As I Lied Awake

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Odette has just moved to the washington state with her three daughters, Trying to ignore the trauma they underwent in the past. With a new move that means new home. Only, odette can’t help feel that her home isn’t very homely. Each night odette finds herself lulled to sleep by voices and lives in her worst nightmare. When she wakes apart of that nightmare comes to life. She fights each night to stay alive, fearing one night will be her last. A plague of hauntings begin to take over Odette and all she loves; including her children. A story of letting go.

Horror / Thriller
Myria Candies
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Chapter 1- The Move

The sun was beginning to set and I was just about finished moving the stuff out of the back of our truck. My girls were more than helpful. With cheery faces the girls moved the lighter boxes for me. Hazel’s face lit up the most out of all of them. She was the most excited for our new start.

“Mommy?” Hazel questioned, placing a small hand on my own.

“Yes, my love?” I stared into my daughter’s muddy eyes, they were full of hope and dreams. She wore a huge grin as she motioned with a finger for me to bend forward.

I bent down slowly, a smile on my own face as Hazel planted a sloppy wet kiss on the cheek, “I know your sad about daddy, mommy, but you should be happy because you have us!” Hazel threw her arms around my neck and I lifted her up off the ground. Her small legs wrapped around my waist as I felt the impact of something hit my back.

I turned to see my other little monster, Olivia, she was grabbing at my shirt and crying, “Mommy!” Olivia sobbed, “Mommy, Bianca won’t give me the best room!”

I couldn’t help laughing as Hazel laced her hands around my neck and held on tightly. I bent down once more, feeling Hazel’s arms wrapped tightly around me like a monkey. I gently placed my hand on Olivia’s shoulder. Her brightly colored eyes reminded me of their father who passed away just a few months ago. I could still see the sadness in my daughter’s silver irises.

“Let’s go talk to her, together.” I told Olivia, russling her hair and grabbing her hand.

With one child holding on to me for dear life and another seething with rage we walked toward our new home. The neutral colors of navy and maroon made the house look darker. Our new victorian home stood two stories with a balcony at the front.

I watched the curtains move from one of the upstairs windows as a hand grabbed at them. Little Bianca’s face peeked out from behind. I glared up at her making her close the windows and retreat back into the house.

I climbed the steps onto the porch and opened the door to the new home. The doorknob was made of crystal and as I turned it, it creaked. I noticed on the side of the doors there were two horseshoes.

Ignoring it, I walked inside, Hazel jumped off my back and ran up the long spiraling stairs. The relator said they were replaced a few years back because of a terrible creaking that was coming from them. I watched Hazel take each step, screaming happily. Her scream echoed throughout the house causing Olivia to let go of my hand as well.

“I want to try!” She shouted and began to scream with her sister. I took the opportunity of growing peace and quiet to look around the house once more.

The moment we saw the listing, it seemed like it was fate to move here. I had recently got myPh. D in psychology and was beginning to do sessions at home so I was able to be closer with my girls. I needed my own space and the girls did not want to be reminded of what they called home any longer.

My husband died two years ago and we were all still grieving. I loved him with all I had and when he went the love did not go with him. He died of colon cancer that we did not catch in time. My girls and I were utterly destroyed.

Spending time in our old home in Mississippi was too unable for us. So, I went back to school to keep my mind from wandering. To stay stable, for my girls. I finished my degree and found this beautiful home in Washington.

We traveled across the country, it was a tiring journey and stressful beyond all means but, rewarding. When my girls and I pulled up to the house I watched all of their eyes light up.

As I walked to the entrance of the dining room, I noticed the fine wood work of the house. From what the relator said, everything was mahogany except for the kitchen. I smoothed my hand over the glistening wood as I stared at the stunning layout of the dining room.

We bought this home with it’s furniture included which was more than a great deal. I fell in love with the long polished table and couldn’t help imagining my family sitting there enjoying a nice meal together once more, including David.

I brushed the thought away and traced my fingers along the tops of the chairs finding myself in front of the large bay window. I sat in the little nook and placed a hand on the window.

I sighed in relief that we had made it to our new home but worried for my girls safety. That’s when I heard a scream from upstairs. I ran out of the room and climbed up the stairs at the speed of light. I looked through each room frantically when I heard the scream once more.

At the end of the hall I climbed the small set of stairs that led to my new office. I opened the door, it hit the wall with a thud and saw Bianca standing there with tears running down her face.

“What happened?” I asked, moving to comfort my oldest daughter, I held her close to my chest.

“I thought I heard you so I came here.” She told me, whimpering in between each word, “I came to see you but it wasn’t you.” She sobbed.

I jolted from shock as I began to lead us out of the room, “What do you mean, baby?” I asked her as we descended the stairs once more.

“I saw a woman standing in the room, mom.” Bianca whispered, sniffling, “She was weird.” She told me.

I thought about what my daughter said and retreated back into the room. As a walked in, I felt chills rush down my spine. I felt the coldness of the air graze my face as I looked around. There was nothing. Only bookshelves, my desk and a lounge chair for my patients.

I emerged down the stairs for the third time to find Bianca rubbing her eyes and collecting herself, I leaned down, “No scary monsters in there I made sure of it.” I kissed her forehead, “I’m sure we are all just tired.”

I noticed the light had changed about the house. Everything seemed darker, I looked to my daughter and stood up, “Hey, why don’t we go get some pizza! Then, we can come home and sleep in our new beds!”

Bianca nodded, unsure of what to say. A small smile danced around her lips but I noticed something was off about Bianca. I thought about what my daughter had said and worried about my girls once more.

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