DEADLY REVENGE Book 3 continuing saga of The Haunting of Hillcrest Manor and The Return of the Beast

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Fear is the strongest emotion of all mankind. But the strongest kind of fear is the fear of the unknown. If you don't believe in the unbelievable, then you will be its next victim.

Horror / Thriller
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Chapter 1

It’s been a little over a year now since Elizabeth, Nicholas and their companions sent that horrible demon and his followers back to hell where they belonged and sealed the portal that had been opened between their worlds, forever. It has now been a peaceful time for everyone ever since, with life slowly coming back to normal again. All of the townspeople who had fled when the creatures from ‘hell’ had attacked their village, now were able to return and try to put their shattered lives back together again. So many man, women and children had been killed by the beasts from the underworld. The rest of them had to flee in fear for their lives, grabbing up only what they could carry and got as far away from the village as they could.

Now with the portal sealed, what was left of the townspeople slowly returned to their beloved village once more where they had lived their lives from generation to generation.

The first thing her and Nicholas wanted to do was to re-rebuild Crestwood Manor which was destroyed by the underworld. They worked day and night with the townspeople to re-store it once again back to its original beauty and now it’s finally done. Ready for them to take up residence there again.

It was just about dawn when Elizabeth’s eyes opened. She could see the morning sunlight just starting to come through her window. A smiled crossed her face as she looked down at her loving husband, Nicholas who was still sleeping. It was a rare occasion that she actually woke up before him. But today was a very special day. Today they were to move out of this tiny cottage they had been temporarily staying in for the last year. Crestwood Hall was now finally re-built and ready for them to move in. She stretched out her arms as she yawned. Quietly not to wake him yet, she climbed out of the bed and downed her robe and slipped her feet into her favorite slippers that were beside their bed. She couldn’t control her excitement. They both as well as all the townspeople had worked so hard to re-build their home and now, moving day had arrived.

She was so happy that had time to get settled in before their child was born.

Sub-consciously she moved her hand over her enlarged belly. She was now seven months pregnant. As if on cue the child started moving inside her. Kicking at her belly, anxious now to make its entrance into the world. “Not yet little one. It’s not quite time yet. But soon.” As if the child heard her, it settled down, just moving slightly at her touch.”

Nicholas rolled over in the bed but when he found his wife missing, he came fully awake. Now very concerned where she was. She almost never got up before he did.

Seeing his movement, Elizabeth walked back over to the bed to assure him that all was okay. “Nicholas, I’m right here. Not to worry. I was just so excited this morning.”

Instantly, he grabbed her, pulling her on top of him. “I so love you my dear wife,” and then he kissed her deeply, passionately. Never wanting to let her go. She molded herself to him, matching him kiss for kiss. Again, as if on cue, the child in her belly started kicking as if it wanted its father to know of its presence. That’s all it took for Nicholas to become very aware of the child she was carrying. His child. All of his thoughts went to the child. He would never do anything to ever endanger it.

Elizabeth knew he had felt their child’s movements and started to giggle at the expression on his face. “Haven’t you gotten used to it yet, Nicholas?” She asked, barely able to contain her laughter. It was a daily occurrence for her but for Nicholas, he would become very concerned that making love would somehow injure the child.

“Will you ever get it through your thick head that making love will not injure the child,” She said.

“But I’ve heard of husband’s … having their way with their wives could … possibly injury the child.”

“Oh, that’s a bunch of hog wash!” She said as she raised herself up so she could look him square in the face. “I don’t think there is any way you could ever injure this child. It is strong, Nicholas. I mean, really strong by the way it kicks me!”

“But I’ve heard, otherwise Elizabeth.”

“Oh please! Forget all of those old wives tales! I love you Nicholas more than you could ever imagine and I don’t think God would ever allow two married people in love to be able to express their love. Really?”

“I guess you’re right but ….”

“Of course I’m already right! Make love to me, Nicholas!” She said just before her lips came down on his in the most passionate kiss she had ever given to him.

He couldn’t resist her. He wrapped his arms around her instantly and rolled on top of her, kissing her everywhere. He just wanted to possess her. In mind as well as body, she was his beloved wife and he couldn’t get enough of her. He could feel her full sensuous lips beneath his as he continued to probe their softness. His mouth moved slowly down her long, slender neck, lingering only for a moment at the base of her throat. Nicholas moaned for his hands had already begun ripping at the laces of her night dress with an urgent need to free her fully-developed breasts. She felt him pressing hard against her thighs.

But Nicholas was now beyond all reason, so bewitched by her. His hands freed her laces and made their way over her flawless naked flesh.

Elizabeth now felt sensations rip through her body as Nicholas buried his head into her supple breasts. His tongue was tantalizing her nipples, moving from one to the other, losing himself in her.

