Little Fiend

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What happens when a 12 year old boy is pushed beyond the breaking point? What happens when he snaps? Well, darkness comes for him and consumes him. Turning into a perfect killing machine that will use his new found life to punish those that wronged him. Even family.

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Family bonds.

People say it is the strongest type of bond there is. That between parents and children. Between siblings. Nothing is stronger than that. Because you know your family will always be there for you. They’ll have your back. You can always count on their support.

Fucking bullocks!

Family bonds are as strong as toilet paper!

Families will turn their back at you when things get inconvenient for them.

I stopped believing in that nonsense a long time ago. After what I went through there is no way I could believe in that. Not after what they did to me. My own family cast me away. My own parents betrayed me. No one knows how much it hurts to be seen as the black sheep. That was my role. Until my parents couldn’t take it. Honestly. I had my problems but my folks overreacted. They never listened to me.

They shouldn’t have been surprised when I finally snapped. That’s what they get for ignoring everything about me except when I did wrong.

But I don’t hate them. Not anymore. I moved beyond that. The past is the past and it can’t be changed. And I hold no regrets or grudges. Not like I can anyhow. But that will be explained in time.

I am Dimitry Hart.

And I am what happens when a person is allowed to be swallowed by the darkness.

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