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Mommy (Prequel to Ruby's Diary)

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PREQUEL OF RUBY'S DIARY // A look into the past. Ruby Bell's mother, Janice Bell. What happened before Janice gave birth. SHORT HORROR

Katie M.
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1. Janice

I sat on the swing looking over at the boy I really liked. He had dirty blonde hair and freckles covering his face. He was really cute. I was in love.

"Ew, look at how Janice is staring at Tommy. What a creep." Lily, the one with curly golden hair sneered. She was always so mean to me. I like to call her Goldilocks, because her hair is always so distracting.

"He doesn't like you, just give up on him already!" Goldilocks and her friend said at the same time.

Tommy turned around and looked at me, giving me a weird look.

"That's right Tommy, this weirdo is in love with you. Creepy right?" Goldilocks laughed.

Tommy looked confused and then crinkled his nose. "Ew! Janice!"

I felt broken and embarrassed. Goldilocks always has to ruin everything. The boy I was in love with didn't love me back. Instead he hated me because of Goldilocks.

I was a laughingstock because of her. She ruined everything for me. Flashbacks of her tripping me in class, and teasing me because of how I dressed flooded my mind.

Not only was it her that harassed me, but she made more kids laugh at me. I was hated because of her.

I started to scream and let all my anger and sadness out. I hated her so much. Someone who was so rude to me and I've held in my anger for so long that I let it all out.

But things started to happen. All the other kids ran away and screamed in horror. Goldilocks looked like she was screaming, but she was mute. No sound came out. Blood poured out of her eyes like a faucet. And after that, she was laying on the ground in a pool of blood.

What have I done? Everyone ran from me screaming. They were scared of me. Goldilocks' golden hair was stained dark red.

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