Life in Darkness

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Chapter 7


I have cramps.

Amal takes me outside and locks me into the metal container outside. It’s dark inside, with only a single bulb to light the entire container. Inside is a small bed, a cupboard as well as a toilet and a sink.

I take a deep breath and walk over to the cupboard, inside are clothes, cloths and sanitation products.

I change my clothes again, I take off my bra and change into cotton underwear, I put on a large tee-shirt and denim shorts.

A week passes, and my period finishes. I’ve been stuck in the container with little food and dirty water for a week. The vampires lock us up once a month, apparently, they can’t stand the smell of menstrual blood; it makes them hungry, to the point where they want to kill us. And because no human client would want to fuck a bleeding girl, they shove us into this storage container for a week. Then they come and check on us, if the cycle is still going, then they leave us for another week.

The container is unlocked and two other girls are pushed in.

“You finished?” Amal asks looking at me.

I nod my head and he stands aside and gestures for me to leave. I walk out of the container and Amal shuts the door and locks it. He takes my arm and walks me back into the club.

“You smell,” he says, “Get cleaned up, you will clean tomorrow morning.”

I nod and then we go our separate ways. I shower and then shave my legs and other respective parts, then sit on the couch to rest.

“Adrian,” I mumble under my breath, I look up to the camera in the room and think of what he told me.

‘I’m going to save you and every innocent in this building.’ He told me.

‘Then where are you?’ I ask myself, I shouldn’t have believed a word that he said. This isn’t going to end, he can’t stop it; they are going to kill us all.

At five o’clock the club is shut and people are kicked out and the vampires go down to nest before the sun comes up. I go out to the club area and begin to clean the stage. At seven o’clock there is a knock on the front door. Everything stops and I look over to the other cleaners.

“NYPD! Open up!” a man shouts from the other side of the door.

“The police?” a dancer named Felicia whispers, “What do we do?”

“They can help us, they will get us out of here.” Another girl says, “They will break down the door.”

“Open the door!” the police shouts again.

“If we call out, then the vamps will track us all down and kill us when the sun goes down,” I hiss and everyone goes silent. I walk over to the door and take a deep breath.

“We are closed!” I shout to the policeman

“I just need to ask a few questions, about murders that have occurred around this area.” the policeman says and my stomach drops, “Open the door mam.”

“Do you have a warrant?” I ask, trying to keep my nerves in check.

“No, but I can get one!” the policeman says, “Just open the door.”

I bite my lip and shake my head.

“No,” I say, “I am not authorised to do that.”

“Do not come back without a warrant,” Zakai says suddenly appearing behind me. There is shuffling on the other side of a door and then a little card is slipped under the door. Zakai picks it up and then stares at me, I press close to the door and he tears the card in half.

“You could have told him that you were held here against your will,” Zakai says pinning his bright eyes on me. I stay silent and Zakai puts his hand on the wall near my head. His fangs flick out and I flinch, he looks over his shoulder.

“For your devotion, you get the night off,” he says looking back at me, “Felicia, Jade, come with me.”

Zakai leaves and takes the girls with him. I let go of the breath I was holding, I hear Felicia and Jade scream from the basement level and my hands start to shake. But it is not my problem, as much as I want to I can’t interrupt.

So, I continue on as normal, and by midday, all of my hope that I have of being rescued is crushed, because the Mistress returns with other vampires with her.


After a week of not seeing Rowy on the cameras, I was beginning to lose my mind. I was sure that she was dead.

Every day I called the AHS, I updated them on the clubs status. I always asked when we were going to attack, and each time they replied with.

“Not until the Mistress comes back.”

Mistress Thana has been missing from the club ever since I arrived, and the Hunter Society doesn’t want to move in until she returns, she’s high priority to the order and they cannot risk missing a shot at her.

I flip through the cameras for the fourth time and I spot a familiar face, Rowaelin.

She is sitting on the couch, and staring right at me. She is thinner than when I last saw her, her eyes are dark and she looks exhausted.

“What have they done to you?” I mumble as she looks away from the camera. I drum my fingers on the desk and then watch the screen rotate through the cameras. I work out a way in as well as a plan and a backup plan and then I sketch out a rough floor plan of the building.

I go to bed at around ten o’clock after a takeaway dinner and a walk.

I wake up at nine and then check the camera’s, I shower, check the camera’s again, take Max for a walk, then check the cameras again. The AHS calls me at eleven-thirty and I tell them about what’s happened.

“What’s happening now?” James asks, I flip through the cameras again and when I finish on the back entrance camera my heart stops.

Three vans have pulled up out the front and five coffins are unloaded and wheeled inside.

“What is it?” James asks noticing my silence.

“Vampires have just arrived, five of them,” I inform and the line goes silent

“Is it the Mistress?” James asks

“I can’t determine that,” I say, “Humans have just unloaded five coffins and wheeled them into the building. They are taking them into the basement.”

