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Jeffrey the Bat 3 Destruction at Hand

By Jeffrey Drummond All Rights Reserved ©

Action / Horror

Flashing Skies

A few weeks after he saved his home… again, Jeffrey the Bat was flying through the night sky, thinking back on everything that so far had brought him here, to who he was today, and why his world was safe. Is this what has really come to be true? He questioned to himself. Only a short time ago, I was a normal person living a safe and happy life. Now I am a well-known, world-class hero, and yet I still can’t seem to grasp the reason why this has happened so fast.

The moon was shining bright, but a sudden minute later, the light faded. Jeffrey could guess that there was only one reason why that happened—Dr. Dark was up to no good once again. So looking up and seeing the Dark Sky above him, Jeffrey flew up to its bridge.

On the bridge of the Dark Sky, Jeffrey did indeed run into Dr. Dark. However this time, he didn’t have Turbine by his side—instead were the seven Storm Dragons!

Jeffrey’s heart skipped a beat when he saw that seven of his friends had actually turned evil! “Doctor, what’s going on?” asked Jeffrey.

“Turbine said that he was born at the beginning of time as good, and that he wished to pursue his objective as being a hero,” answered Dr. Dark.

Jeffrey was puzzled, but he slowly kept speaking. “Um, okay, but why are the seven Storm Dragons here now? Didn’t Tenbra and Turbine raise them to be good?”

“No,” interrupted Infernus, “all they did was entrusting each of us with one individual Power of Stormality.”

“Then if you guys are evil, why did you entrust me with them?”

“We didn’t,” corrected Cycloni, “Tenbra and Turbine did; all we did was unlocking them from inside of you.”

Jeffrey still couldn’t quite grasp the fact that his old friends had turned to the dark side, but then he asked, “So does that mean Turbine is now on my side once again?”

“Yes,” answered Ramus, “but there is one thing none of you guys counted on.”

At that moment, Tenbra the Phoenix and Turbine the Dragon both landed on the Dark Sky. They too were disgusted at their underlings’ betrayal, but all three of them—including Jeffrey—individually were stronger than any of the individual Storm Dragons at any time.

Tenbra pounded his fists, ready to strike them down. “Okay, you guys, you’d better start explaining what’s going on.”

“Tenbra,” groaned Turbine, “just hold on a minute; they should be arriving any minute.”

“Who?” wondered Jeffrey.

“Us!” two voices called. From up in the sky, Lilly and Britney floated down together. Of course, they didn’t possess the Powers of Stormality like Jeffrey, Tenbra, and Turbine, but their magic and psychokinesis each were just as strong.

“So,” scoffed Dr. Dark to Jeffrey, “your friends are now with you, aren’t they: your best friend, your partner-in-time, your girlfriend, and your bitter arch-rival; it looks like the main gang is all accounted for.”

“What is it that you’re so determined about, doctor?” asked Lilly.

Dr. Dark answered by holding his staff towards the seven Storm Dragons, powering up his magic, and unleashing it on all seven of them. Together, Infernus, Cycloni, Ramus, Tonitrui, Lumbra, Blizzar, and Skye drifted up into the sky, and a swirling darkened-rainbow vortex formed around them. It was so powerful that it even lit up the night sky, as if it were broad daylight.

At their home area, Shea was sleeping peacefully, until the extremely bright light shone through her window and woke her up. Her eyes were still sleepy, but when she sensed that the light was powered by Dr. Dark’s magic, she was wide awake immediately! Then she jumped out of her bed and ran off to get everyone else to wake up.

In the living room, Lizzie, Felicia, and Dark Night were still sleepy and having trouble walking right.

“Shea,” yawned Lizzie, “do you know what time it is?”

“It’s two in the morning,” answered Dark Night, yawning.

“So what is it that’s so important?” asked Felicia sleepily.

“Dr. Dark has taken the seven Storm Dragons on his side, and now they are facing Jeffrey with Dr. Dark’s magic at their side. It currently seems like all seven of them are being… mutated together with evil magic.”

Upon hearing this, all three were immediately awake as well; they no longer felt sleepy, but instead they felt an extreme rush of adrenaline.

“What?!” gasped Lizzie.

“If the seven Storm Dragons have sided with Dr. Dark, then this can’t be much worse,” said Felicia, “but at least Turbine’s now on our side.”

Immediately, Dark Night began summarizing a plan. “We’d all better go outside and stay ready for anything that goes wrong, and we’d also make sure everyone else is there, too.”

By the time every one of Jeffrey’s remaining friends was awake and outside their houses in the clearing, the Dark Sky had landed on the floating island Jeffrey had found a while back—this was where Tenbra and Turbine lived, and the reason the island floated in the sky was because it was enhanced by the Powers of Stormality.

Jeffrey and his other four teammates landed on the ground right next to everyone else, because now the vortex was getting stronger and harsher in power.

“What’s going on?” asked Riley.

“The seven Storm Dragons seem to be transforming,” answered Turbine.

And he was right. Inside the vortex, the seven Storm Dragons were floating around, revolving around the center. But soon, the light got so blinding that nobody could see anything for two long minutes.

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