Life in Darkness

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Chapter 8


I am in one of the vampire rooms, the Mistress handed me over to one of her ‘brothers’. His fangs are in my neck and his hands are on my breasts, then he lets me go and yawns.

“It is a mystery on how my sister has managed to keep you alive for so long,” he smiles running a finger over my nipple.

He rests his head in between my breasts and then falls asleep. I can’t move, all I can think about is the blood trickling out of my neck.

Suddenly there are several gunshots from outside my door. Connor, the vampire resting on my chest, wakes up and hisses, the door to our room is busted open and an animal charges in, it barks at Connor and Connor hisses at it. I watch as a man steps in behind the dog, a loud bang goes off and Connor’s skull explodes, he falls to the floor. My vision goes blurry as screams fill my ears, the man who shot Connor pulls out a sword and then pulls Connor up by his hair, in one swift motion the man cuts through Connor’s neck and decapitates what’s left of his head. My eyes widen as I recognise the man, it’s Adrian.

He looks at me sympathetically and then leaves the room, instructing the animal he was with to ‘protect’ me. The dog stays near the door with its back towards me. Its ears are perked and the fur along his back is raised. I sit up slowly and blood rushes to my head, I stand once my vision clears and then walk over to Connor’s decapitated head. I kneel down near it and put my finger in his blood, I put the bloodied finger over his bite marks on my neck they heal and I feel better, outside of the room, people are still screaming, guns are still blazing.

My heart kicks into overdrive as I hear someone approach the room. The dog hears it too, his lips pull away from his mouth and he starts to growl, I see his muscles in his legs tense, his lips curl more and his growl deepens as the footsteps come closer.

Suddenly a vampire steps into view and hisses at the dog, the dog launches at the vampire and bites onto his arm, the vampire spits a curse word and throws the dog off of him, the dog takes a large chunk of the vampire’s arm off.

The vampire is one of Mistress’s progenies, Bronnen. He is strong and smart. He throws the dog into a wall when it lunges at him again, the dog yelps and it makes me wince.

“Stay down,” Bronnen snarls.

The dog gets up and continues to growl at him, however, now the dog keeps his back leg off of the ground. The dog is hurt and it makes my stomach twist and knot. Bronnen’s fangs snap out and he hisses at the dog, I watch as the muscles in his back tense, when the dog tries to attack him again, he grabs it behind its head and then puts his hands around its muzzle. He begins to pull his jaws apart and the dog yelps and twists horribly.

“STOP!” I scream and Bronnen’s head snaps up and he stares at me with blood-red eyes. He lets the dog go and it falls to the ground, he stands and walk’s over to me. His fangs are out and he looks mad.

“Don’t come any closer,” I say with newfound courage. He stops on the spot and his skin seems to ripple.

“What are you doing?” he groans, then suddenly he explodes as if a grenade was placed in his stomach.

Blood and other bodily matter spray all over me. It covers me head to toe. I shake in fear and look at the dog, who is also covered in blood and flesh. He stares at me with wide eyes and then huffs and walks away from me, after a few steps he turns around and looks at me, as if to ask me if I was going to follow him. I shake my head and he huffs and keeps walking. I look around and see Zakai walking around the corner casually, then he sees me and takes in the scene.

“Rowy,” he breathes, walking up to me slowly. When he gets close enough something inside me snaps and I hug him. I wrap my arms around his waist and shake.

“It’s okay,” he says rubbing my shoulders, “It’s okay, come on, come with me.”

He lets me go and takes my hand, he leads me towards the vampire entrance, as we pass the window and I walk through the light, I stop. Zakai looks back at me and I look into his eyes. I shake my head and take my hand out of his.

“I don’t want to be in the dark anymore,” I whisper, the sound of fighting comes closer to us and he sighs and then in a blink of an eye, he is gone. I sit down on the floor and sit in the small area of light as the sounds of guns and screaming surrounds me. I hold my knees to my chest and wait for it to be over. And then suddenly it is. The club falls silent, all I can hear are footsteps and silent talking.

“Clear!” a man says and voices get louder as the hunters continue through the house. More call out ‘clear’ and then there is one standing in front of me, pointing his gun right at my head.

“Get up,” he orders, “Slowly.”

I stand up slowly like he said, and he glares at me harshly.

“Open your mouth,” he spits and I do, he looks at my teeth, and then glares and grabs my arms, “I’ve got something over here!” he shouts and more hunters come down the hall.

“I think it’s a baby vamp,” the hunter says. A hunter steps forward and looks at me in the eyes, it is Adrian.

