Sarah The Shadow

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Hazel is a young adult female who has a dark past. As she goes through adulthood her memories come back to haunt her.

Horror / Humor
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Chapter 1

RINGGG! I picked up my phone and answered the anonymous caller.

“You can run, but you can’t hide, we the shadows will always find a way to contact you.” “W-w-what do you mean?” I exclaimed.

Unfortunately, the unknown caller hung up. Then a sudden thump on my door caused me to trip and fall. I got up and proceeded to walk cautiously toward the door. I looked into the peephole and saw a black figure about four feet away from me. Then the figure slid a note under the door.

“It’s me, Sarah the Shadow.” I looked through the peephole again only to find a toy on my doorstep. I opened the door and stepped outside. It was an old 1970 wind-up toy. Expect this one had no eyes. There was another thing strange about it though. It kept repeating the same phrase.

“Watch out behind you.”

Neglecting its warning I turned around, I was frozen in place. It’s round red eyes penetrated into my soul. Its slender, curvy body trotted over to me. Then I heard the door slam shut. I broke the window with my fist and jumped out. I ran as fast as I could to my neighbor’s house. As I neared the door Sarah opened the door. She was clutching a pizza in her hand and said in a low voice.

“Want some?”

I turned around to run to my friend’s house. Then I realized that all the street lamps were out. Oh no, I just entered a schizophrenic state.

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