“Keep a vigil eye on the cameras,” James instructs, “As soon as it is confirmed that it is the Mistress then we will make a plan.”

“With all due respect I have already made a plan and a backup plan,” I inform and James goes silent before hanging up on me. I roll my eyes and then place my phone down. As I turn my eyes to the screen I find Rowaelin who has silent tears running down her cheeks. I keep a vigil eye on the screens for the rest of the day.

I order pizza for lunch and begin to regret all the take out, I’ve been eating.

After lunch, I continue to watch the screens as I work out. The night falls I put my full attention to the screen, at six o’clock the sun is almost set. I flip through the cameras and then notice a man standing on the front step of the club. He is wearing a suit and tie, and on his belt is a badge. He bangs on the door angrily and I curse under my breath.

The door opens and the man walks inside, I change cameras and find Rowaelin ushering the man inside, next to her is Zakai. He sits the man down at the bar and I turn up the sound.

“My name is detective Masen, Are you aware of the recent murders around this area?” the man says pulling out a notebook.

“Yes,” Zakai says, when Rowaelin goes to walk away he grabs her arm and keeps her there, “A horrible crime.”

“Agreed,” the detective says, “Tell me, are you the only ones working here?”

“No sir,” Zakai says, “We have other employees.”

“I would like to ask them all some questions,” the detective says standing.

“Bad idea,” I mumble.

“I just need to collect alibies,” Detective Masen says walking towards the curtain hiding the back rooms.

In a blink of an eye, a vampiress is standing in front of him. She is tall and slender, she has dark hair and darker eyes. She thrusts her hand into the man’s chest and rips his heart out. Rowaelin screams and tries to turn away, but Zakai holds her firm as the vampiress drops the heart on the floor, she crosses over to her and puts her bloodied hand on Rowaelin’s face.

“I’ve missed you, my dear,” the woman says placing a kiss on Rowaelin’s cheek, she looks over to Zakai and raises an eyebrow, “Who are you?”

“Zakai Cheberell,” he says and I write his name down, “I am a friend of Amal’s, he hired me to tend the bar while you were gone.”

“Who is your maker?” the woman asks letting Rowaelin go.

“Andre Brunt,” Zakai says and my heart leaps into my throat.

“I know him,” the woman says, “Last I saw him, he told me he was against the idea of making a vampire.”

“He created me,” Zakai says shrugging, “I was hoping to join your nest, Mistress Thana.”

“It’s her,” I mumble reaching for my phone.

“Where is your maker now?” Thana asks, “I would very much like to talk to him.”

“He was slain,” Zakai says, “By a hunter named Adrian Silvanus.”

“Such a shame,” Thana says putting a hand on Zakai’s shoulder, “That hunter is here now, working with the idiots at the AHS, he wants to take us down. You may join my nest… for now.”

“I assume that you will be relocating?” Zakai asks

“My maker has instructed us to stay,” she says walking back over to Rowaelin, “Doesn’t mean that we will be unprotected. He has ordered his other prodigies to stay with us.”

“Shall I open the club?” Zakai asks looking past Thana to the dead body.

“We will remain closed for the night,” Thana says touching Rowaelin’s cheek, “I have a few announcements to make.”

Zakai bows to the vampiress and then goes to leave the room.

“Have you tasted my Mystic?” Thana asks and Zakai stops in his tracks, “My pet, have you tasted her blood?”

My hands clench around my phone and my heart races.

“I have not,” Zakai admits, “But she smells lovely.”

“Taste her,” Thana says and Rowaelin’s eyes go wide, Zakai stares at Rowaelin and then stands in front of her.

Thana tilts Rowaelin’s head to the side, exposing her neck. In one, fast movement, Zakai has his fangs in Rowaelin’s neck. She screams out and then begins to moan as the endorphins kick in. Zakai drinks from her. I hold my breath and when Zakai lets her go he stares at Thana with red eyes.

“You are very handsome,” she compliments, she reaches out and touches his face. The two vampires vanish from the room, leaving Rowaelin alone, clutching her neck in pain.

“Rowy!” a man says running into the club and kneeling next to Rowaelin. He picks her up and carries her into the back rooms. I follow them on the cameras and find them in the living rooms. He puts an ointment onto her neck and the wound closes.

I dial the AHS to inform them on what has happened. Cedric answers the phone.

“Where is James?” I ask

“He is praying,” Cedric says.

“Well tell him to stop, because the Mistress is back,” I say, Cedric goes quiet, I hear him call out to James.

“Adrian,” James says, taking the phone from Cedric, “Cedric tells me that you’ve seen the Mistress.”

“Yes,” I say standing with my hand clenched by my side.

“We will need you to come back to the church,” James says, “Bring the laptop and anything you might need for the raid.”

“Yes, sir,” I say, the line goes dead and I move quickly, I pack a duffle with the laptop and hunting clothes, then I put my weapons of choice on top of the clothes. I then put Max’s hunting vest into the bag and zip it up. I grab Screamer and then look at Max.

