Life in Darkness

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Chapter 39

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I wake still in Adrian’s arms, when I look up to his face, he is already wide awake and watching me.

“Good morning,” he says, hugging me tightly and kissing my forehead, “did you sleep well?”

I nod my head, but I, in fact, didn’t sleep well, I was up almost every hour, my heart racing as I expected Rakin or some other evil to waltz through the door and try to take me. Adrian didn’t seem to notice, he was soundly asleep for the whole night, slightly snoring and dreaming of whatever pleasant things came to his mind.

I wish I could sleep like that.

Adrian hovers over me for the whole morning, keeping only a few steps behind me, watching my every move.

“How did you escape?” he finally asks after hours of hesitation, “Why did they let you go?”

“I don’t know,” I say, dodging the question with a shrug.

I never thought to come up with a lie as to why and how I escaped the vampires that stole me.

“I guess they compelled me,” I say, hoping he’d take the answer and drop the questioning.

“Do you remember anything at all?” Adrian sighs, sounding disappointed in me, “Where you were? What your surroundings looked like?”

“I’m sorry,” I say, hanging my head, “I don’t remember.”

Adrian sighs and runs his hand through his hair.

“It’s ok,” he says as if he is forgiving me for some heinous crime, “we can try to undo it.”

“Undo it?” I echo looking to him in horror, “You mean electrocute me?”

“Yes,” he says as if it were a normal occurrence.

“No,” I say, my eyebrows drawing down tightly as I glare at him, “no I won’t.”

“Why not?”

“Because it hurts, it only brings pain,” I say, shocked that I have to explain it to him.

“It’s not that bad,” he says, scoffing as if I were a child, “don’t you want to know what happened?”

“No, I don’t,” I snarl as my blood begins to boil, “I don’t want to know what they did to me.”

“What if they made you forget something important?” Adrian asks, following me through the apartment as I desperately try to walk away from this conversation, “You’re being selfish.”

Selfish?!”The word strikes a chord, my anger begins to seethe and coil like a snake at Adrian who tries so hard to convince me to get electrocuted again.

I reach into the kitchen draw and pull out the tracking chip, slamming it on the counter and changing the argument's direction.

“Maybe this time while I'm being electrocuted I’ll remember when you put this in me,” I snarl, leaning on my hands that brace on the bench.

Adrian’s face blanches, his eyes widen and guilt shines all over his face, he stammers, falling over his words as he tries to find a viable excuse for tagging me like a pet.

“I was trying to protect you,” he says.

“By putting a tracking chip in me without my consent?!” I retort, my body burning with fire, “Just like how you fuck me without consent?”

Adrian looks away from the chip and looks into my eyes, I remember the first time he fucked me; when I was high off my head and still trying to fight him off, begging him to stop as he smothered me with his body.

“I have never,” he says, his face becoming red hot.

“Have I ever said yes?” I ask, and Adrian’s jaw snaps shut.

“I have never raped you,” he snarls, his eyes becoming dark, “you wanted me every time.”

“No, I didn’t,” I say calmly as his anger rises.

“I didn’t... you wanted me,” Adrian says, and it sounds as if he is trying to convince himself.

“Every time you touched me, every time you fucked me, I was high off my mind,” I say, “or too afraid to say no.”

“Fuck off,” he scoffs in Romanian, “just because you changed your mind after the fact does not make me a rapist, you’re projecting your crazy need to be a victim on me.”

My eyebrows tighten further.

“If anyone here is a rapist, it’s you,” he says, spitting out the words as he stares me down, I blink at him in shock as he accuses me of rape, “I didn’t get a choice back in Harlem, you forced yourself on me.”

“To keep you from being discovered,” I snarl, “if you didn’t you would have failed and we would have been killed.”

“You don’t know that,” he says, snarling back at me, “You just couldn’t help yourself, just like how you can’t help but be the victim. I have never hurt you, ever.”

“Oh so electrocuting me, and shooting me in the knee with a fucking crossbow doesn’t count?!” I ask, my lips curling in disgust, “throwing me into a vampire den and using me as bait didn’t hurt me?!”

“You volunteered!” he snaps, slamming his hand on the bench between us before stalking around the counter to loom over me.

“Is that why you had to chain me to a fucking pole?!” I scream, “I didn’t volunteer for that!”

