400 Days In The Apocalypse

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It's what it says in the title. This is my story being in the zombie apocalypse for 400 days on my own. My name’s Josie by the way.

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My alarm beeped loudly, waking me from my slumber. I groaned and lazily stretched over my double bed to turn off my alarm that sat on my messy bedside table. I then sighed deeply to myself. Another day of hell, or high school as it’s normally known as. I pulled my covers off me and then got up to start my daily routine. I brushed my long (and messy) black hair and let it flow down my back. I applied some mascara, some dark eyeliner and my favourite black lipstick. I like the colour black. No, it doesn’t mean I’m a goth or an emo. I just like the colour. It’s just me. Me is Josie Walker by the way.

After I brushed my teeth I went back to my small box-shaped bedroom. I heard my mom and dad snoring from their bedroom down the hallway. My mom and dad worked at their antique shop so they didn’t work from 9 till but they did earn a good amount. They didn’t usually wake up to see me go to high school and they don’t know about the pain I get from it. I slowly got dressed in my dark skinny jeans that were ripped at the knees, my black t-shirt and old black boots. I then put on my four skull and spike brackets and leather fingerless gloves. I put my thin and simple black choker on as well as my leather waistcoat and my nose ring. My hair was down at my sides but I decided to put a fishtail braid in it to keep it out of my eyes. I’d probably get it ripped out by the stuck-up mean girls at my school. They all bullied me. Why? Because I’m different from them. I’ve grown up without many friends because I’m different. If human beings weren’t judgemental, then my life would be a lot better.

I walked slowly and almost aimlessly down the stairs with wishes that it snowed heavily, or there was a fire, or even the president of the United States had died! As long as I don’t have to go to school I don’t care. I hated going to that school (Martin spite high that is). I had a good job at the retro record shop in town, I do archery with my Uncle Max and Aunt Cilla at their old country house for hours every weekend. I read a lot and I like to cook and I sometimes go camping with my aunt and uncle as well. Because I did these things, school was useless to me. I’d rather be with them then sat in a classroom with an ancient and boring teacher rambling on about some confusing math problem that I’m never going to use again. They all say that we’ll use it one day. Bull, I’m not a mathematician so get out of here. Sooner then I liked it got to half eight am. I had to be at school at nine and I lived just down the road from it. Time to set off, sadly. I grabbed my black backpack from the hall and exited my house from the back door locking it. I live in a small row of terraced houses that sit in front of a good-sized farm. Around it and my block of houses for miles is nothing but open and slightly over-grown fields. There is a main road to the next town about 40 minutes’ walk from my house and a bus stop exactly opposite my house but apart from that, I live in the middle of nowhere in the state of Washington. A lot of the kids (mostly the bullies) walk past my house to get to school, which as you might think causes problems for me. Speaking of which as I was walking up the rods to school, a group of my bullies found me.

“Hey! Loser!” A high pitched voice called as I walked. I sighed trying to ignore them but sadly they caught up to me. “Do you get your clothes from the trash?” A girl asked with a stupid look on her face. I shook my head trying to walk away from them but another one of them shoved me forward and I nearly fell. They all laughed and walked away from me. That was what I got. Little things, like that that build up inside me and make me want to cry and scream out. I tried to tell the teachers once, but they didn’t do anything. They are just as stupid as the bullies. I got to school with a good 10 minutes to spare. But something I sensed something was strange. Off even. I looked up from the ground to see that there were lots of police cars, some ambulances and lots of people stood around the entrance. I frowned at the unusual sight, as it looked like there’d been a murder, then I felt my mobile phone vibrate in my pocket. I took it out and saw that I got a text from my mom. It said, in capital letters: COME HOME NOW JOSIE! I stopped in my tracks and texted my mom back: Why? I’m at school now? She soon texted me back: JUST GET HOME! I chose to listen to my mom because A, she’s my mom and B, I could avoid hell for a day. Putting my phone away I turned around with a little smile of glee on my face to go home. That smile however disappeared when I saw that there was someone stood in front of me. It was a guy that looked like he’d been sleeping in the forest for a few weeks. He was hunched over and stunk of rotting blood. He stood like he was drunk a little and also his eyes were pure white. No pupil or colour. His skin was pale and there was a nasty looking wound on his neck. I frowned at the weird moaning and groaning noises he was making too.

