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Three friends are brought to a nightmare world against their will. Join Devlyn and his two friends Sam and Desmond as they try to escape their nightmarish prison

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Chapter 1

It was the beginning of a perfect day, birds chirping and flying through the air, kids running home or getting on the school bus after a long day at school; but there were still some kids waiting to be picked up or just goofing around. Devlyn and his friends, Samuel and Desmond, were sitting under a tree enjoying the shade at their school yard and talking about how awesome each of their summers were going to be.

"My family and I are going to the Bahamas after we spend the week on a yacht we own." Sam boasted (he was the rich kid in this little group but his demeanor, attitude and personality said otherwise) He was jumping up and down, excitedly; his curly blonde hair going all over the place, with his blue eyes all sparkly he looked at the other two boys gleefully. "What about you guys? What are y'all doing?"

"Well, we certainly aren't going on an expensive trip like that," Desmond said, looking up from the book he now had his nose buried in. He pushed his glasses back into place and looked at Sam with his sharp eyes. Unlike Sam, Desmond was the smart one who was always very serious. As he looked at the two boys in front of him, he pushed his straight black hair back out of his face and sighed deeply, "But if you really want to know, my family and I are going on a trip to visit my grandparents in Japan and we won't be back until the break is over."

Desmond's mother was originally from Japan; but when she met his father, who was studying abroad, she fell in love with him and they soon married. She came to live in Texas with him.

"Come on its not that expensive," Sam whined.

"Says you," Devlyn chimed in crossing, his arms and pouting a little, his hazel eyes looking all the more innocent when he did that. He was the only one who couldn't afford trips like the ones his friends are going on, he and his family weren't the richest people around, but they always did what fun things they could afford. "The most expensive trip I've been on is one to Dallas and it's not that far away from where we live," he was right in saying that they only lived four hours away and the little city they lived in wasn't the most exciting one ever.

"Well, I could try to convince my parents to let you come with us."

"Dude, are you serious? That would be amazing!" Devlyn exclaimed jumping up and down and squealing like a little school girl. Realizing how he was acting he stopped, fixed his shirt, then trying to act sophisticated he lifted his chin and said "I mean that would be cool." He always jumped at the chance to go with Sam and his family on trips to different places.

"Hey! Watch out!" someone yelled from across the school yard.

Unfortunately Devlyn didn't react in time and was beaned on the head.

"OW! Where the heck did that football come from!? Who threw it in the first place!? I swear they better learn how to throw better!" he cried stomping around and holding his head.

"Hey man I'm sorry my hand kind of slipped when I threw that ball," it was the star football player Jason he came running, apologizing.

Oh crap, thought Devlyn I sure hope he didn't hear me say any of that earlier. He smiled at Jason bashfully "Yeah no prob' um stuff happens," his face was as white as a board, as he prayed please don't let him have heard me, please don't let him have heard me, pleeeeaaaaaasssssssseee.

"Hey do you think he heard you?" Sam whispered in his ear.

Devlyn jumped and looked at Sam who just looked at him curiously. He had surprised Devlyn.

How did he know what I was thinking? Devlyn pondered this.

"Well, anyways, can I have my ball back?" Jason asked holding out his hand.

"Oh! Yeah sure, here," Devlyn handed him the ball a bit too hurriedly

The football player took the ball and turned running back to his pals.

As he got further away Devlyn let out a breath he did not even know he was holding.

"Dude, you looked like you were going to wet your pants," Sam laughed at him pointing his finger at Devlyn who, in turn, looked down bashfully.

"Yeah I seriously thought he heard what I had said," Devlyn admitted

"Devlyn!" his mom called from the car waving her arms to him gesturing him over "It's time to go now say goodbye and get in the car!" she may have said it all sweet but Devlyn could tell she meant get in the car now.

"See you after summer break is over Desmond and have fun in Japan. Oh! Sam, be sure to get in touch with me when you ask your parents if I can go," he smiled brightly waving to them as he turned to leave.

Devlyn finally home collapsed on his bed and breathed out thankfully "Dude, finally summer break, the day seemed far too long, I feel like I can sleep the year away," saying that he changed into his Master Chief pajamas turned out his light, jumped into bed, and closed his eyes. What Devlyn didn't know was that somewhere in his room someone as dark as the night was watching and smiling.

"Oh my dear Devlyn don't worry your sleep will feel like more than a year," the figure whispered and slowly faded into the shadows of the night.

