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You Are What You Eat

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Blake. He had a rough past with his family, then he was homeless. But when a kind girl invites him into her big home with nice sisters, was his luck finally turning around? He was finally at a place where he could sleep safe and soundly. But was it really as safe as he thinks? And why don't they want him going in the basement? SHORT HORROR

Katie M.
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I sat on the railroad as the rain came pouring down on me. I slid myself down and hoped it would just go away.

I wish I had a home to go to, well, I mean I do. But I ran away from there and I never want to go back. I'd much rather be here alone on the streets than to go home with my abusive brothers.

My parents died in a car crash about a year ago, leaving me alone with my two older brothers. I was the youngest boy in the house. I'm seventeen and my brothers are well into their twenties. They don't even care about me. If they did, they wouldn't be beating me up all the time and saying harsh things to me. I didn't wanna be there anymore.

I was blinded by bright car lights flashing right on me. I squinted my eyes and tried to block the lights from my eyes. It looked like the car was just turning the corner I'm at, but it came to a stop. I heard a car door and heels clinking on the street. I saw the silhouette of a woman in front of the car lights and then she eagerly walked over to me. It was still dark and hard to see her but she walked right up to me, crossing her arms and shivering as she doesn't have a coat on.

"Are you okay? What are you doing out here all alone without a coat?" She asked. Almost in a shout-voice. All you could hear was the rain pouring onto the ground and trees and the sound of cars and traffic in the distance.

"I'm fine." I replied. Only I wasn't. I was freezing and definitely did not want to go home. It was too far anyway.

"Where's your house? Do you need a ride home?" She asked.

"I don't have a home," I replied and I meant it. My house is not my home anymore. I will never return. I'm done.

It was silent for about a minute, all you heard was the rain and cars passing by, splashing water on us both. The woman shivered and my clothes were completely soaked through; there was no way I could feel warm right now.

"Why don't I take you to my place? At least for a while? I just feel bad for you out here by yourself. And you can eat dinner with us." She said and I think she smiled too. Us? I assumed maybe it was her boyfriend or husband or whatever. I didn't think too much of it.

I sighed, getting up and walking over to the passenger side of the car while the girl took the driver's seat. The car light lit up inside, and I could see her clearly. She had bleached-blonde hair and a warm smile. The car was pretty warm too, and it smelled like vanilla and sugar. The radio was on, playing some Adele song that I think I've heard before. It was turned down low so I couldn't really make out the words.

"Thanks again.." I replied, buckling the seatbelt. She nodded and lipped, "You're welcome."

"Oh wow, I'm so bad at meeting people. I'm Colleen." She said.

"I'm Blake." I said and ran my fingers through my drenched brown hair.

"When we get to my house, just make yourself at home. My three sisters are there so just introduce yourself." She smiled before beginning to drive.

It was silent and she turned up the music a little more. I stared out the window at the rain falling hard to the ground.

"You look very young. Why are you homeless?" Colleen asked and I cleared my throat. I've known her for less than ten minutes and I don't feel comfortable just spilling my shit to her.

"I ran away.." I just said.

"Oh." She replied, and that was all she said. I'm assuming she doesn't wanna keep bothering me and pushing to know everything. I was glad she didn't keep asking. I don't wanna think about my family and home life.

"I'm nineteen, by the way. How old are you?" She asked. We started to drive on a sectioned off path that enters a neighborhood, full of big houses on the streets.


"Oh, so you're not that much younger than me." She said. Then we pulled into a driveway, that belongs to a large white-colored house. It was big, maybe like two or three floors. It was definitely bigger than my old home.

She took the keys out of the ignition and parked. I was thankful I wasn't stuck in that car with her any longer, the smalltalk we had was just awkward. And I bet I smell bad from not showering.

We both stepped out of the car and I just stood there by the passenger side awkwardly. Colleen popped the trunk and then retrieved some heavy looking black duffel bag, dropping it to the ground and closing the trunk.

"You can walk in." She said. I looked up at the sky and it was dark. I have no idea what time it is. I started to walk towards the front door, and I heard some voices.

They all turned their heads to me. I usually don't compliment many girls but I have to admit, they were stunning. One of them had short blonde hair and a bright smile. Another had dark brown hair and freckles covering her cheeks. And one more girl entered the room, her eyes widening as she saw me and Colleen walk in. She had dark red hair and a perfect face.

Colleen dropped the duffel bag to the floor and sighed heavily.

"Blake, these are my sisters." She proceeded to introduce me to the beautiful girls.