“Still being the victim,” he snarls, “why can’t you-”

“What?! Just be normal?!” I spit, throwing his words back at him, “News flash, I don’t know how to do that! I never got to grow up ‘normal’.”

“Oh, my God!” he shouts, his voice making me flinch, “Why can’t you just get over it?!”

“You’re not exactly helping,” I say softly, backing away from his anger as it closes in on me, “What help have I received to ‘just get over it’, you don’t listen to me unless there’s a possibility of getting into my pants! It’s been eight months Adrian... it’s not something that I just ‘get over’.”

“Then go to a fucking shrink,” he snaps, his hand curls into a fist at his side, “You’re rich, go fucking sort your own shit out instead of dumping it all on me and expecting me to fix you!”

I scream in frustration and stalk away, or at least I try to.

“Don’t fucking walk away from me,” he snarls, going to grab my arm.

Don’t. Touch. Me!” I snarl, pulling away from him.

This time Adrian screams in frustration, but he doesn’t walk away, instead, he hits me, his open hand connects to my face with enough force that it throws me sideways, my head smacking into the corner of the bench.

As I hit the floor, I hear Adrian swear under his breath, he goes down to his knees, but Max puts himself between me and Adrian, growling with his hackles raised, his back stiff and his tail high, warning Adrian to stay away.

“Max,” I hear Adrian snap through the blurriness, “go away.”

But the dog doesn’t move, through the white spots in my vision, I watch as he keeps himself planted firm, warning Adrian not to step an inch closer.

“Rowy, forgive me,” Adrian says, stammering as he stares at me with wide eyes, “I didn’t mean to, please, say you forgive me.”

“I’m fine,” I sniff, wiping tears from my cheeks, “I’m sorry...”

“It’s ok,” Adrian breathes with a tender smile, “I think we just need some space... I’m going to go to the institute, ok? Give you time to cool off...”

Adrian calls for Rose, and ten minutes later he leaves, promising that we will talk things out when he gets home, and in the meantime, he’ll send a hunter over to protect me and keep me safe.

I stay on the kitchen floor, hugging Max to my chest as he softly whines through his nose and wags his tail slowly. Once Adrian is gone, my tears fall in waves, leaving my body with wreaking sobs and hiccupping breaths.

A hunter shows up half an hour later, he steps into the apartment using a spare key and calls out to me.

“Raelin?” he calls, mispronouncing my name.

I don’t answer him, I’m still on the kitchen floor, my eyes blurry and red as I sniffle back the tears that choke me.

“Oh, there you ar...” he stops midsentence and then kneels down in front of me, “hey are you ok?”

I look up to him and hear him suck in a breath, undoubtedly he knows what happened.

“...What happened?” he asks, looking to the red welt on the side of my face. The hunter is no fool, he stares right at the hand mark on my face.

“Nothing,” I lie, wiping my eyes with the back of my hand, “It was an accident.”

It’s the same hunter from yesterday, the one Adrian trusted to take care of Max and the apartment.

The hunter watches me like a concerned sibling as I drag myself off the floor.

“Um...” he shuffles awkwardly on his feet and looks around, “How bout we play a game?” he says, motioning to Adrian’s gaming console that I’ve never seen him use, “I’ll let you be player one.”

I don’t feel like playing a game, I ignore this young faced hunter and go outside onto the balcony where the cool wind hits my face and dries my tears.

It is at this moment that I am both within and without, I find myself on the roof of the opposite building, staring at an echo of myself, staring at a girl with red swollen eyes and tearstained cheeks.

She’s sad, she’s hurting. The poor girl leans on the railing, she looks up to me and our eyes meet, from across the way I can see the deep red handprint staining her cheek. She’s been hurt by vampires, she’s been hurt by vampires, she doesn’t know who she can trust or who she can confide in. Just as there are vampires she finds herself trusting, perhaps there are hunters she can trust as well, she cannot trust her aunt, or her self-proclaimed father, now she feels she cannot trust Adrian either, maybe the hunter inside? She doesn’t know his name, but he seems kind enough.

No, no she cannot trust anyone anymore, the part of her that allows her to trust is not to be listened to anymore.

She needs to die.

The only one who can save her, is me.