“She isn’t a vampire,” he says, “She is one of the victims. Her name is Rowaelin.”

My tongue seems thick in my mouth, I feel numb and everything blurs around me. The other victims and I are taken outside and when the sun hits my bloodied skin, I stop and look at the sky, but for some reason, it doesn’t give me release or ease my mind. Someone touches my shoulder and moves me into a truck, I sit next to Amanda, who used to work as a stripper. She looks at me with wide eyes and takes hold of my hand. I hold her hand and she doesn’t seem to care about the blood.

“She rides with us,” a man shouts and I look around for the mysterious ‘she’.

I realise that they are talking about me. The man takes me by the arm, Amanda tries to hold onto me, but with the blood on my hands, she loses her grip. The man takes me to another car where Adrian is waiting, he looks at me and then looks away, I realise that I am still naked, I put an arm around my breasts and squeeze my thighs together. I feel the sun drying the blood on my skin and I look at the ground.

“Open your mouth lass,” the man says in a thick Scottish accent, still holding onto my arm, I look into his eyes and he glares at me when I don’t do what he says immediately he shakes me and repeats the order.

“McDougal,” Adrian hisses, “Stop this.”

“I tell ye, I kew wha’ I saw,” the hunter says griping me tight, “She had wee baby fangs.”

I look up at him in shock and run my tongue over my teeth, I can’t feel any points. Some of the cars start to leave and I am still standing in the middle of an empty street naked.

“She is standing in the sun,” Adrian argues and the priest with him agrees.

“She might be a new breed.” The Scottish man says, “Open ye mouth!”

He shakes me violently and I open my mouth.

“Wider!” he hisses and I comply, Adrian comes closer to me and so does the priest, they look inside my mouth and then at each other, then they look inside again.

“You old fool,” Adrian hisses, “They are just her regular teeth.”

The hunter looks in my mouth and goes pale.

“They were there a minute ago,” the hunter says and Adrian rolls his eyes.

“Let her go,” Adrian says and the hunter does so reluctantly, Adrian leads me away from the Scottish man.

“Take her to Eva,” the priest says and Adrian nods and puts me into a car.

The ride to Eva is long, my cheeks burn red for the whole time, and whenever Adrian looks at me his cheeks reflect the same. He digs into a bag on the front seat and hands back a large shirt. I pull it over my head and feel slightly better.

It turns out that Eva is a person, not a place, she lives out on a large farm.

Adrian pulls up on the dirt driveway and gets out of the car, he walks over to my door and opens it, he offers me his hand and I take it, making sure that the shirt covers everything.

When Adrian walks me inside the first thing I smell is the cleanliness, it burns my nose.

“Eva!” Adrian calls stepping inside and looking around. A moment later a woman with fire-red hair steps into the room and gasps at the sight of me.

“Is this ’er blood?” Eva asks walking up to me and holding out her hand, I stare at her hand in confusion and then look at Adrian, he seems unfazed by this act. I take her hand and she smiles warmly and steps even closer.

“Is this yer blood?” She asks me, her voice thick and Scottish, I shake my head and she sighs in relief.

Is she concerned for me?

“Come with Eva,” she says leading me further into her home. When Adrian begins to follow, Eva glares at him.

“A dog should’ve come before me,” he says and Eva tilts her head, indicating to another room

“Max?” she asks and Adrian nods, “Strong dog, his is fine, only a slight sprain, now stay here. Or leave, I do not care either way.”

Eva leads me away without another word. She moves me through a maze of hallways and then she turns and we enter a bathroom, it is a large bathroom, filled with seven claw foot tubs and six shower stalls. The tubs are all filled with hot water, I can see the steam rising and my body relaxes. Then I realise that we are not alone, the others are here too, the ones who were rescued with me.

“Mystic!” Amanda calls, leaping out of a tub and rushing over to me. Eva holds up her hand and Amanda stops in her tracks.

“No longer will you call yourselves with the names they gave you,” Eva says and Amanda nods her head as another woman comes over and leads her back to the tub.

“A tub will not do,” Eva says, noticing me staring at one of the empty ones, she walks me to a shower stall.

She turns on the water and strips the shirt off me.

“Come,” Eva says gesturing for me to step under the water. When I step into the flowing water tears spring to my eyes. The water is hot, so hot that it scalds my skin, Eva adjusts the temperature and the water rushes over me warmly.

I tip my head back and let the water hit my face and fall through my hair.

