress would beg us to release her.

The others all knew better, if they so much as looked at her, they would have been killed as well.

I tried to help, I did not care if I died, it was the only way out of the club, I know that I will never leave alive. Ben held me back, he didn’t want to see me die.

I think of my friend as I continue to work. When I fainted, the mistress blamed Ben; she killed him right in front of me, his blood sprayed onto my body, it covered my arms, chest, neck and face.

Thana insisted on licking me clean.

I shiver at the memory and focus on clearing tables.

When I awaken that afternoon, Mistress is gone and Amal is in charge.

“You are on service tonight,” Amal says. When I see him I almost jump back in surprise, he has a bruised eye and a cut lip.

He is slowly healing, which is not normal. I try not to stare for too long. I change quickly and then head into the club as it fills with people.

I walk over to the bar and pick up my tray, and then I realise that there is a new vampire tending the bar, this new vampire is tall and if he wasn’t a vampire I would have called him handsome, he has deep brown eyes and light brown skin.

I have never seen this vampire before, and yet he seems so familiar.

“Who are you?” I ask, making sure to sound polite.

“My name is Zakai,” he bites out, as he hands me the drinks, “Table seven, get to work.”

I take my tray and walk over to table seven where two men sit together.

“Thanks, sweetheart,” the first man says as I put a beer down on the table, he winks at me and I smiles flirtatiously like I am supposed to.

“Thank you,” the other man bites out, his body is stiff and he looks completely uncomfortable.

‘Hunters,’ my eyes widen as I look back to the first man.

“Don’t worry bout’ him, love,” he laughs, clapping the other man on the shoulder, “He’s got a wife at home who don’t approve of his venture.”

I smile through gritted teeth and then walk back to the bar, I do my rounds of the room, keeping an eye on the two men at table seven.

The first one is Australian, he is tall with storm grey eyes and brown hair, he smiles at the women and even puts money in their underwear a very un-hunter like action.

The other man is stiffer, everything about him screams that he is a hunter.

His deep blue eyes scan the area, but as the night progresses, he becomes more relaxed, he flirts with the girls and tips them by putting money in their clothes.

Every now and then I see the men’s eyes harden, like they are angered at this place.

‘Hunters,’ my mind screams, I consider telling Amal.

But I am uncertain, the last time a hunter was in the club, the place was almost painted with his intestines. When it turned out that the man wasn’t a hunter at all, the girl who identified him was beaten and starved for a week. I decide to not tell Amal, instead I continue to serve them.

I mind my business, I work on the floor for four hours, and then I service the vampire patrons. By the end of the night my body is aching and my head is throbbing.

I walk into the sleeping area after helping clean the club, I unclip my black wig and undress and then I shower in the freezing cold water. After I use a special ointment for my bite marks.

The ointment is a concoction made from vampire blood, the blood is added to an antiseptic cream and when applied to wounds, they heal instantly, leaving nothing behind but faint scars.

I try to sleep, but the room is too crowded as usual, so I walk out and find a quiet place to sit. I end up sitting near a window by the back entrance, the window has been painted black and covered with paper.

I look at the window as I pull my knees to my chest and bite my lip, I haven’t seen the sun since the day I was kidnapped. I long to see it again, to leave the darkness behind and feel the sun warm my skin, to feel the wind blow through my hair; they are the feelings that I miss the most.

I miss the feeling of rain, I miss seeing the sky and the trees and she miss the fresh air that isn’t clouded by smoke, fog and alcohol fumes. I don’t know why my mother gave me up, my memories of her have always been happy.

I sit in my spot for hours, I fall asleep on the floor, but I am awakened by the sound of the door closing. I sit up quickly and look to the vampire who stands before me, Zakai.

“I’m sorry,” I stammer standing to my feet as my heart starts to race, “I’ll go back to the room.”

“No,” he murmurs as he leans against the wall, “It's okay.”

Something is different about this vampire, his eyes are soft and his voice is like honey.

‘He is still a vampire,’ I have to remind myself.

“Sit,” Zakai says, I sit back in my spot and he smiles and sits next to me.

He closes his eyes for a moment and inhales deeply. My heart races at a mile an hour. I try to calm down but his presence is terrifying, at any moment he could sink his fangs into me. When Zakai opens his deep brown eyes, I flinch and wait for the attack.

“Calm down, little bird,” he says, standing to his feet, “I will not hurt you.”

Zakai peels a small piece of paper from the window and then he scratches the paint off behind it. A stream of light floods in and hits my leg, I jump back in surprise at the sudden warm feeling. I wave her hand through the light and tears prickle my eyes.

Zakai kneels down in front of me and touches my cheek, his hand is cold against my skin.

“You can trust me, little one,” he smiles, before standing and walking away.

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