“Let’s go,” I say grabbing his leash and my keys. His ears perk and he follows me to the car.

I drive to the church and then go into the conference room where James is waiting for me. I hand him the laptop and he connects it to the big screen behind him. He pulls up the surveillance feeds and scrolls through them.

“There are more vampires,” he says as the club begins to fill with more vampires, they feed on the missing children and then settle in the living quarters, waiting for the Mistress, Amal holds Rowaelin Black by her upper arm and she squirms under the pressure. My hands clench as I watch the Mistress trail into the room followed by a shirtless Zakai. James turns up the volume and all the hunters in the room collectively hold their breaths. Rose pushes into the conference room, past the growing crowd outside, she sits next to me and I try to ignore her.

“As you all know, the hunters are here,” Thana says standing in the middle of the room, “No doubt, they wish to rescue this lot. We will not run or hide, we will protect out Nest, for reasons I cannot begin to explain, we cannot let them penetrate the Nest.”

I tense as Thana grabs Rowaelin from Amal.

“This is our town,” she says, her fangs snap out, “We will not let them take it from us. From now on, vampires will patrol outside during the night, during the day the dogs will hold the ground. But we need to be ready for an attack. Make sure that you are all fed, these whores are here for you, whenever you want them. But do not forget brothers, sisters, this is my nest, these are my whores, they are all mine. And if you kill one of them, you will be punished.”

Thana buries her fangs deep into Rowaelin’s neck and Rowaelin screams, the other vampires feed again, they dig their fangs into the victims and they all scream.

Thankfully, James is put off and decides to shut the laptop, thus ending the show.

“Tomorrow morning, when the sun is on our side we will move,” James says, speaking loudly to the hunters in the rooms, “We will strike the monsters down and burn them until they are nothing but a memory.”

He looks to me and then opens his mouth again.

“Brother Adrian, has the plan, listen to him well.” He says sitting down, all eyes are on me.

Crap, I do not do well with crowds.

I stand and walk to the front of the room, I open my laptop again and close the surveillance. I open the floor plans for the club and then look at the people behind me.

“The Vampires will be sleeping when we attack,” I start, “There are three possible ways of entry, one is through the front door, we will have to pass the guard dogs and the electric fence. So we will need all the hunter hounds we have. Getting past the electric fence won’t be too hard, we will need to either short circuit it or break the box. The second entrance is the back entrance, were the vampires enter, the same complications as the first. Lastly is the secret entrance. There is a tunnel that connects from the sleeping quarters to a manhole in the middle of the street. My suggestion is that we split up into groups and push through the three entrances at the same time. That way the vampires will have no escape. We should have a group of medics on standby too; to make sure that the innocents are okay.”

The hunters nod and agree with me. James stands up next to me and pats me on the shoulder.

“Rest up,” he commands, “Tomorrow we kill the monsters terrorising the city.”

He dismisses the hunters and I grab my laptop and go to my old room. Max walks behind me and when I open the door he bounds in and sniffs around. I roll my eyes at him and set my bag down on the end of the bed, I pull Screamer out of his case and hold him in my hand, I roll my wrist and swing, pretending that I am stabbing a vampire in the neck. I put Screamer away and then fall asleep on top of the covers.

The next morning I wake up early, I walk Max quickly and then warm up in my room, my heart is pumping. I get dressed in a black shirt and black pants and combat boots. Then I strap on a bulletproof vest over my shirt, click two gun holsters onto my thighs and make sure the guns are loaded before holstering them. I tie screamer to my belt and then put extra ammunition in one of my pockets. I put Max in his vest and at nine o’clock James calls over the speakers, he tells the hunters to meet in the carpark, I grab Max’s leash and clip it to his collar and then walk to the carpark.

James separates all the hunters into four groups, I am put in the first group. I put Max in a van with the other hunter hounds and then climb into another van. The drive to the club is silent. Some hunters pray, the others just stare at nothing with hard eyes. I roll my shoulders and when we arrive at the club the streets are eerily quiet.

“I pulled in some favours,” James tells me and I am impressed by his resourcefulness. The hunter hounds are unleashed and ordered to stay quiet. They obey. I stand next to Max as a sniper crawls onto the roof of a van. He sets up and then puts a silencer on his weapon.

“Get ready to move fast,” James says, “on my command.”

James nods and then the sniper takes out the electric box, two men race forward and cut the fence. The guard dogs begin to launch forward.

“Now!” a hunter says, ten hunter hounds race forward and quickly pin the guard dogs. A hunter puts a bullet in the dog’s brains and then the groups split up. I go with the first group and take the back entrance. One hunter has a walkie talkie and James instructs us to wait.

He is sitting in one of the vans keeping an eye on surveillance.

“Everything is calm.” James’s voice says through the walkie talkie, “Stealth mode until the calm breaks.”

I pull out one of my guns and turn the safety off.

“Now,” he says and the door is opened, and we all walk in slowly and quietly.

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