Waking with a start Devlyn shot up from his bed

Where am I? This isn't my room, how the heck did I get here? He thought, as he realized his surroundings were no longer his room, filled with posters, and a lava lamp in the corner on his desk. Instead in their place was an eerie street with only one street light and a bunch of old buildings looming over him like giant ghosts. Getting up out of the bed he realized that he wasn't in his pajamas but a new pair of clothes and was also wearing shoes "Okay, enough standing around, its time to explore this creepy place and find out what's going on," calling out to no one in particular; he decides to take a look in the buildings surrounding him. In each building it was the same; empty, falling apart and uninviting to whomever would enter their confines.

But there was one sound that you could barely make out it was the soft sounds of sobbing. It seemed to be coming from all directions and in each one of the buildings. He followed the sobbing as best he could until he was out in the open again. Under the lone street light was something very unusual. Huddled in a ball was a small figure, a figure that wasn't there when he first appeared in this old town.

"Hello?" he called out getting no response from said figure "Hello, are you okay? Are you lost?" making his way to the figure.

He stopped short as a strange fear began creeping into him, brushing it off as nothing but his imagination he started back to the figure, and once again slowly but surely it grew as he came closer he began to shake, a little frightened at what he might find. As he neared the figure he realized it was a small boy who was crying, calming down he reached out his hand slowly but before he made contact the boy gave a small giggle. Alarmed Devlyn drew back his hand hastily he stared wide-eyed at the boy for a few seconds as the boy giggled softly, slowly stood up and took off running towards an amusement park. Still a little unsure of what was going on and how he ended up in this abandoned town in the first place, Devlyn took off after the boy still worried about why he had been crying and why he had started giggling out of nowhere.

Desmond woke up grumpy looking around, "where in the world am I? How the heck did I end up in a place like this?" rubbing his eyes and yawning he climbed out of bed and stood on the asphalt road, and barely realizing he didn't have his glasses he began to freak out "ah! My glasses where did they go? Where are they they're not here I need my glasses!" after trying to calm himself down a bit he looked around until he found them underneath his pillow.

The he finally took a look at his surroundings for the first time with clear vision, old buildings were surrounding him on either side that had broken windows on some of them and paint was chipping off of the buildings from old age.

"How peculiar I wonder how my bed ended up in a place like this last I remember is that I just put my glasses on my desk and went to sleep. Wait my glasses were on my desk how in the world did they end up under my pillow. What is going on around here?" then in the distance came the familiar sound of amusement park music, "Now why on earth is there the sound of an amusement park in the middle of an old town such as this? Well, there's nothing else to do, I guess I will go and investigate," running off towards the music he passed more ancient buildings and an occasional store as he neared the mysterious theme park. In his haste he failed to see another figure running very fast at him and in another second they collided.



"Hey watch where you're going!" the kid he just ran into yelled at him

"What do you mean where I'm going? Last I checked you ran into me!" then finally the kids voice registered in his brain and he finally took a look at who it was he ran into "Devlyn!? What are you doing here?"

The other boy also realized that the boy he ran into was Desmond "What do you mean what am I doing here I thought that I was in a dream of mine,"

"Me too, Well I guess that we were both wrong, but that aside we should probably stick together while we are in this place,"

"Sure I need to find a little boy though I think he headed towards the theme park over there"

"No way that's exactly where I was going to, as well! I'll help you look for him since we need to stick together besides I think you will be able to find him faster with my help.

"Sure that would be great! Well let's get going we won't get anywhere just standing here"

As they made their way to the amusement park a lone figure watched from the shadows chuckling quietly to itself "Flawless, my design is falling pleasantly into place" throwing back their head, they laughed menacingly the still night air broke as an eerie wind broke out carrying with it a billowing fog and just like that the figure sank into the shadows dissolving until nothing of him remained but the laugh lingering in the air.

"But mom I don't want to go to school its summer vacation" Sam yawned clearly talking in his sleep, "Wait I don't want to wear a dress! AH!" He sits up screaming "oh? It was just a dream whew, wait this isn't my room where am I oh! Is this an amusement park how fun!" in his excitement he hears the sound of laughter coming from somewhere in the park "man it sounds like someone is having fun I think I will go and join them! Wait for me I want to have fun too" and with that he takes off running not even considering how on earth he ended up in the park in the first place.

