Life in Darkness

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Chapter 5


I am taken off of the floor by Zakai, he gives my job to another girl and takes me to the changing rooms.

“A customer wants you,” he says, pulling out a damp face towel, he wipes the top of my chest and orders me to undress.

“You will do anything he asks,” he continues, wiping down my body as I stand perfectly still, “Speak to him in Italian.”

“I don’t know how-”

“Yes, you do,” he says, cutting me off as his eyes change from stormy grey to blood red, “You know how, you just need to think about it.”

I bite my lip and look to my feet as Zakai picks out my new outfit. I change into a lace bra and silk panties, he then hands me a pair of black heels before leading me to the room in the vampire section. I did not know that I would be servicing a vampire again.

“Remember,” Zakai says as we approach the door, “Do what he says.”

Zakai opens the door and my heart almost explodes.
Standing in the middle of the room is one of the men from last night, the human, the hunter. I look to Zakai, if I can tell that this man is not a vampire than surely, so could he, but he seems oblivious to the fact.

“This is Mystic Blood,” Zakai says, putting a hand on my shoulder, “She will serve you in any way you require.”

“Perfect,” the man says, when he speaks I can see his fangs, perhaps he is a vampire, his blood-red eyes stare at me as if I am nothing but a meal, he stands tall and proud and then looks to Zakai, “That will be all.”

“Yes, misère,” Zakai smiles, bowing and then leaving, closing the door behind him.

I take a deep breath as the words echo in my head.

‘Speak Italian,’ Zakai told me. I try to think of the language, but I know nothing about Italy or the Italian language.

“Do you speak, girl?” the man asks in a harsh tone.

I flinch at his tone and open my mouth.

I do,” I respond, the man looks at me with wide, surprised eyes.

How do you know Italian?” He asks and I am momentarily stunned, because he spoke to me in a different language and I could understand him. My tongue feels thick in my mouth, I open my mouth to speak again.

Lie,’ I tell myself.

My Mistress taught me,” I lie, this time I can hear myself speaking the different language.

This might make things easier,” the man says, holding out his hand to me. I take his hand and my eyes widen as I feel his warmth.

You are not vampire,” I gape, the man looks into my eyes, his eyes soften and I can see the difference in his eyes to one of a vampire. I take a bold step forward and pushes my lips to the man’s mouth. The man is shocked, his eyes widen as my tongue enters his mouth; I run my tongue over his fangs and they wobble when I put pressure on them, they are not strong enough to break skin.

You are not vampire,” I gape, stepping back from the man, I turn away from him, intending to get Zakai.

But the man grabs my arm and pulls me back. He pushes me to the bed and straddles my hips with his thighs.

My name is Adrian Sylvanus,” The man says, pressing close to me and pressing his mouth to my neck, he doesn’t bite me, instead he talks against my skin, “I am a hunter, I want to rescue you and every innocent in this building, but I cannot do that if you go and tell your boss that I am not a vampire.”

My heart hammers in my chest, the last time a vampire had to force me into bed, he broke my arm and almost choked the life out of me. I remain still as Adrian keeps his lips pressed to my neck. Sylvanus, he is the hunter Mistress fears, perhaps we may have a chance.

“I need to stay here until morning,” he says, mumbling against my neck, his warm breath makes my skin prickle, “Then I will do what I came to do.”

“What did you come here to do?” I ask as Adrian presses closer, moving as if he was feeding from me.

“I am going to place a chip into the computer that controls the cameras,” Adrian says, “It will allow me to access the cameras from my laptop, there I will be able to find the weaknesses and then a team of hunters and I will be able to rescue you and kill the vampires.”

My heart races, I want nothing more to be free from this place, I nod my head slightly.

“If you are going to do this, you need to make it real,” I say, placing a hand on my neck, I use my nail to re-open one of the recent wounds on my neck, one that I haven’t been able to heal. When the blood begins to come out of my neck, Adrian pulls back.

“What are you doing?” he asks as I smile lazily.

“Making it real,” I say, Adrian looks at me with wide eyes, “If the vampire watching the camera doesn’t see blood, then they will know you are fake.”

“I am not drinking your blood,” Adrian gapes, looking horrified at the thought.

“You don’t need to,” I explain, tipping my head back and moaning, “Just make it look like you are.”

Adrian curses under his breath and then puts his mouth back to my neck while I fake the look of endorphins. I reach up and put my hand on the back of Adrian’s head, he tries to pull back.

“You need to look like you have fed,” I explain, vampires are never clean with a meal, especially when they don’t have to be. They like to make a mess, they like the feeling of blood.

I push Adrian’s mouth onto my wound so my bloodstains his mouth. Adrian pulls out of my hold and curls his lips in disgust. He wipes his mouth quickly and glares at me. I take a deep breath as my hand’s shake, whenever a man looks at me as he is looking at me, the look is usually followed by a hit.

What’s your name?” he asks, blowing out a hot breath and wiping his mouth again.

“Mystic,” I reply, “Mystic Blood.”

“Your real name,” he sighs, sitting up and unbuttoning his shirt.