I learned that the short blonde-haired one was Helen. The brown-haired and freckle faced was Nadine, and the red head was Anne.

"So is this your boyfriend?" Nadine asked and turned herself around to focus her attention on us.

"What? No. I just met him, and he has nowhere to go so I decided to let him stay for a warm meal." Colleen said, but that Anne girl wasn't having it.

"Colleen, can I speak to you for a minute? Alone?" She crossed her arms.

"Of course. Just help me with this." They both carried the heavy bag and I offered to help them, but they quickly denied my offer and disappeared somewhere in the house.

"So why don't you have anywhere to go?" Helen asked and I quietly took a seat on their white recliner across from the couch.

"I ran away from home. It's a long story, I don't wanna get too into it." I gave a small smile.

"That's too bad. How old are you?" She asked.


"Wow. You're almost an adult. You could always get a place on your own." Nadine chipped in.

"I guess. I have to think. I ran away and haven't returned to school. I have no money and don't know what I can do." I realized I was just spilling all my information to these girls. I hadn't realized an hour had passed by, and I was just sitting here telling stories and talking with Helen and Nadine. They were really nice. I heard some of their stories too.

Colleen and Anne finally returned to the living room and I almost questioned their disappearance. But I didn't. It's none of my business.

Anne still looked pissed off but not as much as before. She really was pretty. She had the perfect face and didn't look like she was wearing a lot of makeup. She had dark red hair that looked curled a bit. She wore a white blouse and a black.. pencil skirt? I don't know women's fashion.

"Soup should be acceptable for dinner, right?" Anne cleared her throat and asked. Everyone was looking at me and I felt put on the spot. But I nodded, "Yeah."

"Good. I'll start making it." Anne turned on her heels and walked over through the dining room and entered what I'm assuming is the kitchen.

"She is the best cook in the house." Helen explained and looked over at the TV.

Colleen and Nadine looked at each other for a mere ten seconds before Colleen spoke up.

"Why don't you take a shower? I'll get you some clothes." She smiled and walked upstairs. Clothes? I don't think there's any other guy in this house but me. I cringed at the thought of having to wear some girly pants and shirt.

Colleen returned downstairs and her lips curled to a smile. She had a pile of clothes neatly folded in her arms, and a dark red towel, and handed them to me.

"They're clean, just out of the drier. The shower's upstairs and the first door to the left." She sat down next to Nadine and Helen.

"Thanks.." I said. I walked upstairs and entered the bathroom. I set the pile of clothes on the edge of the sink and peeled the damp clothes off my body, leaving them in a messy pile on the white tiled floor. After about twenty minutes of trying to figure out how to turn the shower on and get it at the right temp, I was relaxing under the hot water.

It felt nice, I haven't had a shower or at least a warm one in a while. I looked over at the body washes and shampoo. They had coconut scented shampoo and body wash. I was glad that it wasn't too girly.

After I was done washing my body and was satisfied with the warm water making me feel good and washing off the rest of my worries for the night, I turned off the water and dried myself off.

I looked at the clothes she gave me; I was surprised. They were actually guy clothes. Maybe they have a lot of guys stay over? I laughed at the thought of this being some whore house. I won't judge them too much.

I put on the slightly large black shirt and dark red sweatpants that seemed to be my size. I also put the white socks on, and gathered my dirty clothes outside. I walked down the stairs.

"Here, I'll take those." Nadine smiled and took the dirty clothes out of my hand and threw them in a hamper nearby.

Colleen smiled as I stood near the couches.

"What?" I nervously laughed. Was my shirt inside out?

"You sure look good in those clothes." Colleen's lips curled into a smile.

Anne walked into the living room and looked at me, freezing, and then looked at Colleen.

"Colleen, really?" She asked, and I was confused.

"What? Doesn't he look great?" Colleen said, and smiled once more. Helen and Nadine were concentrating on the TV screen, out of the conversation completely.

"Oh yeah, you must be wondering where your clothes are from. They're–" Colleen was interrupted mid-sentence.

"One of my ex boyfriends, he left some of his clothes here. I hope you don't mind that you're wearing them." Anne surprised me by smiling nervously.

She then gave a look to Colleen and she shrugged it off.

After being completely confused, I sat down at the recliner across from the couch.

Anne turned on her heels and sighed, walking back to the kitchen. "Dinner's ready." And mumbled some more stuff to herself. I couldn't hear all that she said, I'm pretty sure she said something along the lines of, "..Didn't deserve this."

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