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Sally was an older sister to her young brother, Alex. When her home go in a business trip unexpectedly, Sally have the responsibility to take care of Alex. Follow Sally’s adventure and read!

Horror / Mystery
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“Kids from 3 all the way through 8 years old had been reported missing” Mom said with fear on her face. She continued.

“These kids are missing without a footprint.. his name was Al-“ I paused my mom. “Mom, stop reading those” I asked.

“Oh Sally just stop” My mom gave me the face where any mother would give their child one when they cry or made a mess. I did not like that face at all because, I never know when she will punish me or how she will punish me.

Anyway, My name is Sally.. Sally Norway.

I am 16 years old, Living in a huge city in New York Cities. Not a house, but an apartment. My mom’s name is Kate, and she is a news seller, only get money when people agree to them them. Which means most of the time, she will not make money at all.

“Mom, Those are fake” I gave her the face back. “Those are fake news, they only put dramatic titles in there so people will see it and by it” I said.

’Sally. It’s true!” My mom turned away and face her back to me. She grabbed all her newspaper and put it in her huge bag. “You are lucky that you’re not 5 or up to 8 years old anymore”

I did not care about it anymore, so I just shrugged.

“But your little brother is.. He is 8” My mom then turned back to me and looked at me. She came closer and closer to me. She hold my shoulder and said “Take care of Charlie, promise??I will give you $20..”

I still think this was not true in anyway, but she seems to be extremely scared so I guess Why not? Nothing is going to happen anyway.. And I get easy money.

“Yea mom, sure” I smiled.

“Okay, I’m going to work now.. I did not have time to make food... So make food and clean and do the dishes and-“ she was getting ready and rushing her words

“Mom, Mom, I know.. I already know what to do.. Don’t worry” I giggly.

She laughed back, “I know I can count on you” she smile and kissed my forehead and left the backdoor.

“Thanks Mom...” I smile squeezing my cheek.

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