I have almost forgotten my real name, no one ever calls me by my real name. My name is Mystic, it has been Mystic for the past seven years.

“My name is Mystic,” I say in English, as I reach up and run a finger over Adrian’s chest. My real name is too long to spell out, so I trace an old nickname, given to me by someone I don’t remember, onto his chest. R-O-W-Y, I spell. I have to spell it twice before he understands.

When he does understand he takes my hand in his and nods. Then he gets off the bed and goes over to the couch and pours himself a drink. He takes off his shirt and throws it on the ground. He drinks the cheap whisky and then pours another drink that he downs quickly.

I sit up in bed and pull my knees to my chest.

“If you are going to stay here until morning, you’ll have to do something,” I sigh, looking up to the camera briefly, “Vampires don’t just sit and talk to the women they have in their rooms.”

“What do you suggest I do?” Adrian asks, tipping back another glass.

I reach behind me and unclasp my bra, Adrian swallows hard as he watches the black lace gets thrown to the floor. I stand and walk over to him, but he cannot bring himself to look at my body, he stares right into my jade green eyes as I kneel down at his feet.

Adrian curses under his breath as I shift forward so that I kneel between his legs.

“Take off the wig,” he says. I reach up and unclasps my wig, I pull it and the hair net off and put it on the coffee table. Adrian’s eyes widen as my blond hair cascades over my shoulders, he curses again as I lean forward and place my lips to his lower thigh, above his knee. I then reach up to undo Adrian’s belt.

“No,” he says, grabbing my wrist, “No.”

I stand as Adrian still holds my wrist, then I sit myself into his lap, his cheeks flush red as I lean forward and kiss his jawline, moving my hips slowly on top of his.

“I can’t,” Adrian mumbles as he runs his hands up my arms, “I can’t.”

“Why?” I ask, sitting back, I reach down to touch Adrian and he isn’t even close to hard, I’ve never had this reaction before, “Am I undesirable?”

No,” he gapes as I shift in his lap, “I just, I never...”

My eyes widen as my heart races in my chest, I can hear Adrian’s heart racing just as fast as mine. I have never had to work with a virgin before, the men that I have serviced in the past knew what they were doing, they had the control, I just had to look like I was enjoying it.

I touch Adrian’s soft lips and frown, I don’t know what to do; vampires don’t like not having the control.
I look away from Adrian’s face and then get off of his lap. Adrian curses under his breath as I try to slow my heartbeat, when I turn back to look at Adrian he is downing another drink.

“You have two choices,” I say, looking at the ground in submission, “Feed from me…or fuck me.”

“Is there a third option?” Adrian asks, looking at my practically naked body.

“You could do both, vampires don’t do anything else to us.” I explain, walking over to the bed and sitting down, “If you want to keep your cover, you have to choose, and you might want to act more dangerous, no vampire has ever just had a conversation with me.”

Adrian sighs and then stands, he walks over to me and then grabs me by the throat. He growls as his face hardens into a scowl.

‘It’s just an act,’ I tell myself as Adrian pushes me down onto the bed. He growls as he lets go of my throat, he grabs my underwear and hisses out a string of curses as he pulls them off my hips. He continues to curse as he undoes his belt and undresses himself.

He isn’t hard, not even a bit.

“Let me help,” I say, sitting up.

I stroke Adrian’s cock slowly, then I put it in my mouth. Adrian continues to cuss as he begins to harden, I continue to suck until he is fully erect.

His hands shake as he pushes me off of him, his face becomes different, changed in his anger, he truly looks like a vampire at this moment. I move back as Adrian gets into bed and kneels between my legs.

He leans down and puts his lips on my breast.

“I can’t do this,” Adrian whispers as his lips brush my nipple, “How do I know that you are clean?”

“I was tested three days ago,” I say, biting my lip as Adrian kisses her breasts gently, “Since then I have only been with vampires, they don’t carry diseases.”

“This is wrong,” he says softly as he inserts himself into me, my eyes water as he slowly thrusts his hips, no matter how many times I have done the act, it always hurts at first. I grab the sheets in my hands as I bite my lip. Adrian’s thrusts are too slow.

“You have to be rougher,” I mumble, Adrian looks to me in confusion, “Vampires don’t make love, they fuck.”

Adrian wraps a hand around my throat and I nod encouragingly as he thrusts harder into me.

“I’m sorry,” he says, “I’m sorry.”

I gape as Adrian pushes deep inside of me, cursing in Italian. He grunts out loudly as he reaches his climax. He cums inside of me and then quickly pulls out.

“I’m sorry,” he whimpers, lying face down in the pillows next to me, “I’m sorry.”

I lie still, trying to catch my breath, I sit up and put my hand on his back.

“You can leave,” Adrian mumbles, I take my hand off of his back and then get out of bed. I put my underwear and bra back on and then retrieve my wig.

“They are going to want money,” I say as I put my hair up and then clip my wig back into place.

“Back pocket,” Adrian says in English, I grab Adrian’s pants and pull out his wallet, it is stuffed with cash, “Tell them I don’t want to be disturbed.”

I take the correct amount of money and then turn to leave.

