Life in Darkness

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Chapter 6


Hunter’s Base, Manhattan.

When I walk through the church doors I am exhausted, the adrenalin has worn off and I think I pulled a muscle from climbing the fence. I roll my shoulders and then I see James walking towards me.

“Where were you?” he asks, I roll his eyes.

“On a morning run,” I shrug, smiling smugly, “It was very refreshing.”

“Lying is an offence to God! There is blood on you,” he gapes, then his eyes widen he sees my ‘fangs’ and red eyes, “Are they fangs?”

The priest steps back and clutches the cross around his neck.

“Fake,” I say, taking the fangs out of my mouth, “And I have contacts in my eyes.”

“You were told not to go back to the brothel,” James shouts as I walk past him, I go down to the Hunter’s Headquarters and James follows closely behind, “You broke my order!”

Father Broan makes the mistake of grabbing me by the shoulder. I turn quickly and knock the priest back.

“Listen,” I shout as Father Broan stumbles back, “You called me here, so either let me help or get out of my way! If you don’t like it call my superior, I’m sure she would love to hear how you have done nothing to save the innocents.”

James collects himself and looks sorely embarrassed.

“I have been here for a few days and already I have taken hold of their security cameras,” I growl, Father Broan stares at me with wide eyes, “If you want to help rescue these innocents, then I suggest you shut up and let me do my job.”

I leave James standing in the hallway looking shocked, I go back to my room and set up my laptop. I’ve already connected it to the chip, I click on the icon and it brings up a screen, I input the password and it unlocks all the security information. I now have a live feed of all the cameras inside and outside the club. I flick through the camera rolls and find the girl, Rowy. She is sleeping on the floor, under a taped-up window, a single beam of light shines through the window and shines on her cheek. I change to the other camera’s, looking for Mistress Thana, but I can’t find her.

“Shit,” I curse standing up from my desk and pacing, “Where is she?”

I notice the blood still on me and I decide to shower. As I wash my body I realise that I am not a virgin anymore, everything seems different. I let the water wash over me and wash away the blood and sex. I wrap a towel around my waist and brush my teeth as I check on the cameras. The girl is still sleeping on the floor and the club is quiet on the inside and outside. I finish brushing my teeth and then rinse my mouth out. And then I realise that my room is quiet, there isn’t a ball of fur bouncing off the wall.

“Shit,” I curse putting clothes on. I check my room twice for Max, but he isn’t here.

“Max!” I call, “Max! Come here, boy! MAX!”

I leave my room and search the halls, he couldn’t have gotten out, I made sure of it. I call him over and over again, but there is no answer. I whistle and call his name again.

“Have you seen my dog?” I ask one of the hunters, “He is a Belgian Malinois.”

The hunter shakes his head and continues about his business.

I leave the church and walk the streets calling for Max.

After half an hour of walking around confusing layouts, I finally hear a bark, I call for Max and he bounds around the corner and almost knocks me over.

“There you are,” I sigh rubbing his head. The relief of finding him washes over me and I actually hug him, “Where have you been?”

Max licks my cheek and wags his tail.

“MAX!” someone else calls and Max growls and presses closer to me. Rose comes around the corner that Max came from, her face is red and she is huffing.

“What were you doing with my dog?” I ask standing up, Max stands beside me then sits patiently.

“I heard him whining, so I took him for a walk,” she tells me, “I don’t think your dog likes me very much.”

I look down to Max who huffs and looks away from Rose.

“Don’t ever assume that you can take him again,” I say and Max wags his tail as I turn around.

“I’m sorry,” Rose says walking beside me, “I didn’t think you would mind, and you weren’t around to ask. I doubt you’d like him going bathroom in your bedroom.”

I ignore her for the rest of the walk and when we reach the church again I go straight to my room and pack my things.

“Where are you going?” Cedric asks coming into my room, without knocking.

