The 3AM Man

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Jeremy, I always like that ending.

Lina uttered while both eyes focused on Jeremy's drowsy eyes.

Let's go sleep now Lina. Tomorrow's going to be another exciting day.

Jeremy said to Lina while covering himself with the checkered blanket. And the young Lina said her prayers before closing her eyes to sleep.

Get up my lovies. Breakfast is ready!

Mom, five more minutes.

Jeremy begged.

While Lina jumped and hugged her Mom tightly.We'll wait for you downstairs Jeremy.

And as Glenda was heading down the stairs while carrying Lina, she paused.

And by the way Jeremy, were you banging the door last night? Wait, I can't remember what time was that. I didn't come out of bed because I was thinking you two were just playing.

Jeremy was awakened out. He was asleep the whole night and haven't even heard the noise.

Ok I get it Mom. I'm going downstairs.

Mom must be joking.

Jeremy said to himself.

Bye Mom. Love ya!

Where's my kiss?

Lina kissed Glenda on the right cheek but Jeremy just waved.

Take care of your sister Jeremy.

Jeremy nodded while heading towards the bus, with Lina holding his right hand.

Bye Mom!

Lina said while peeking out of the school bus' window.

Now, off from the window Lina. Are you excited to school today?

Jeremy was killing the time by having a chitchat with Lina. But not a response from her younger sister.

How was school baby?

After Lina kissed and hugged Glenda, she didn't answer yet ran off towards her bag.

Before I left Lina in her classroom, they were having their art class Mom.

Really Lina? Let Mom see what you drew.

But before Lina was about to hand the sheet of paper to her mom, Jeremy peeked a bit of what was drawn on it. It was just all black.

Wow. Did you draw this yourself Lina?

Ahuh. Do you like it Mom?

Mom was confused about what Lina drew. She was being unsure what it really was.

Of course baby. But, what really is this?

Glenda has her eyes fixed to Lina's waiting for her answer. But Lina was muted, then she started to cry.

Oh no baby. I was just asking what really it was but it's beautiful darling. Stop crying now.

And Lina turned her crying to a whimper. Glenda carried Lina and looked towards Jeremy. Eyes showing worriedness.

Now, go upstairs and get changed. I will prepare dinner. You too Jeremy.

Uh, okay Mom.

Jeremy sounded uncertain and just stared Lina walk up the first 6 steps of the stairs before he followed.

Jeremy, I have something to ask from you. Can you tell me what Lina has been doing these days?

Glenda whispered to Jeremy with Lina on the far side of the entertainment room. Lina was holding her tablet playing her favorite game. And as Jeremy was about to answer his Mom's question, his Dad arrived.

Who missed daddy so much?


All of them went to Barry and gave a big hug.

How are you Hon?

Work was fine Hon. But now that I'm here. I'm more than okay.

Barry gave a wink to Glenda.

And of course, my baby. Did you miss daddy, Lina?

Hmm. Not that much Papa. But I'm happy you're here.

Aww. You're just kidding right?

Glenda and Jeremy looked at each other.

Anyway, I have something just for you baby. Here it is.

A necklace. Yayy. Thanks Papa.

Lina was so happy with the necklace, then she walked back to the couch. Then she set it aside and picked up the tablet again.

Maybe you want to wear it baby?

And as Barry was about to pick the necklace, Lina just shoved the necklace and clasped it with her right hand.

Ah, Hon. Dinner's ready. I prepared a special dinner for everyone.

Ok Hon. Come on Lina.

And everyone went to the kitchen for dinner.

Barry was still worried about what Lina just acted earlier before the dinner.

Hon, am I missing some of the happenings in this house?

Ah, no, not really Hon. Everything's just fi..

Aaaaaahh!..Barry's and Glenda's hearts skipped a beat.

The screamings came from their children's room. Barry ran out of their room and dashed up the stairs towards Jeremy's and Lina's room. Glenda running but was left behind.

What's happening here?

Dad. Lina won't just go to sleep.

Barry was disappointed. Walked towards Lina's bed and sat beside her.

Baby. It's late. You have to go to sleep.

But I want a story Papa.

Lina begged. Ready to start crying.

Ok. I'll tell you a story about a Princess in a far away castle. Once upon...

Not that story Papa. I want Jeremy's story.

Heard that Jeremy. Your sister wants to hear your story. Please do it. I'm too tired from work. I'm counting on you son. Goodnight.

Goodnight guys. Stop fighting okay? Tomorrow's another exciting day.

And Barry and Glenda kissed Lina and Jeremy goodnight, then they went out of the room and closed the door.

Jeremy deeply sighed and started storytelling.

Let me finish the story Jeremy. Let me.

And as Jeremy was about to end his storytelling, Lina suggested to let her continue the story. She sounded excited and thrilled.

...And as Lina was about to launch herself towards Jeremy,...

That was not a dream....

he plunged the scissor to his neck.

The end!

Jeremy was a bit shocked about what Lina just said. The story he made himself supposedly to scare Lina but now that she's used to it, she seems to like it the more I tell it to her.

You are silly Lina. Now, go to sleep. Goodnight my little sister.

And Jeremy kissed Lina goodnight before turning off the lights.

Good night Jeremy.

Jeremy was awaken.

He felt a cold thing on his right hand.

He turned on the lamp and then took off a part of the blanket that covers his right arm with his left hand.

He blinked once to clearly see what was he holding.

Then seconds until an image registered in his vision.

No way.

To his surprise, it was a scissor.

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