My autopsy

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A young woman is at the mercy of a deranged forensic pathologist who soon becomes her lover.

Horror / Romance
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Chapter 1

I wasnt the normal Love that every one knew before my abduction. No not aliens bug it might as well be....a psychopath namd Herbert West, a psychotic forensic pathologist who turned out to be the love of my life. My friends anx family except me to act like the normal. But what the fuck iz normal anymore. The nihtnares abd the screaming his name in tears in the niddle of the night, dreaming that i heard his voice both creepy yet loving. Thos happened every night since i got free from his clutches.

My sexuality is now warped like that of a vinyl record in the sun fir too long.....i was that record disc. I had a loving boyfriend before all this happened who was a brilliant artist yet gentle and warm. Sex was loving. Now it is nothing but death related and clinical as if it were an autopsy. He soon broke up with me because he couldn't handle my rages. He said that if i never walked the streets for money in the first place non of this would have happened but i had a secret opiod addiction that had to be met and that was the only way to do it.

I never new i had a stalker. Some tall skinny nerdy clean shaven freak with square glasses. I have seen him about but sidnt think anything of him until it was too later. I thought he was a teenager who thought i was beautiful....a little to beautiful, as that after being realized i tried to disfigure my face to this wouldnt happened again. I felt like a slave slash lab rat and i did not like one mintue of it.

One night i was tooking my secret job when the nerdy guy came and asked for sex which i was more then willing to do for money. But he took me to the morgue where he worked as a pathologist. We did our business and when i did not get the money i figured somethibg was wrong seriously. He locked me in an abandon autopsy suit and left me there intil the morning. Leaving me to scream. But for that he introduced himself as one Dr. Herbeet West and he said that my name "was lovely my loving Love" and left me there to cry. At the time i though of my friends and family to help surive but it didnot work.

So there iam crying in my own personal hell.

The next morning brought new Mangele like horrors as for as sex was concerned.

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