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Halloween, a highlight of the year, has come once again to the small town of Hains. Bethanie Cousins, high school royalty and writer-in-secret, just wants to have some fun, possibly do something she normally wouldn’t. After all, next year she’ll be moving to the city for university and everything will change. Dylan Corvall, aspiring photographer and son of the town mayor, wants to use this Halloween to gather some unique shots for his university portfolio. But while he seems to have everything planned, what he doesn’t count on is Bethanie and the whirlwind of an evening she has in store for him. And both are surprised when they meet Florence, the mysterious new girl with a flare for danger. The trio are in for the Halloween of their lives, but little do they know that something supernatural is at work, something that may see one of them dead before the night is out...

Horror / Mystery
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“I lay my eyes on hidden sights,
no matter how thick the dark.
And when accosted with brighter lights,
I’ll pick out the morning star.”

- Excerpt from POEM #65: A LOOK AT THE DETAILS, by Bethanie C.

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