I watch as she leans forward, and it’s like my hands are on her back compelling her to lean just a little more. She falls, her body tumbling over the railings and falling like a stone in a lake.

She disappears, like that stone below the water, she disappears and I hope she never surfaces again.

I stand back on Adrian’s balcony, my body numb and my blood burning. I feel different, I look different, looking down at my hands my fingers are long and slender, my nails longer and healthier. I run my hands through my hair and it feels longer and stronger, I don’t feel so sad, anymore, instead, I feel angry, enraged and hungry.

Hungry for revenge, hungry for justice.

I go to Adrian’s room, finding what I need in a trunk at the end of his bed.

“Where are you going?” the hunter planted in front of the TV asks.

“Out,” I answer, adjusting the bag on my shoulder.

“I’ll come with you,” he says, hitting pause on his game and climbing over the couch, “We can take Max.”

“No,” I say, turning to him as my blood feels electrified, “no, you stay with Max, here... keep playing your game, I’ll be back soon.”

The hunter’s shoulders fall slack, and he returns to the couch as Max watches me cautiously.

“I’ll be back,” I promise him, but when I pat his head he seems hesitant.

The sun is going down as my hunger pangs, spiking and driving me forward.

In a blink, I’m standing in front of the old church, making my way down to the garage where I enter the elevator and ride my way to the institute.

Once the elevator opens, I reach into the duffle and my hand wraps around the egg-shaped object.

I walk past the reception desk and pull the egg out of the duffle. With a pull and a throw, a bang goes off, flashing a blinding light and spilling smoke out and filling every inch of the room.

Alarms begin to ring as the lights go out and red ones begin to flash in time with the alarms.

My body is burning and filling with adrenaline as my stomach pangs, I’m hungry, hungry for revenge, hungry for justice, hungry for...

I find Stella first, she runs into my path and when she sees me, her face goes deathly white.

“Hello, aunty,” I say, my voice deep and almost unrecognisable.

Stella trembles as I take her throat in my hand and shove her into a private room.

“You sacrificed me to the vampires,” I say, my mouth aching, “you sacrificed my mother, you sacrificed her to Sorin, letting your younger sister down, you were supposed to protect her, you were supposed to protect me.”


I don’t care to listen to her excuses, I lift her off the wall and then slam her back, hearing a slight crack as she comes back in contact with the hard surface.

She drops like a bag of bricks, but I’m still hungry.

I find Sorin shortly after, he is harder to take, he fights me, but in the end, my hand curls around his throat and he too is dragged into a private room as the alarms continue to scream.

“You raped her, didn’t you?” I ask as Sorin continues to claw at my arms, “you held her down on your wedding night and you ignored her pleas to stop.”

“No... no, I didn’t,” he defends, his feet kicking as I lift him off the ground, “she was my wife.”

“And you raped her,” I say, my hunger rearing its head.

My mouth salivates as I hunger for revenge, I hunger for justice... I hunger, for blood.

I bite down on Sorin’s neck, crushing him beneath me as his blood, his sweet blood, flows into my mouth and down my throat.

As screams of panic start to arise, I realise this room may not be as private as I suspected, I tear away from Sorin, spitting his blood to the ground and roaring at the others in the room.

I drop the hunter in my hands, he falls with a sickening splat, his blood still pouring from his neck as he spasms on the ground, desperately trying to cling to his life, too bad he doesn’t realise that it has been forfeited to me.

Hunters are closing in, I can smell them; their blood reeks of fear and panic as they close in with wooden stakes and metal guns.

I step out of the room, pulling out more fun toys from Adrian’s room, I pull the ring and after a strong throw the grenade explodes, this one more lethal, expelling shrapnel and fire through the corridor, impacting the infrastructure.

“ROWAELIN!” a voice calls, I turn, and through the fog I find Adrian.

I’m hungry again.

But the building is starting to collapse, it shakes and trembles as I try to step towards Adrian, my anger pushing me to bite into his perfect, unscarred neck.

A perfectly timed beam falls in our path, making me take a step back, hesitant to step forward lest I be crushed.

As much as I’d like to devour him, to inject him with the same fear I once felt, this will have to do, I reach into my bag again, my eyes never leaving his.

I pull the pin and toss the explosive right at his feet.

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