“Does anybody in this place knock?” I mumble throwing my things into a suitcase.

“Where are you going?” he asks again.

“To a hotel,” I sigh, “I can’t stand this place, and no one said I had to stay here so I decided that I won’t stay here.”

“It will make communication difficult,” Cedric says, “Especially now that you have the eyes into the place.”

“Pick up a phone,” I say zipping up my suitcase. I regrettably put Screamer back into his case and lock the latches.

“You will have to come in whenever we call,” Cedric informs me, “To keep us in the loop.”

“Fine,” I say grabbing my luggage.

“You can have a company car,” Cedric says, “We will pay for fuel, the last thing that we want is you uncomfortable. James won’t admit it, but we can’t stand to lose you. You are our best hope.”

“Thank you,” I say as he takes Max’s dog cage, he takes me to the car park and shows me my car, a black Audi A4. I open the passenger door and Max jumps in without a second thought and sits up with a smile on his face.

“Not a chance,” I grumble, “In the back.”

Max lays down in the front and then looks at me with his large puppy eyes. I roll my eyes and then glare at Max who sighs and jumps out of the car, I put my laptop bag on the front seat and then open the back seat, Cedric puts the dog cage on the back seat and I open the door.

“Get in,” I order and Max huffs and jumps into the car and then walks into his cage, I shut the door behind him and he glares at me, “Don’t look at me like that.”

He huffs and lays down, I put my suitcase and Screamer’s case in the back with Max.

“I assume that we will be seeing each other soon?” Cedric says holding his hand out to me, I shake his hand and then get in the driver’s seat.

I start the car up and watch as Cedric turns around and walk back inside. I pull my laptop out of its case and open it on the front seat, I open the security cameras again and let it play through, flipping through different cameras. Again it is quiet, the girl has moved from sleeping on the floor to sleeping on an old, leather couch. In a different room, and still, there is no sign of the Mistress. I curse under my breath and then take off.

I find a hotel that allows dogs, I check-in and take all of my belongings inside. The room that I am in is on the first floor with a small backyard area for Max, a bed in the middle of the room, a bathroom, as well as a kitchen and desk area. I let Max out of his cage and then set my laptop up on the desk. I pull out the files of the missing children and flick through them looking for ‘Rowy’ I find her, but her name is Rowaelin, ‘Rowy’ must be a nickname. I remember Father Broan saying her mother was killed by the vampires.

I search more into the girl’s mother, apparently the mother never gave up, she kept searching for her daughter, she plastered their home town in missing posters, and when the police gave up; she never did. She went to every news station and spoke on every morning and late-night show in America. I admire the woman’s passion, it is probably the reason that the vampires killed her. I watch the cameras for the rest of the day and when the sun starts to do down the humans begin to wake up.

The girl I was with last night is the first one awake, she showers quickly and then goes into another room to change, she changes into a black corset and black lacy underwear, she puts on black high heels and then goes to do her makeup. I change to watch the other cameras and as I roll through the basement cameras I notice the vampires start to stir.

The vampires in the brothel rooms leave in a blur, leaving money on the bedside table which one of the working girls collect, human maids quickly clean the rooms, changing the sheets and cleaning any spilt blood. When I look at the room I was in last night a lump forms in my throat, I choked her. I hurt her. When she spoke to me I noticed a slight rasp, I hurt her and then hurt her more by having sex with her, I will never forget the look on her face.

When I find Rowy on the cameras, she is doubled over and clutching her stomach. My heart automatically doubles pace as she straightens, her face is pale and her eyes are wide. Within a blink of an eye, a vampire is beside her, he takes her by the arm and forces her back into the changing room. He undresses her and then gives her normal clothes.

Then he takes her by the arm again and leads her out of the club. I switch to the outside camera and watch as the vampire leads her to a storage container, he shoves her in forcefully and then locks the door. When I look down to my hand I find that my knuckles are white and there is a sick feeling in my stomach.

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