The Haunted House

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Wendi and her sisters move into a new house after their father is told by his work place to move to a small town. Little did they know this small town is hiding from the house Wendi and her family moved into.

Horror / Thriller
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Chapter 1

Wendi is the first one of her siblings, Cindy and Mindy, to walk into their new home for the next two years, their father works for a well-known company and part of his job is to move around and work in different places.

Wendi puts her back down and looks around, the house is two stories, to her left is the kitchen and to her right is the living room, it’s at a good size, but only has a couch that can seat three people. While a chair was pushed right to it, trying to make the couch look just a little bit bigger.

She walks up the stairs, to hear her two siblings walking, talking about some band they like;

“I’m telling you, his smile is amazing!” Said Mindy jumping in front of Cindy, making them both stop in their path;

“But Mindy, look at this, look right here” says Cindy showing Mindy a picture that is open on her phone.

‘Weird Siblings’ thought Windy as she turns her back to continue her hike up the stairs. Her sisters follow not long after.

When they reach the top, they see that there are three hallways; one, which has what looks, likes bedrooms down to the right, the straight head looks like it heads up to the attic while to their left is pitch black, off down more in the hallway they can see a light bulb in the wall.

They press the Butten to turn it on, but it fails to do so;

“Wow, that isn’t creepy one bit” said Cindy still pressing the Butten;

“What should we do? Should we tell dad,” Asks Wendi who is keeping her eyes on the darkness;

“let’s go down there!” said Mindy, curious to do so.

Wendi and Cindy look at their oldest sibling, confused, but also concerted, they have known their whole life that she is weird, but not this weird;

“Mindy, I understand that we all here are blood-related, but your weird” Said Cindy, putting her hand on Mindy’s shoulders;

“But you need help,” She said. Both of them played what looked like a game of don’t blink, it went on for a whole minute, up until Cindy blinked;

“DAMN IT!” She shouted and stamped her foot, making the whole floor and the dark hallway shake, her voice also echoing down the hall.

“Cindy, what did you do?” asked Wendi with one hand on the wall another hand on her sister, Mindy’s shoulder;

“How old is this house?” asks Cindy looking at the floor, seeing that she left an imprint of her shoe;

“CINDY!! WHAT THE HECK!” shouted Mindy worried that their father might see it and get mad, It hasn’t even been 24 hours and Cindy still finds a way to destroy the house.

“GIRLS! Everything okay?” Asked their father from the first floor;

“Yeah, we’re okay Dad” said Wendi and the three of them backed away from the hallway, the group of a sister went to the first floor to see their father looking at their bags just thrown all over the floor.

He looks up at them. Not pleased;

“Girls, do you mind picking up your bags?” He asked as the girls ran over and picked them up.

The girls moved their bags away from the door so no one would trip or fall over; now everyone has been wondering this question;

“Who gets what room?” Asks Mindy, clearly wanting a bed to sleep on, they were told one of the rooms is a master suite, but they don’t know who gets it;

“Let’s go have a look at them, I have a slight idea on who gets what room” He said.

They all as a group, walk up the stairs, the girls start to get worried because he might see Cindy’s destruction.

When they got to the top, Mindy and Cindy ran past him, blocking the way down the pitch-black hall, He looks at his two oldest daughters, confused;

“Why are the both of you over there? Did you fart?” He asked laughing;

“Yes, we farted,” Said Mindy with a convincing smile on her face, that is when they all could smell Mindy’s fart.

“MINDY WHAT DID YOU EAT?” shouted Cindy pitching her nose;

“WHAT DID YOU EAT?” shouted Mindy doing the same.

“Let’s pick our rooms and go back down, follow me, girls,” He said and raced off, with them, following not far behind, when they got to the room hallway, their father allocated their rooms;

“Wendi this one is yours, Mindy, yours is right cross from Wendi’s and Cindy you’re next to Mindy, while I get the master suite which is next to Wendi, but across from Mindy. It's better this way, or you girls will end up fighting,” he said in a stone voice, leaving the girls to unpack their belongings.

Wendi throws her bag on the bed and walks over to the window. She sees the front yard; One-half of the yard is dead while the other half is healthy and green, it really made her confused, why only one half of the yard and not both?

She jumps, coming back to her body, her phone telling her that she has a text. She grabs it and sees that the text is from her male best friend, Tony

To: Wendi
From: Tony

Hey, the town is quiet now that your gone, our small group of friend miss you; Mostly Kylie. Every day she comes to school, she wines about you not being here. We all miss you, it’s quiet without you

She smiles at the message, missing all of her friends dearly.

To: Tony
From: Wendi
Hey Tony! Ha-ha, I didn’t think the town would go so quiet after I left. How is everyone? I miss you all so much, I wish I didn’t have to move but you know, parents and their work right

She hit send and put her phone in her pocket, she leaves her room and goes into Mindy’s room, Mindy has almost finished unpacking while Wendi hasn’t even started.


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