Black Hollow

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In the town of Boston, James meets the alluring Elene. Struck by her beauty he agrees to join her at her estate; Black Hollow. Come his arrival, he learns of Amelia seconds before she is murdered. As his stay extends, with a mystery unsolved, ominous happenings lead James to question his sanity. The secrets of Black Hollow seep into the walls of the manor and James slowly uncovers them. With each secret, James reveals a dark past; that includes his own.

Horror / Mystery
Myria Candies
4.8 12 reviews
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The blaze was a glory of colors, swirling with the soft winds of the manor. The flickering flames danced silently alongside me. They were closing in, taking the part I knew no longer. I was weary, unable to fight. The spark that was once ignited had seemed to dissolve, evanesce with the winds.

There was nothing left for me but the warmth of the inferno as it devoured my very being. I greeted the hearth, feeling it’s bitter kiss touch the tops of my flesh. In raising my arm, I welcomed the stray flames, letting them use my overcoat for tinder.

I wanted to be freed. To be whole. I needed an escape.

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