In Lucifer's Shoes

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Merged with the desire of Lucifer. Samuel takes it into his hands to reign hell on the committed. With time he begins to love his new duty, walking in Lucifer's shoes.

Horror / Mystery
Michael T. Romans
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Hell Hath Its Wrath



This is a result of my imagination, if you once slept and woke up with the devil's desire then it is mere coincidence.

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I woke up that morning feeling a lot strange. I managed to sit up and move the ash covers off my body, rubbing my eyes like a child whose sleep was disturbed I got off the bed.

With weak steps into the bathroom, my head Began to bang. Memories that were not mine kept flashing through my mind. In one, I was in a fight with someone stronger than me. In another I was falling from a great height.

I shook my head a little, with my hand I traced my way to the front of the mirror. Placing both my hands on the slab I hung my head down. I shut my eyes tight trying to understand these memories instead I began to remember the dream.

Some kinda gaint locked chains somehow broke, the heavy burning metal gates flung open I couldn't remember what the inside looked like, the images weren't clear.

I only heard voices, on one side I heard someone begging for someone to make something stop, on the others side someone yelling why he kept re-living an experience.

As I walked ahead, the voices increased, it was another world of whaling, screaming, weeping people. I felt their pain, I cried their tears and endured their torments.

I looked through the distance in front of me and it somehow zoomed out. I saw myself sitting on a throne of bones and skulls, in front of the other me were two demonic looking hounds which had the feets of man and serpents for tails.

He sat with his left leg crossed over his right, his right hand stroking the hair of frightened naked lady who sat in a pool of blood on the right side of the throne. His blood red and gold garment fitted elegantly on his body.

He dropped his left foot to the ground and the blood beneath sizzled. Slowly he stood up and walked forward, a little further past the hell hounds. He raised his left hand dramatically and the hell hounds turned and pounced on the lady, devouring her.

She screamed on top her lungs, stretching her hands out, like reaching for me to pull her out of her misery. With tears in my eyes I turned to look back at him, he smirked and turned his head to the left to look at the hounds as they fed on the lady. The hounds stopped and walked to both his sides, sitting by his sides they kept their eyes glued on me.

He again turned to face me. I saw his eyes turn into flames as he dramatically motioned me to look at the half eaten lady. I turned and looked down on a pile of human meat but then I saw it slowly regenerate. The bones were growing back, the torn out flesh were closing up, strands of hair stretching out back from her scalp. In moments, she was whole again, breathing again.

I heard her whisper a plea, it sounded like she was begging because she had had enough. I turned to face this evil version of me, he smiled and my heart began to throb like I was next in line for the torment. Immediately, in my head I heard my own voice in a sinister tone telling me to not worry that there were other plans for me. I bent my head, shaking the voice off when I felt a presence in front of me.

I looked up quickly only to find him, staring, trying to find my eyes, wanting to look into my soul. I tried to look away but he grabbed me by my chin, his touch was burning my skin forcing me to make eye contact. I saw myself in his eyes, all of a sudden I couldn't feel his touch on my chin. I snapped out of the stare and he wasn't there, I looked down to my right and to my left, the hell hounds sat looking up to me.

I heard sizzling beneath me, I looked down to my feet and there was blood under. Now I was wearing the blood red and gold garment. I turned around and walked out the giant gates. That was when I woke up.

Why would I have had such a dream, why was I the one on that throne of bones and skulls, why did I do that to that lady? I had no answers to this questions and the more I thought about it the more goosebumps flooded my skin. The best thing I could do was shake the ugly thoughts off my mind, I turned on the shower, as I went back to my white painted room, one after the other I shifted the black blinds to one side of each windows.

I slid down my pants, and dropped them in my dirty laundry. I walked naked into bathroom then into the shower. I hadn't turned on the heater but as the water fell on my skin, steam immediately fogged my bathroom. I couldn't make out why so I decided to ignore it. After the long shower, I dressed up in my maroon cooperate shirt and slid into my well fitted sunset brown chinos trousers, and completed it with my brown Chelsea boot.

Took the lift from my loft which was on the last floor of the residential skyscraper to the ground floor where the doorman who derived pleasure in saluting most of the residents greeted me with a smile.

In the taxi, on my way to work. I brought out some of the documents I had carried along, just to crosscheck certain details. Scanned through the first two paragraphs and as I read the next words, one by one the black ink prints turned into blood.

"I'd be taking this left turn sir, too much traffic straight ahead" an Indian accent from the driver's seat. I lifted my head to face the rearview mirror to look at him.

"It's alright, so long I get to work in time."

"No, problem sir." The Indian driver responded.

I dropped my head to look again at the blood inked words in the documents but they were in black ink prints. My brows almost came together in confusion. Finally, the car slowly came to a halt, I paid the driver and signalled him to keep the change. I alighted right in front Scales, the law firm I work. I felt some sort of deja vu just by looking at the glass entrance doors. Again, I remembered the way those gates flung open. Why did I have such nightmare and why did it feel so real, did I somehow die and went to hell, was that hell? If that is hell, then hell hath its wrath.

I hope you all enjoyed reading HELL HATH ITS WRATH




I literally had goosebumps all over when I was writing this, felt like a demon was telling me yes, yes! Go on, write it.

Next update coming soon. Please wait on it and remember to vote, comment and share.


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