“Are you okay?” I asked him. He groaned then in a flash grabbed hold tightly of my arm with his cold grubby hand. I fought against him thrashing my arm and he groaned more then he brought his yellow teeth down onto my shoulder. I screamed out in pain. He bit me! What the heck?! I shoved him off me and he fell to the ground. “What the hell!” I yelled at him and from behind me, I heard ear-splitting shrieks and cries of pain from the school entrance behind me. I looked to see that people were now screaming and running around like a load of mad people. It was horrific to look at. I wanted to get out of there now. I clutched my injured shoulder and started to stumble as quickly as I could. My head quickly started to feel like it was spinning around and around, but I was still aware of people rushing past me frantically and yelling ‘run’ or ‘move’ along with screaming and a horrifying growl behind me. Just keep going Josie, just move, I told myself. It took me nearly 15 minutes to get to the main road. My school was on a lane that wasn’t that long but because of my injury, I was a lot slower. Around me, I saw other more people running from others that looked like the guy that bit me. That stupid biter! Huh, biter. That’s what I’ll call them for now, because no person would bite people!

“Josie?” A voice called. I turned my head weakly to look behind me and saw my Uncle Max in his car and someone that was his and my Dad’s friend Steve. “Are you okay?” He asked as he got out of his car. I shook my head almost lifelessly.

“Whoa, dude! She’s been bitten!” Steve yelled and he pointed a handgun at me. I jumped back a little in shock. Yeah, I got bitten by some random psycho ill guy but I’m not gonna die! Uncle Max must have thought that as well because he leapt in front of me and held up his hands in defence.

“Steve! Calm down it might not be that recent!” Uncle Max begged. What the hell is he talking about?

“Not that recent?” I asked uncle max confused. He sighed and turned around to face me.

“When were you bitten, Josie?” He asked.

“About 15 minutes ago, 20 tops,” I replied.

“It takes 10 seconds for someone to change! That’s impossible for her to be bitten and not changed yet!” Steve yelled back.

“Steve, Josie’s a good kid. She wouldn’t lie.” Uncle Max said and Steve sighed deeply.

“You’re right, sorry Josie, sorry Max.” Steve apologise and I nodded to him once. Normally Steve was okay with me and he was friendly, But right now he looked like he’d seen a ghost.

“Uncle Max, what’s going on?” I asked as he helped me into the back seat of his car.

“We’re not sure Josie. Right now we’re gonna take you home okay?” He told me and I nodded. Uncle Max climbed into the driver seat and Steve got into the passenger. We then drove quickly to my house and outside was my mom and dad cutting up wooden boards and hammering them to the windows. The family car was parked outside the small front garden as well.

“Josie!” My mom exclaimed hugging me tightly. I hugged her back weakly.

“Mom, I’ve been bitten,” I said and she gasped then looked at my uncle Max.

“She’s not turned,” Max said and my Mom sighed in relief. Turned?

“Come with me, Josie.” My mom said and she grabbed my arm and started to stride around the side of our block of houses to the drive that ran up the back of the houses then stopped at a garage. On the left of the drive were the houses and to the right were the large back gardens. Ours had some plants in it and my old cat Mr socks was buried there. We went into the back door and I noticed that there were some wooden planks on the windows. Mom closed the back door behind me and she hugged me again.

“Mom, what’s happening?” I asked and she sighed.

“Something really bad Josie.” She said then picked up the tv remote. She then turned on the tv onto the news and it showed scenes of mayhem and fear as people of all kinds were running from their cars in cities and towns from other people that looked like the guy who bit me. Also, there were unfocused shots of dead bodies lying open on the floor and people screaming in pain and getting ripped apart and, eaten alive by biters. Why the hell were they eating people?!

“Authorities have reported that the infected part of the population have shown high rates of violence causing riots and horrific fighting in the streets. Police and the army have tried to keep control but are struggling to do so. We’ll have word from the American government who are rumoured to be declaring a state of emergency.” A female’s voice stated over the footage. When she finished my mom turned off the tv.

“Oh my god,” I whispered in pure disbelief.

“Your dad and I went into town to get as many supplies as we could and we saw people turning into these, things,” my Mom began.

“What things?” I asked and she frowned but nodded.

“These people were turning into monsters that eat people within 10 seconds flat Josie. I timed it myself.” Mom said and took my hands in hers.

“You haven’t turned yet. You’re a lucky one Josie, somehow, but you need to be careful and stay safe.” My mom said letting go of my hands. She then strode from the living room to the hallway.

“Where are you going?” I asked following her. My injury didn’t hurt as bad but I still struggled to walk after her a little.

“With your dad, Uncle Max and Steve to get your aunt Cilla and some more supplies. There’s plenty of food and water in the cellar and kitchen and you know where the weapons are. Stay safe Josie, I love you.” My mom said and left out the front door leaving me alone forever. They all died in a car crash coming back with my aunt Cilla. I saw them with my own eyes as they drove back towards the house with at least 10 biters chasing them. I nearly broke down where I stood but I knew I had to stay safe. It was the apocalypse after all now.

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