Black Rose

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Clair lives in an old island filled with mysteries and murders. The island is right under the A in Atlantic Ocean. One night, whilst visiting a grave, she’s lured into a perilous journey. One that will change not only her life- but the islands life forever.

Horror / Fantasy
Darcy 📖
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Chapter 1

King Roland sat on his creaky bed, staring out at his ‘ Kingdom’- Cradelgia. You could say it was a kingdom- except that it was just an island in the middle of nowhere. His body was riddled with dismay as he thought if his traitorous brother- Terrowin. He’d gone aginst the kingdom many times. The king clenched his fists. If there needed to be a fight he’d have no hesitation. The door creaked open. Turning around, King Roland saw his wife gliding towards him. Her pearl-white hair was tied back into a tight bun and her Tiara glistened in the moonlight streaming through the window. He immediately unclenched his fists. “ What is wrong, my love?” Queen Letitia asked. She held Roland’s hands. They loved each other very much. “ Terrowin has gone aginst all of Cradelgia too many times. I’m afraid that he’ll try to take my rightful throne.” The king wringed his hands over and over. “ It’s getting late my dear. The moon is above the turrets of our castle. Let’s sleep and think of this when the sun rises.” She went into another room to change. The king stayed on his bed. Staring at the blackened night and the golden stars flickering softly. When the queen had come back in the king placed his cloak upon a hanger and they went to sleep. During the night, an event occurred. An event that shaped Cradelgia forever. In the kingdom there was a wizard secretly working for Terrowin. He owned the book of ‘ Roarknock’- a book that contained every spell, potion, magic trick and ointment known to exist. On that fateful evening, Terrowin went to the wizard- a bearded man named Bero. “ Bero I request that you give me Roarknock at once!” He shouted at the cowering warlock.

“ But Terrowin, you know how much danger this book contains- are you sure?” The anxious mage asked.

“ I’m sure Bero- just give me the damned book!” He roared.

“ Yes sir, right away sir.” The wizard rushed and unlocked a series of complicated locks. He blew on top of ‘ Roarknock’, dust flew off the top and fell slowly to the already dirty ground. Snatching the sacred book out of Bero’s hands, Terrowin marched out of the door. “ What do you intend to do with the book Terrowin?”

“ Teach my brother a lesson!” The wizards face went a deathly pale as he pictured what Terrowin would do to the king.

“ You mustn’t you-,” The door was slammed in Bero’s face. Terrowin made his way to the royal quarters. He tiptoed past the guards. They knew who he was anyway- but better be safe than sorry. When he finally made it to the king and queen’s room he opened Roarknock to the page he wanted. He was going to blackmail the king by doing something to the queen. Terrowin was going to turn the queen into a ghost. He made his way over to the huge bed- the two lovers curled up beside each other- the queen snoring as loudly as a thunderstorm. Terrowin looked down at the sleeping queen. Her pale pink night-robe camouflaging with the pink duvet. Terrowin picked up her hand. Her wedding ring shone in the pale moonlight. He began the spell.

Hon liah griehd gshevdhrid

Dreghf hiflg xez jike ghettwqa fgsiehbd lokamora homara homara homara homara!

The queen suddenly stopped snoring. Her hand felt limp in Terrowin’s hand. A huge ball of green light cocooned the queen and the book. She writhed and wiggled and groaned. When the deed was done Terrowin snuck back out. A grin plastered onto his face. When the sun rose high in the air- marking the morning-, the King sat up. He looked at where the queen was supposed to be laying. Instead a pale, ghost-like figure, cocooned in white light lay in her place. When the king squinted he realised that was the queen. Tears streamed down his cheeks. “ What has Terrowin done to you my love?!” He asked. Suddenly the queen tilted her head and looked at Roland. She said something- but it was silent to the king. “ Guards! Bring Terrowin this instant!” He roared- fire burning in the pupil of his eyes. When Terrowin was brought before the mighty king, Roland immediately started asking him complicated questions.

“ How did you get Roarknock? I know how you poisoned Letitia!” He boomed, grabbing Terrowin’s shirt collar. But the king’s brother stayed silent. “ You fool!” Roland spat. “ Guards- I’m going to banish my ‘ brother’ from Cradelgia forever!” Terrowin laughed, a throaty cackle that horrified the guards. And the king. “ Brother,” Terrowin began, “ Your wife isn’t dead. She’s simply a spirit- a ghost if you like. She can talk and move- she can fly you know. There’s only one way you’ll ever have the real Letitia back. Give me the crown Roland! Or you’ll just have to spell yourself in the same way to be equal with your love.” Roland smacked his brother on the face.

“ Where’s Roarknock?” The kings face was a deep shade of scarlet.

“ Here!” Terrowin dug beneath his blazer and thrust the big book into Roland’s hands. And with that, the guards ushered the traitorous brother to the king out of the hall. Roland dashed up to his quarters and slumped on his bed, trying to stroke his wife’s cheek. But it was no use. His fingers went right through her. He grabbed Roarknock and flicked through the pages until he came to a section about ghosts. One spell was a spell that made you a ghost- but you faded away and turned to dust after a while. The other made you a ghost forever- the king thought this was the spell Terrowin had cast on the queen. After spelling himself, he turned into a ghost king. A skeletal being with a crown on top of his hollow head. Roland could be with his wife once more! But he couldn’t keep the throne. No unroyal being can see a ghost. And because Terrowin knew what happened, he had to be brought back. He told everyone that they were dead. But Roland’s ex-wife knew something he didn’t. Many years passed- Cradelgia fell and rose again. After 50 years, Roland realised he’d put the wrong spell on himself. The queen was slowly fading- the king was not. Terrowin still sat utop the throne. For he was only 29 when he got it. On the 52nd year, the king had to say goodbye to his queen. There final embrace lasted not only a moment- it lasted for 3 hours. As the queen faded, she took Roland’s heart with her. Only after she’d gone, Roland felt anger and depression. He fed off the suffering of others. And as the years went by the king grew more and more despicable. He’d kill and wound for fun. Soon everyone in Cradelgia knew him. The Black rose.

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