“What is your name?” Eva asks, I open my mouth, yet the words don’t come out. I look at the steam fogging the glass in the stall, I watch the water condensate and form small droplets that run down the glass and into the drain. I reach my hand out and write ‘Rowaelin’ in the fog. Eva smiles and hands me a ball made of mesh, I stare at it and then look to Eva. She expects me to know what to do with it.

Eva squeezes a sweet-smelling liquid onto the ball and then moves my arm so that the ball sits on my chest. She makes my arm rub the ball in small circles and suddenly the sweet liquid turns into a foam. The sweetness fills my nose and I continue to rub my body with the ball, my muscles begin to relax and the water calms my mind, all I can think of is rubbing the ball on my body and ridding myself of the blood. The water at my feet turns pink as the blood runs down the drain. I wash the blood off my body but when I go to wash my face, Eva stops me.

“Not for the face,” She says and I stare at her in confusion.

Eva takes the mesh ball from me and then pumps a thick, golden liquid from a bottle into her hands.

“Close your eyes little butterfly,” she says and I do.

For some reason, I trust her.

She begins to rub the golden liquid onto my face, she rubs for what seems to be an eternity, and then she washes my face with the warm water.

“Okay,” She says, “Open your eyes.”

I do as she says and my face feels smooth, I run my fingertips over my cheeks and smile. Eva pumps another type of liquid into her hands, it is thick and blue. She turns me around and rubs the stuff into my hair, I purr deep in my throat as Eva rinses my hair and then rubs more thick liquid into my hair.

I look around and notice that it is only Eva and I left in the room, I let myself take pleasure in the water that runs over my skin.

I can feel tears falling from my eyes and running down my face to fall from my chin, I sob quietly at first and then my knees buckle out from underneath me. I cry out and ball my hands into fists. The pain inside my chest is the worst pain I’ve ever felt. I cry out loud and hear it echo off the walls. I cover my mouth in an attempt to muffle my wails.

All my life I have been crying silent tears, but now, I let it all out.

“Rowy!” Adrian calls charging into the room, “What’s wrong?”

“She is fine!” Eva hisses, “The pressure is relieving.”

She pushes Adrian out of the room and then turns the water off. She kneels in the stall with me and gently touches my shoulder, I pull away from her, I don’t want anyone to touch me ever again. I hear Eva sigh as she stands, she grabs a white towel and offers it to me, I take it from her and stand up, I wipe the water from my body and then wrap it around me, she holds her hand out to me, but I don’t take it. She walks out of the bathroom and I follow, outside Adrian is waiting, his face shows an emotion I’ve only seen once before.

Before he can talk Eva silences him with one look. She leads me down the halls again and then into a different room. A bedroom.

My body freezes up and I stop before I enter.

“It’s okay,” Eva says walking inside, “No one will hurt you here.”

I look around and then step in stiffly, Eva closes the door behind me and I flinch when I hear it close, I open the door again and shake my head at her when she tries to close it again I know that if something happens Adrian will come for me. Eva sighs, but leaves the door open.

She opens a wardrobe and grabs some clothes out for me. I get dressed and she smiles at me, and then I see them. Scars on her neck, she notices me staring and then sighs.

“I’m like you,” She says sitting down on the bed, I sit next to her and listen closely, “I was taken by a vampire in Scotland. I was studying veterinary medicine, when I walking home from a late-night study session, a vampire grabbed me and took me into the shadows. He took me to his lair and fed from me repeatedly. When he wasn’t feeding on me he was fucking me. Hunters found me and rescued me a week later, they explained what had happened and I couldn’t believe it. Vampires weren’t supposed to be real, I grew up knowing them only as stories. I was stunned into silence for several days. The hunters kept me safe, I had no family, the vampire that took me had killed them all, even my most distant cousin. After a while the hunters offered to train me. But I didn’t want to be trained, I couldn’t do what they did. So instead, I fled Scotland and started over in America. I joined up with the American Hunter’s Society and created this place, a refuge for rescued victims. Though I couldn’t keep this place open with no money. So I went back to university and finished my vet degree. I added my vet business on the side and help others just like me. More victims wanted to help me, and soon I helped the hunters open another clinic like mine in Alabama. And soon there were clinics like this set up around the entire world. I made the best out of my situation, but I am still scared of the dark, I cannot leave my home without someone with me and I hate small spaces.”

Tears well in my eyes and I feel sorry for Eva. She smiles at me and wipes her own tears.

“Now,” She says clearing her throat, “Let’s get you something to eat.”

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