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An old farmer plowing his fields, a construction worker sweating in the hot sunshine, a graphic designer working for a firm, an Indian hunting the Great Plains. Nothing is what it appears to be

Horror / Thriller
Joshua HJ Light
Age Rating:

Chapter 1

Cecíl grabbed the shifter like it was the only way to keep his family alive. Sweat poured down the sides of his face, little beads reflecting underneath the street lights in the city.

It was a clear summer night, the temperature not too hot, but warm enough to feel just a little bit sticky from the mid west humidity.

Cecíl gripped the shifter even tighter still. The whites around his knuckles protruding. He let out a long sigh then inhaled quickly several times, followed by another long sigh. With a twitch of his foot he revved his car up, glancing to his left and right at the competition.

Meatheads. Bunch of assholes is what they were. He was going to beat them.

Cecíl closed his eyes as he listened to the sound of his hemi roar to life and echo through the night.

A thin brunette woman walked out in front of the cars. She was scantily dressed, smiling from ear to ear as the crowd on either side of the quarter mile strip Hollered and cheered. She lifted both of her arms, one hand holding a white towel, the motions of her arms caused her shirt to rise up even higher, showing more and more of her flat perfect stomach.

Cecíl’s heart skipped a beat. He revved his engine again and grinned from ear to ear, letting out a howl as he felt the pre race adrenaline course through him.

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