My autopsy

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Chapter 10 Herberta

The night be fore christmas after i got all the presents ready for mydaughters and my once estranged husband when he came home from his work.

James sais that he had some bad news that would upset me that he didnt want the girls to know. He was on his last legs. He said that he loved me and gave me his class ring that he aquired in medical school that looked like mine. I put in on a chain and webt with him to his office. He was in such a hurry that he didnt get is lab coat off yet. He looked good in it. He was saying that he wanted to make love in his office one last time. He told me to put on a scrub top since that we were together in medical school. He undid his paints i sat on him while we kissed and soon he went from soft to hard in a few minutes. We made love on the exam table, the desk and the floor and against the wall. He was alway a passionate person but this time he was on the ball. I tried to tell him not to over exert himself but he wanted to show how much he love me.

As he kissed me he said that he loved me with all his fibers.

I said your DNA

He said yes crying and the we went back to the exam table where we made love for the last time feel sleep in his arms knowing that would be the last time.

The next morning i tried to wake him up to say merry Christmas but he was unresponsive and then i knew that he was dead. I wished i could have been like my father and reanimate james but i could not. He was dead and he wanted it that way.

I called 911 and then his secretary and then the firls telling them all that james was gone. At least i was able to love him for the last time.

I went home after talking to police and saying that he died of and had cancer. When the secretary cobretated with me on cancer....they let me change my clithing and go to my daughters.

When i arrived the girls were hyper happy and got into the presents.

I open the ones that where from james, a book by hippocrates, some jewelry and earings. I wore the final ring, necklace and jewelry for the rest of my days. When i read the book i had ideas to have quotes from the book tattooed on my arms. Once i got them quotes tattooed i didnt get rid of the books as it was special too me from a special person.

For my new year resolution i decided to write the love story between me and james. I still had the first edition of his first and only book of my mother with me. I wouldnt forget about him yet keep my little monsters happy as we move on with life.

I sat my girls aside and told them that this was serious that their father my love of my life was gone. When the realized this they become depressed and went into morning. I topd them that James wont want sadness but them to be happy, as he was happy.

I spent my nights remembering kissing james for the first time and our constant love making. I could still feel him with me at this moment.

Certain songs,

Places and

Things being up emotions to my brain

And memories of james.

His practice want ubder after his death and was abandoned. Where he still haunts the place to this day. The police holds his voice and a nasty case of black mold. I have heard man from my tattooing clients that they have been in there if urban explorers. It scared me have to death...that james' spirit was earth bond and always will be. With this i hearded a medium to say that i loved him with all my DNA and if he loved me he would move on to the next life. After the mediymum went and gone from his haunt i never heard about any eerie voices from my customers when adking for a tattoo. I dexided to write the love story anyway....

When i got home i started to write.

Here it goes.....

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