“I will come back when they are all asleep,” I say, in Italian. Adrian nods as I leave and close the door behind me. I walk to the security room and put the money into the money box, the vampire who watches the screens smirks at me and licks his lips at the sight of my blood.

“How was it?” Zakai asks, walking in behind me, I blush as I shrug my shoulders, “Go get cleaned up, then resume serving.”

I nod and then go to the sleeping rooms, I wash the drying blood from my skin and then put the ointment onto my wound; I watch the wound close and then secretly takes a pill from the cupboard above the sink and swallow it. If Adrian was a vampire, there would be no concern, but seeing how he is human, his sperm is more than likely active and able to impregnate me.

I change my outfit and then resume serving drinks to the customers. I make certain that no one disturbs the undercover hunter, I bide my time, the club closes at four o’clock in the morning, the music stops and the lights come on as Amal orders everybody out.

When the club is empty, the others and I begin cleaning up. Amal and Zakai count the money and then they lock all the doors, making sure that no one can get in or out.

“You know what to do,” Zakai whispers into my ear as he presses a piece of paper into my hand. I look to him with wide eyes as he winks at me before following the others down to the basement. I look to my hand and open the paper, inside is a key.

I hear the employee room shut and consider getting Adrian.

I decide to wait until midday, so I help the others clean tables and wounds.

“Who was that man you were with last night?” Eric, also known as ‘Tasty’, asks, “He didn’t seem like a vampire.”

“Oh he seems it,” I say, showing Eric my bite mark and my bruising.

“Rough?” Eric asks, looking closely at the marks.

“They always are,” I sigh, grabbing a towel and stepping into the shower cubicle, after my shower I put on a large tee shirt and white cotton underwear. There are never enough pants for the girls, so I often opt for a large tee that covers everything. I sit by the door and watch as the others all fall asleep, by midday everyone is sleeping peacefully so I stand quietly and tiptoe down to the basement rooms. I creep to Adrian’s room and tighten my hold on the key wrapped in paper, I know that if I am caught, I will die alongside the hunter.
I look to the employee room at the end of the hall and suck in a deep breath.

“If I die, I die,” I whisper to myself as I open Adrian’s door and slips inside, quietly shutting it behind me. I find Adrian fast asleep, his clothes still on the floor. I gently touch his shoulder and his eyes snap open, he grabs my wrist as his eyes darken with anger.

“It’s me,” I whisper as my heart races, his red eyes make my body tremble, “It’s me.”

The hunter looks at me in confusion, then his eyes widen as he lets me go and looks down to his naked body.

“What time is it?” he asks, getting out of bed and getting dressed.

“Midday,” I whisper, as Adrian pulls on his pants. He then grabs his shirt and pulls it on, “What do you need to do?”

“I need to get a chip into the camera system,” he explains, grabbing his wallet.

I nod my head and then lead Adrian out of his room and further down into the basement. I lead him into the security room and he sits down in front of the computer screen, he cracks his knuckles and then begins to type on the keyboard.

“I need a password,” Adrian says, I look down to the paper in my hand and notice a note scribbled messily.

Password: 81o0d

Master Key: Opens everything.

I take a deep breath and then move next to Adrian, I input the code and then moves back to the door.

Adrian looks at me with wide eyes before turning back to the screen. He works quickly as I keep watch, Adrian takes a small chip out of his wallet and inserts it into the computer tower, a black screen appears on the main monitor and green words appear in a type of code. Adrian sucks in a deep breath and then begins to type.

I hear a door open and my heart leaps into my throat as I close the door to the room quietly and hold my breath. Adrian goes silent as well and we both wait.

Finally, I hear the door close again and I count to ten before slowly opening the security door again and sticking my head out. The coast is clear.
I turn back to Adrian and nod my head, he begins to type away again.

“Are you alright?” Adrian asks, turning to me as a download screen appears.

I look to the hunter and frown in confusion.

“After last night?” he elaborates, I look to the ground and then nod my head.

“I’m used to it,” I shrug, checking down the hall again. Adrian turns back to the screen as the download finishes.

“Done,” he says, closing the black screen and returning the computers to their normal security feed, “I’ve put the cameras onto a loop for ten minutes. I have to leave, now.”

I nod my head and then look down the halls once before taking Adrian’s hand and leading him out of the basement and to the back entrance, the only entrance not guarded by dogs.

“It’s locked,” Adrian says, when the knob won’t turn, “from the outside.”

I put the key into the lock and turns, when I hear the lock click open, I open the door, the sun floods in and it’s magical, I feel it warm my skin and it makes me want to cry.

“Here,” I say, handing the key to Adrian, “It’s a master key.”

“Come with me,” he says, taking my hand, “Come with me.”

My heart leaps into my throat as I shake my head, I want to go with him, I want to leave the darkness, to stand in the sun.

“If I go, they will kill everyone and leave,” I say, regrettably pushing Adrian out the door, “I can’t go with you.”

I close the door and hear Adrian curse under his breath before locking the door again. I take a deep breath before sitting down across from the window, I sit in the small stream of light as I feel something stir inside of me that I haven’t felt in a long time; hope.

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