Following the laughter Sam rounds many old game booths with toys in them that were deteriorating with time and many of the rides looked broken down and falling apart but he paid them no heed and kept going until he came up to an old and slightly broken hall of mirrors the paint was chipping off and shards of broken glass scattered on the floor and from the inside Sam could hear the laughter of children and people calling his name,

"They're calling me how nice they want me to join them, I'm coming don't worry I'm almost there,"

and as if in a trance he slowly made his way to the fun play place that was now old and falling apart gradually one foot stepped in front of the other with the sound of glass breaking under his feet and from the shadows in the hall of mirrors came small hands that started to pull him in.

"Sam, come in Sam we want to have fun,"



"Oh Sam come to us."

The voices called out one by one hauntingly beckoning them to join them in their old house of mirrors.

"I'm coming wait for me, don't worry I want to have fun" Sam whispered edging his way closer and closer to them while a wisp smile flitted across his face.

"Sam!" someone to the side of him called his name indistinctly but he did not respond and kept walking.

"Don't listen to them Sam come have fun with us, come Saaaaa-."

"SAM!" again no response then the person went and grabbed his arm and pulled him to face them and their companion as soon as they did he snapped out of his trance and the laughter and voices calling out to him vanished without a trace.

"Hey we have been calling you what's the matter with you!?" Desmond yelled at him with a worried expression.

"Man you look awful, what happened to you?" Devlyn pointed out.

And as if their presence just registered in his mind he finally spoke to them.

"Whoa what are y'all doing here? Were y'all the ones in there laughing and calling my name in the hall of mirrors?"

"What are you talking about we just got into this cool looking theme park"

Sam looked around clearly confused "what's so awesome about it, it's old and run down and most of its falling apart."

"What are you talking about? No it looks completely new," Desmond stated

"Well you sir clearly need to get your eyes checked I mean look you guys" he grabbed Desmond and Devlyn by their faces and made them look around

“What just happened, everything just turned old and gross looking, can you see this Desmond?" Devlyn exclaimed

"Yes in fact I can what in the world happened here everything changed when you touched us Sam I cannot believe that you were seeing this all this time" Desmond stated incredulously I can't believe that just happened, but what was in the house of mirrors he was talking about before? Something just doesn't feel right about this place.

"Oh well I didn't realize everything looked this way until a few seconds ago but yeah I guess I did see it a lot sooner than you I wonder why y'all couldn't see like this before I touched you?" duuuuddddeee this place is ugly wow no wonder no one is here hahahahahaha.

While they were speculating on why this has happened from the far end of the park they could hear the sound of a carousel playing 'pop goes the weasel.'

"Where is that music coming from?” Devlyn inquired

"I don't know but I dot think we should go and check it out. So let’s just get down to the bottom of things and try to find a way out."

"But if there is someone there they will probably be able to help us."

Desmond and Devlyn go at it back and forth trying to decide on whether to go or not.

The two of them stop talking as Sam begins to sing the lyrics to match the tune.

"All around the mulberry bush the monkey chased the weasel; the monkey thought 'twas all in good fun Pop! Goes the weasel." And like the time before he followed the sound without paying any heed to his stupefied friends who called after him

"Sam where are you going?" Devlyn called to him and tried grabbing his arm

"Sam can't you hear us? Helloooo? Saaam?"

They tried snapping in his face and pulling his arm but nothing work all he and Desmond could do is follow their friend and make sure nothing bad happened to him.

"Why is he acting this way again Desmond?"

"I don't know why maybe something is controlling and manipulating him. But all we can do now is follow him and make sure he will be okay."


"No Devlyn I know what you're thinking I want to stop him too but we already tried that so try to just wait and watch what happens okay?"

"Fine I'll try." Devlyn said defeated.

As they kept going they slowly neared the carousel that had put their friend in a trance as they arrived Sam went back to normal.

"Whoa how did we end up here weren't we just by the house of mirrors?"

"What are you talking about? You just walked off without saying anything we tried to stop you but you just kept going," Devlyn told their confused friend

Sam looked at Desmond for confirmation thinking that Devlyn was messing with him, but what he was hoping for didn't come true.

Desmond nodded his head "He's right Sam as soon as the music on the carousel started playing you went into a sort of trance that we couldn't get you out of so we followed you here."

"N- No way why would that happen?" the sound of Sam's voice was both confused and terrified and he started to shake like a leaf.

