The Dead Boy (Discountinued)

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Myra McKay moves to Weeping Valley with her family, and her life in the new town seems almost perfect. She's made new friends in school, and the cute boy next door is giving her attention. Everything's too good to be true. Myra has a thing for everything haunted. She is an avid collector of objects from the dark side so when her friend gifts her an Ouija board, she's excited to use it. The girls decide to summon the spirit of Myra's dead grandmother. Everything is fun and games until Myra realizes that something or someone else is talking to them... And it's definitely not her grandma, but the spirit of a dead boy.

Horror / Thriller
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I heard whispers. It was a woman whispering, or perhaps crying I couldn’t be sure. I was gasping for air, trying to reach the pier but I couldn’t. Every time I grasped the surface, my fingers slipped and I’d dip back into the lake.

I could see the house in my blurred vision far ahead of me, standing tall between the trees, looking almost ordinary and doing a good job of concealing the dark history that came with it.

The lady who was whispering sat close to the pier; she was wearing a dirty, ragged dress, her hair was disarray and her hands were covering her face. She had large gashes over her arms, raw, angry and on the verge of turning black-blue. She whimpered but made no attempt at trying to save me. I reached out towards her.

“Please help me!” I called out to her. “Please.”

“Jamie…” she whispered as she peered at me. “Have you seen my Jamie?”

I was going to drown tonight. I was going to lose this battle.

“We will look for him together if you help me out of here.”

“I need Jamie…” she whispered which sounded more like a strangled plea.

I looked towards the house again because I noticed a moment there. The boy stood close to one of the windows of the manor, looking down at me with a grim expression.

I tore my gaze away from him. “Can you please call someone?” I asked the lady.

When I looked up, she was gone and I felt a pair of hands grab my waist underwater and dragged me deep underneath. I tried to scream but my voice was muffled by the weight of the water as it engulfed me, and slowly entered into my body.

I choked and sensed the soul leaving my body…

I jolted upright, gasping for air, shaking the feeling of dread as it seeped into my bones. I sat looking around and tried to regroup my thoughts.

I’d been dreaming.

Yet again.

The old grandfather clock chimed three-forty a.m. It was the exact same time that I usually woke up, scared and covered in perspiration having these nightmares that I couldn’t explain to anyone.

This house was old or rickety, hearing the sounds of footsteps from the attic had become a routine. The sound of the blowing wind tonight sounded like a whistle, and just then a knock at the door nearly scared the life outta me.

“C-come in…” I said.

The door opened and heaved a sigh of relief when I saw who it was.

My younger sister, Avishka stood at the door; her hands clutched a teddy bear to her side. Her round dark eyes peered at me in the dark, she whispered, “Can I sleep with you tonight?”

“Sure,” I said as I scooted towards my right to make space for her on my queen-sized bed.

She quietly slipped into the covers, and I noticed her body was shaking. I caressed her head slowly, “Hey, what’s wrong?”

There was another knock at the door.

Did Mom hear the footsteps too? Was she here to check on me?

“Who is it?” I asked.

The door creaked open.

When I saw who it was, a cold sweat broke on my neck.

Avishka stood there, rubbing her eyes and clutching her teddy bear. “Myra, can I sleep with you tonight?”

It was like déjà vu, but it wasn’t. I looked towards the left side of my bed, but there was no one there. Instead, a small figure was standing in the middle of the room, facing towards the old closet, a white sheet over its head.

My sister followed my gaze and let out a sob. I pressed a hand to her mouth to silence her as I climbed to my feet and moved towards the short figure. My hands shook as I walked towards it. Avishka had my nightgown bunched up in her fists. I reached out towards the bed-sheet draped over the figure and pulled it.

There was nothing standing there.

No one.

Just then the door of my bedroom slammed shut and there was a sound of giggles followed by the loud thumping of descending footsteps.


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