She arched her back as he continued stroking her body until she became mesmerized with her own passion. “Oh Nicholas,” she signed and wrapped her arms around him holding him tightly. Her breath caught in her throat when his hand probed between her thighs. “I love you, Elizabeth,” he said as she felt his hardness between her legs when he slid his full-length inside her. Slowly he began to move inside her as Elizabeth’s passion began to mount. With an urgent need to quench this fire that was burning inside her, her hips began moving naturally to meet his, thrust for thrust, until they both were taken to the full heights of their passion.

As they both laid exhausted in the aftermath of their lovemaking, Nicholas laid next to her gazing at her lovely face. He pushed back a strand of hair with his hand while she glanced back at him from beneath her long, sultry lashes. He could still see a small spark of passion still smothering there in her half closed eyes. Gently, he placed a soft kiss upon her slightly swollen and bruised lips. “We really need to get moving today or else ….”

“Oh Nicholas! I love you so much! All I want to do is stay here in bed with you!”

Nicholas so wanting to do the same but knew better. He smacked her gently on the butt then proceeded to rousted himself from the bed. “I would truly love to spend the whole day here with you but ….”

“I know Nicholas. I’m so happy that we’re going to finally be able to move back into Crestwood Hall.”

He looked at her lovingly, “I know Elizabeth. It’s been a very long year in re-building my family home, but today, we actually get to finally move in. I so wanted to have it finished before our child was born.”

“Well, we have two months to spare.” She said as she bounced out of the bed. Now anxious to get on with their day. “To finally move back into Crestwood Hall”.

Nicholas just shook his head as he climbed out of the bed and got dressed.

“The days a wasting my dear.” He said.

“I know, I know.” She said as she climbed back out of the bed. “I want this day to be so special for us.”

“It most definitely will be, my dear. We’ve worked so hard to restore Crestwood Hall. It was meant for this to be a new beginning for us. With our child.”

“Yes. I totally agree with you.” She said as she got up and dressed herself for the day’s activities.

Once they had finished their morning breakfast they walked outside where their coach was waiting for them. Nicholas opened the coach door and assisted Elizabeth in before in climbed in behind her. Instantly the coach sped off down the road. It wasn’t too far to Hillcrest Manor, only maybe a few miles. Elizabeth couldn’t contain her excitement. “Oh Nicholas, we’ve waited so long for this day to come.” She said, looking out the coach window.

“Now, now Elizabeth. You must contain yourself. Think of the child you are carrying.”

“Nicholas! You and your old wives tales,” she laughed at him. She couldn’t resist seeing the gloomy look on his face.”

Nicholas was right, it didn’t take long at all to travel the few miles to their estate. Once the coach pulled up at the front door it came to a full stop. The coachman jumped down immediately from atop the coach and opened up the passenger door for them. Nicholas of course stepped out first and then held his hand up to assist Elizabeth.

The front doors burst open as Louise, their faithful housekeeper came rushing out to greet them. “Oh, I can’t believe this day has finally arrived!” She exclaimed as she gave Elizabeth a great big hug.

“Let’s get inside now. I don’t want Elizabeth standing out here in this early morning mist,” he said as he pushed past Louise and guided his wife inside the house.

“Oh Nicholas, I’m so happy. All the furnishings are absolutely beautiful!”

“Only the best for you, my dear.” He replied, happy she approved of his taste.

She instantly started running through the first floor of the house until she reached the back porch. Pushing open the French doors she stepped out onto the terrace. Her favorite place of the entire house. She could see her garden from here and was amazed how beautiful the flowers were.

“Shall we sit out here at our favorite table?” He asked, he had replaced the old table and chairs with an exact duplicate. The only thing that was different was the old oak tree that used to be standing right next to the terrace. It had been destroyed as well as everything else in and around the manor house the day Elizabeth sent the beast back to hell and sealed the portal, forever. In its place he had the gardener plant a new young oak sapling.

After sitting down at the table Elizabeth stared at the new tree. “You think of everything, Nicholas!”

“Of course I do, he laughed. This sapling will grow up as our child grows up.”

Just hearing him mention their child that was growing inside her brought a huge smile to her face. “Hopefully, this tree will not be so ….” She couldn’t finish her sentence. Memories came flooding back in her mind the day that old oak tree attacked Nicholas. Almost killing him. “I truly hope this one is not related to the other one.”

“Definitely not! I had this sapling brought all the way from London.” He replied. “I don’t know what possessed me to go to such lengths for a tree. But this terrace wouldn’t be the same without it.”

Elizabeth leaned over and gave Nicholas a sweet, gentle kiss on his lips. “Thank you, Nicholas. I love you more than life itself.”

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