They looked at the carousel, round and round it went the horses bobbing up and down and for some strange reason it didn't seem like a normal happy carousel but seemed more eerie and uninviting as the old horses made their rounds. And once again the tune of 'pop goes the weasel' played

“All around the mulberry bush the monkey chased the weasel; the monkey thought 'twas all in good fun-.” they all sang together and as it reached its climax another voice came from somewhere singing the last of it

"Pop! Goes the weasel." Came the deep voice croaky and evil then came a laugh that would make even a grown man shake in fear "Heee heee HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAhA" the laugh came from the carousel and as they looked at it, the carousel slowly came to a stop hold one passenger.

Alone hidden in the back with his legs crossed and holding an umbrella. His face was hidden in the shadows but as they stepped closer and closer closing in the distance between them and the figure his clothing began to show.

He was wearing a clown suit that was the wrong colors, instead of happy red and green and colors of the rainbow it was black, with Gray and white stripes his clown shoes were black and looked like they were splattered with blood. The sight of him made the boys want to run and cower in fear, but they couldn't they were frozen in place from their fear and all they could do was watch him.

Slowly he stood and made his way out of the shadows revealing an ugly painted clown face, and his red hair sticking out of his head went everywhere. His lips curled into a sick twisted smile showing his hideous jagged teeth, and the look in his eyes was anything but sane.

"Hee hee HAHAHAHA, glad to see you all made it to my theme park I hooope you had a good time getting here" he said in a deep and croaky voice he was laughing nonstop his abnormally long tongue stuck out licking his lips "my name is Bobo the Clown pleased to meet you three I have watched y'all and waiting for this moment for a long time, you see I'm very lonely here all by myself."

The three petrified boys were frozen in place not knowing what to do they could only gape at the disfigured clown

What's going on? Why can't I move? I don't want to be here I don't want to look at that hideous thing anymore Devlyn thought as he frantically tried to move his arms that refused to budge.

As the hideous thing cackled and chattered to them Desmond looked closer he could see the white paint that was on horrible things face was chipping off of its face just like the paint on the old buildings.

Desmond was the first to speak to the creepy looking clown even though he was clearly terrified and shaking out of control oh please don't kill me for speaking to you please pleeeeaaaaaasssssssseee don't I want to live another day.

"What do you mean? Did you bring us here?" he managed to choke out whew I did it good job me.

The evil clown looked down at him beaming amused that Desmond had talked to him "Why yes my dear boy as I told you before I have waited for this moment for a very long time now," he said in his scratchy voice. he then turned to the other two boys and spoke to them "Now what's the matter your acting as if you have never seen a clown before HAHAHAHAHAHA!" he laughed maniacally, "Come now Sam I know you usually have lots of things to say you are a hyperactive boy" he grinned down at the boy who only flinched and looked at him wide-eyed.

"Uh sir why did you bring us here," he questioned voice shaking with every word he spoke which made the clowns smile curl even wider if that was even possible mommy I want my mommy I shouldn't be here I should be on my yacht enjoying my summer.

"OH my dear boy stop your shaking your supposed to be here to have FUN!" he yelled the word 'fun' and clapped his hands together, the rides then sprang to life creaking the rusted metal that made them and on the rides that had lights they flickered "Now you three be sure to enjoy yourselves because y'all will be here for a very long time, “he chuckled to himself "oh and Devlyn remember you said you could sleep for a year well let me tell you, you will certainly have you're wish because you and your friends will never be able to leave my park of horrors so enjoy your stay if you can." And with that Bobo disappeared leaving with a cackle that chilled the boys to the bone.

They all stared in disbelief at what had just happened. Was there really an evil clown there just now? Was this even a dream at all? So many questions that need to be asked and so many unanswered

What are we going to do Desmond you're the smart one what are we going to do I can't stay here forever I just can't!" Sam exclaimed then burst into tears his shoulders shaking I want to go home I just want to leave this horrible place

"I- I don't know Sam I just don't know," Desmond said defeated why can't I think of anything my mind is as blank on what to do as a white sheet of paper

"Well I don't know about you guys but I want to get out of here so if you're with me we are going to escape so stop crying and man up we will get out of here." Devlyn exclaimed "Now let's get going we need to know more about this place before we can get out of here." man what am I doing I'm giving them false hopes but I can't have them giving up just yet.

And with that the boys ventured off not knowing what they will do to escape from their prison but they were certain of two things, they will not be there forever and they will defeat that evil clown if it was the last thing they did.

But little did they know that in the shadows he was there watching, listening to every word said.

“Until we meet again” he cackled one last evil cackle and vanished into the cold and crisp night air.

“Until We Meet Again.”

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